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21-12-2008, 12:58
Its very much as the title states, my regular opponent and I sat down and wrote a list of quick fixes for the the Warriors of Chaos army and Dark Elves army book.

Note that as these are the only army books we use there are no infringing balance issues with other books, if we ever switch to other armies we will of course quick fix them aswell. If you want us to quick fix a codex, PM me. Of course I'd need to own the book so that limits me to Daemons, Beasts of Chaos, Lizardmen, Empire and Khemri.

Finally, we see these changes as trying to add a little more internal balance to books we use against each other.

Ok, enough rambling.

21-12-2008, 12:59
Warriors of Chaos quick fixes.

Marks of Chaos:

Mark of Khorne: As book, grants an additional Dispel dice on characters. Chaos Lord pays 30pts, Demon Prince pays 20pts and Exalted Champions pay 30pts.


Mantle of Chaos: -D3 strength from all attacks.

New: Brass Blade of Khorne: +1 Strength, 25pts.

Magic Items:

Whip of Subversion: In addition against lone monsters half the monsters or characters up to half of the models attacks(rounded down) may be allocated against the model itself. Wounds caused against itself count towards the bearers side for combat resolution. Against models with an udefined amount of attacks like Giants the Whip has no effect.

Rapier of Ectasy: 35pts

Filth Mace: 25pt

New: Talisman: Heart of Chaos: 4+ Ward save, 50pts

New: Standard: Banner of Chaotic Energy: The unit carrying this banner can march even if enemies are within 8 inches. 25pts.


Chaos Lord: 170pts

Daemon Prince: Chaos Armour, Magical Attacks, Ld 9. No points change.

Forsaken: S5.

Spawn: Marks affect Spawn in different ways as described below.
Mark of Khorne: +1 S, 15pts.
Mark of Nurgle: +1 T, 15pts.
Mark of Tzeentch: 5+ Ward save, 20pts.
Mark of Slannesh: 3D6 movement, 20pts.

Warshrine: 115pts.

Chosen Command: Musician 7, Standard Bearer 14, Champion 14.
Ogre Command: Musician 10, Standard Bearer 15, Champion 15.
Chaos Knight Command: Musician 8, Standard Bearer 16, Champion 16.

Hellcannon: Magical Attacks, allowed to choose up to 25pts of Daemonic Gifts.

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth: Stubborn.

Chaos Giant: Marks affect Giants in different ways as described below.
Mark of Khorne: Hits are S7, 20pts.
Mark of Nurgle: T6, 20pts.
Mark of Tzeentch: 5+ Ward save, 30pts.
Mark of Slaanesh: Always Strikes First, 30pts.

Lores of Chaos:

Nurgle spell #1: Buboes: The chosen model must fail a T test to suffer the wound with no armour save allowed. Cast on 4+.

Slaanesh spell #3: Hysterics: Can be cast on enemy units which are ItP, in which case they take S4 hits rather than S3 but do not become Frenzied.

Slaanesh spell #4: Delusions: Can be cast on eneny units which are ItP.

21-12-2008, 13:00
Dark Elves quick fixes:

Gifts of Khaine:

Rending Stars: As users S+1, maximum S6.

Hand of Khaine: Affects units which are ItP.

Venom Sword: 40pts.

Magic Items:

Hydras Teeth: This is a thrown weapon with a range of 10". If it hits its target the enemy unit takes D6 S4 hits. 40pts.

Crystal of Midnight: Bound Item, Power Level 3. One random enemy spellcaster loses 1 randomly determined spell. 35pts.

Black Dragons Egg: S2 breath weapon, -2 to armour saves. Units suffering wounds from this attack may have their movement hindered, see the Black Dragons Noxious Breath rule. 50pts

Guiding Eye: If a character with the Guiding Eye is in a unit then all models in the units may re-roll all rolls of "1" to hit. This does not apply to any magical missile weapons that may be contained within the unit.

Executioners Axe: 75pts

Sword of Rhuin: 30pts

Chillblade: You may roll "to wound" for every Toughness test which is passed.

Heartseeker: Armour Piercing. 35pts

Lifetaker: Armour Piercing.

Armour of Living Death: +3 Toughness. 80pts

Cloak of Hag Graef: Character on foot only. The bearer and his unit gain a 4+ ward save against all mundane missile fire. 40pts

Shield of Ghrond: -2 Strength. 35pts

Black Amulet: 50pts

Ring of Darkness: Replace "rounded up" with "rounded down."

Pendant of Khaeleth: 45pts

Seal of Ghrond: 25pts

Darkstar Cloak: 20pts

New: Arcane: Wand of the Khairadon: Bound Spell, Power Level 4. Contains the spell "Doombolt" 45pts

Dread Banner: During each Dark Elf magic phase a unit in contact with the unit carrying the Dread Banner must take a Ld test. For every point it fails by it loses 1 wound with no armour saves allowed. 40pts

Sea Serpent Standard: Infantry units only. The unit carrying this banner is Frenzied.

Banner of Cold Blood: The unit carrying this banner rolls 3D6 and takes the 2 lowest for all Ld based tests. 25pts


Supreme Sorceress: 200pts

Sorceress: 85pts

Black Ark Corsairs: 9 PPM, Repeater Handbows in addition to 2 hand weapons, +4pts per model.

Executioners: Killing Blow on 5+, allowed a 50pt magic banner.

Witch Elves: Allowed a 50pt magic banner.

Reaper Bolt Throwers: 85pts.

Hydra: 215pts

Lore of Dark Magic:

Spell #4: Bladewind: These attacks benefit from "Hatred"
9+ to cast.

23-12-2008, 02:36
A DP with mantle and MoT is now almost impossible to kill. 4+ ward, all attacks against him take a big cut in strength, and stubborn on ld 9. And still practically useless in combat! He does not need to be unkillable, but he does need more options for combat. Brass blade is a good start, but not nearly enough.

Heart of chaos is way more then a chaos lord needs, especially when you factor in the mark of tzeentch.

Forsaken are still useless, especially with command for ogres becoming affordable. Let them skirmish.

Cloak of Hag Graef just eliminated the one weakness executioners had after your other buffs brought them in line.

The new pendant is even better then the last one, and the last one was far too good.

Sorceresses of both kinds do not need to be any cheaper.

23-12-2008, 09:17
I'd have to agree with most of Kalec's comments. Forsaken should probably skirmish to differentiate them from a typical ranked flanker like Ogres and the Cloak of Hag Graef is a little over the top (and goes against the Dark Elf playstyle).

I really feel that Dark Elves have one of the better army lists and need almost no changes to units.

23-12-2008, 14:00

Well, considering that my friend plays mono-Nurgle the Tzeentch+Heart will never enter the equation, although your paying an extremely high amount of points to get that 4+ Ward. More importantly you really should consider just how important Ward saves are. The truth is most high T/save lords won't be getting killed irrespective of wether they have a ward save or not.

The Daemon Prince as is is quite unplayable. These changes make him playable. We don't want WoC to have a mini-bloodthirster because lets face it there is no skill in using a model like that. Mantle certainly does not make him impossible to kill although he is darn tough. But the WoC don't really have any delaying units which is very harsh should they ever come up against an all mounted or heavy monster army.

Forsaken shouldn't Skirmish, they are far too powerful for that. The extra S makes them compete with the other infantry. (Well, you don't think so yet, but try it out :D )

Well, it makes one unit 50% more durable to shooting, but the item is on a T3 model who probably doesn't have a Ward save and definately doesn't have any magic armour. Go assassinate him. But honestly, again, Chaos being my opponent the change is not as forboding as you make it seem.

Actually this pendant is worse than the last one. How you arrived at better I'll never know.

The Sorceress's were cheapened at my friends insistence because(And I paraphrase) "Why the heck do your mages cost more than mine even though I have better stats, re-rolls to panic and more options for magic items and a 4+ armour save base?"


Well, it doesn't really need to be changed AOTM, but if it was an item in an army book intended to see play against all opponent(which it is...) in its current incarnation it would be pointless(which it is...).

Most things in the list are fine apart from:

Executioners+Witch Elves(Specific: 50pt banners)
Magic Items(Well, go to Druchii.net or even the humble DE tactica on this site, the same items over and over again, not so much because they are the best but because everything else serves no purpose or is priced outrageously...)