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20-12-2008, 21:39
Just a quicky, if you choose to keep the tzeentch lore of spells, do you know all of them? Or do you only know all of the spells from one of the 8 in the book should you choose one.

20-12-2008, 21:41
I believe it was FAQ'ed, you do NOT know all the Tzeentch spells, just the normal two.

Basically, it says you can choose a lore from the book if you'd like, in which case you'd know all spells from that lore, however, you aren't choosing a lore from the book and as such does not know all spells from that lore

20-12-2008, 21:45
right okie, guess that would make it rather good.
Fire or metal magic it is i guess :P

20-12-2008, 21:48
Well, for a herald, I would still wager the Lore of Tzeentch and a power vortex, it's the LoC with twinn heads and Lore of Metal that I'm after ;)

20-12-2008, 21:52
taking the blue scribes, so need more than a couple of spells to use up all those free power dice :P