View Full Version : 2000pts Daemons, refined even more

20-12-2008, 21:48
So got me bottom slapped with my previous list. So i'v mixed stuff up a bit and done some flamer spam :P

The scribes get dice from the enemy which the herald uses to full effect since he has MoS, so plenty of spells to use.

The flamers did very well in the last game so i'v swapped a unit of hounds for 5 more.

I originally had another tzeentch herald in two units of 10 horrors, I got rid of him and added the horrors into one big unit, I cant help thinking they should have the banner of 3d6 s3...

All in all any good?

The Blue Scribes 81
Energy Syphon, Scrolls of Sorcery

Herald of Tzeentch Spellbinder the unseen 165
Level 2, Spell Breaker, Master of Sorcery

Herald of Nurgle Poxius the thrice shamed 240
Noxious Vapours, Palanquin, Level 1

Herald of Nurgle Rot Bringer 240
Battle Standard, Staff of Nurgle, Palanquin

16 Plague Bearers 247
Full Cmd, Standard of Sleeping Decay

16 Plague Bearers 247
Full Cmd, Standard of Sleeping Decay

22 Horrors 264

5 Flamers of Tzeentch 175

5 Flamers of Tzeentch 175

5 Flesh Hounds 175

21-12-2008, 06:49
i like it not bad.

21-12-2008, 13:28
Hmm is it a bit beardy though? I dont play in tournaments and the only game i played so far was against my mate's WOC, an i'm thinking his army was pretty beard hense why my last list got smacked (and my own inexperience of course). Not sure I wanna go up against other armies an its just be over for them in 5 minutes without me having to think.

I'v seen people on other forums slate flamer spam a bit, however in the game i played they just won through so much! My opponent was a very experienced player and started unloading magic missiles at them from turn one, so they must be pretty feared.