View Full Version : Tomb Kings vs Skaven, help.

21-12-2008, 15:25
I'm in need of quick help.

Battle size: 1500 pts

My Army: Tomb kings
Opponent: Skaven

What should i take vs. 3 warlock enginners (warp lighthings) , 3 * 25-30 clanrats, 2-3 ratlings(or 2 ratlings and warpfire), 2-3 * 5 gutter runers(with digging), warplighting cannon or similiar combintations.

I thought about: 1 Tomb prince, 2 liche priests, 4*15 skeleton archers, 2*10 skeleton archers, 3*tomb scorpions, screaming skull with skull of foes.

Would that work? any ideas bout the magic items, or tactics?

Beer to all who helped;)

21-12-2008, 17:09
The gutter runners shouldn't be too much of a problem, as you can either shoot them down or they will fail some of their fear tests to charge.
Take out the weapons teams with your archers. Use a scorpion or two to take out the warp lightning cannon or combine charges with a scorpion and a unit of skelies with your prince in it against his clan rats.
If his engineers are in the units, they should be easily killed by your hero or a scorpion. If they are not in his units, shoot them down with archers as they will fall very easily to archer volleys

21-12-2008, 17:15
The best leadership the Skaven can get now is 8. They will likely fail some fear tests. Use this at your advantage.

A bone giant will go right through his clanrats, or just be used as an distractor.
Screaming skull katapult is indeed the best choice as it will cause panic tests at -1.

Scorpoins are also your answer, as they can give some good rear charges and take out the WP-cannon.

A side note though:
He is not allowed to take more than 1 unit of tunnelers.

21-12-2008, 17:22
Bone giant is a crap idea. distraction is not worth that much.

I would advocate taking few magic items - i'd say couple of scrolls(brooch) between lich and prince + jar and dunes for the hierophant.

Your list idea looks very solid, on part of advice I can suggest your prince starting the game with SSC. Try causing as much panic tests per turn as possible and don't worry if some skellies get burned down (read - use your scorlls wisely).

Btw I'll bet on TK winning.

21-12-2008, 17:31
As Guy explained... fear is your friend.

I've played skaven 3 times and they run away, a lot!

I've had them panicking nearby units and watch them collapse like a house of cards.

SSC a must - panic test -1.

Maybe the Death Mask causing terror on a hero.

Outnumbering with a wound causing hero is a good thing.

I'm a fan of Khalida, expensive yes, but she gets an unstoppable smiting (SSC or archer unit), all attacks are poisoned and she has a good magic missile attack. Take BoUL, SoR to soak up some dispel dice (skaven can't allow SoR (up to 18 str 2 hits on lowly units).

Casket of Souls may be worth considering as even an average dice roll could cause problems for them :)

21-12-2008, 22:56
Thats not a very good skaven list against tomb kings and if you are optimizing lists (which you really shouldnt be doing) you should be able to deal with them by shooting and fear.

If he wants to win specifically against TK he should ise a few units of slaves for screening and some immune to psych units in addition to his magic and shooting.

21-12-2008, 23:31
Unless you have a decent anti magic i can see you struggling vs that amount of warp lightning...

Throw a CoS into your army and that should make it a bit easier to dispel or even stop the spells from being cast

22-12-2008, 04:22
casket of souls, my friend. put it on a hill in your deployment zone and you are golden.
take 1 prince, 2 priests, hieratic jar

EDIT and i say you should take a block of 19 tomb guard with the banner of the undying legion to hang out with your prince.
the rest of your army should be skeleton archers. priests make your skeletons into gatling guns!

lots of PEW PEW!!

22-12-2008, 04:42
A side note though:
He is not allowed to take more than 1 unit of tunnelers.

you sir, are incorrect.

and as much as i hate to say it, take archers for the weapons teams, scorps (or carrion) for the cannon, it has to flee any charge, and enough scrolls to keep him from warplighting-ing you to dust. if he's running three warlocks in a less than 2K game he's a tool who deserves whatever he gets. take the casket to flash-fry any skirmishers or weapons teams and get his numbers/leadership down so he can't even charge you. flank with a scorp after you're stuck in and it's an easy win.

22-12-2008, 04:46
A side note though:
He is not allowed to take more than 1 unit of tunnelers.
Any gutter runner unit can be upgraded to tunnelers.

As a skaven player, I wouldn't even be concerned with archers. If you're worried about skaven shooting, the best thing you can do is to get into close combat as soon as possible. Best case scenario, the rats don't shoot at you because they're too worried about their own units (ya, I don't get it either). Worst case is he's taking half the hits on his own units and undead generally win wars of attrition.

My suggestion would be big block units and get into combat. Fear is where you'll win the game, use it.

The bone giant isn't a bad idea either. With luck, he'll think its the biggest threat and use all his shooting on it meaning the rest of your army gets a free pass to his battlelines. The best use for your bone giant is simply a meatshield for everything else in your army and if it makes it into combat, all the better. I'd deploy it right in between two block units and let it keep pace with everything else. Try to heal it from time to time to make him think you really want it to live thus keeping up the illusion that its something other than a target. Besides, if it does reach his lines that terror is going to be trouble.