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Dark Rider Elite
21-12-2008, 13:25

I would like to start a DE army but i dont realy know any ideas about them and whats good / bad so i bought a box of coasairs and i was wondering if any people out there had any ideas like them / tactics to help me start a DE army

21-12-2008, 17:10
Well, what sort of army did you want? The DE list has a lot of options and it's really hard to go wrong with just about anything.

Dark Rider Elite
21-12-2008, 22:34
I think i would like a balanced force where nothing is too powerfull but i have a bit of everything

El Haroldo
21-12-2008, 22:54
Search function kids, there's a couple of other threads on this on the same page.

If all else fails, read the army book.

22-12-2008, 18:08
i think that you shold just go for the models you like the look of to start with.it's what i did with my high elves when i started and never looked back

Dragon Prince of Caledor
22-12-2008, 18:21
I also play with the prettiest models. The board is simply prettier that way!

23-12-2008, 04:29
Good balanced army:

Unit of Black Guard
Two units of Warriors
A Hydra
Unit of Cold One Knights.

There's about the 1,000 points range. This is fairly competitive and nobody will complain about powergaming or cheddar.

25-12-2008, 08:59
Theres a DE tactics thread on this forum have a little read of that, some good stuff in there.