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21-12-2008, 14:24
Old theme/list

21-12-2008, 22:24
I'm new to high elves myself but some thoughts...shouldn't the noble only be 187 with that setup?

with the remaining points a unit of dragon princes could be useful. 5 with banner of elyrion, or 2 tiranoc chariots to give you some speed on the field.

as for banners the seaguard would bennefit from the war banner if you can get the points for it. the whitelions go well with the lion standard it would give you a unit that can garauntee a charge against fear causers.

also for the lions it might be worth trying to run them as 2 units of 6 with no command.

22-12-2008, 00:00
Yep, your right, the Noble points are off.

I would use the cavalry and chariots I have, but I'm going for a themed list for a Seafaring list so I'll add them later on.

I'll try your advice on trying the WL as 2 units of 6.

22-12-2008, 00:00
You need a second core choice i believe. some archers would be nice. the biggest worry you will have magic blasting your elite units.

22-12-2008, 08:48
No he doesn't need a second core choice, the HE have altered slots.

Two units of Shadow Warriors is way too much. Consider dropping one for a Great Eagle. You should have roughly 200 points free.

Beef up the WL unit to 15, so you have the option to go 5x3 or 7x2+1. Give them the Lion Standard, a Terror-immune Stubborn unit is a nice anvil. What goes in next is up to you.

For the free points you can get a Tiranoc Chariot and perhaps give your LSG the Banner of Ellyrion. Or maybe you want some Fast Cavalry and get some Reavers.

If you're dealing with any magic at this level it's best to have some fast units to bring the fight to the enemy right-quick. HE Magic Defense takes a lot of points and is not something you want to worry about. For instance, that Chicken Noble can deal with such threats rather directly as can a second Great Eagle.

Ditto for shooting units.

22-12-2008, 17:50
If I drop one unit of SW I can get a LV2 with Silver Wand/Ring of Fury and give the WL the Banner of Sorcery, would that be a good trade?

Dragon Prince of Caledor
22-12-2008, 18:25
Take another unit of seaguard... I find having as many units as possible in small games the most effective; unless I want to use a dragon.

Commissar Vaughn
22-12-2008, 19:14
Im always a fan of themed lists as long as the models follow on from them. Im tempted to try a maritime Dark Elf force meself now.

Dont have a current copy of the HE codex but as long as u include plenty of seaguard and bolt throwers and probably skirmishers you'll be fine. Ships dont have much space, so anything that can multi task (ie shoot AND h2h, or magic AND h2h etc ) like the lothern sea guard which saves space on board the vessels of your imaginary fleet.
wouldnt expect to see much cavalry on a maritime force, horses dont make good sailors, and if they panic theyre gonna take chunks out of your crew and ships!

Id suggest rather than eagles you model them as Great Seagulls. Probably even nastier than an eagle. And use a few in the light cavalry role to screech at your opponent and steel his chips...

22-12-2008, 20:15
Ahh sorry about that, didn't see the no cav/chariot thing.

I would still rather prefer a solid block of something, though I don't understand why you don't think the HE don't bring Horsies along on their boats.

With 200 points free it's up to you but you do need to put something else down that's rather beefy, though an L2 would be nice.

Commissar Vaughn
23-12-2008, 01:30
Horse tend to panic easily on boats and they tend to suffer from long periods of immobility which weaken them and require several weeks of training before theyre ready for carry people/goods/fighting etc, also they take up a lot of space with the extra food etc...basically they might well be with the fleet in small numbers but if that fleet intends to perform hit and run raids it wont have time to get the horses fit again. I spose you could rationalise the first objective is to steal some horses when they land to supply their cavalry...but I dont think theyd get warhorses very easily so probably just for scouts and messengers.

A small number of light cavalry could be allowed perhaps...