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21-12-2008, 21:27
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Days had gone by since the assassin whispered the words that echoed in Snorri’s thoughts and the nearby woods were filled with an unsettling silence. Not a word was received from the Slayer Hold of Karak Kadrin and the messengers that he had sent hadn’t returned. It was when the trade routes were deserted that Snorri figured out what was going on: The dark elves were still nearby, sabotaging the dwarves and waiting for the time to strike again.

But the strike came in a most unexpected way, in the form of a towering black orc scaling the mountain side. The scouts spotted him and informed the Runelord of Karak Dran that the orcs were fleeing the forest, trampling everything in their path; a path that, conveniently, led directly to the Hold’s gates.

“It seems that Malekith’s spawn possess the cunning of their master. They wield the orcs as a powerful weapon, directing their destructive nature and bending it to further their goals. We must repel the orcish horde and then chase the pointy ears out of the forests, if we are to gain some respite.”

The old dwarf’s voice echoed to the depths of Karak Dran’s mines: “My brothers, prepare for war! The orcs are upon us and once more we will beat them as our ancestors did! Strike hard, strike true, and prepare yourselves for the long fight that’s ahead of us; we will chase both Orc and Elf back to the holes from whence they came, for the book of Grudges is filled with their deeds!”

Hello dear reader, and welcome to the latest installment of the “Look Snorri!” series.
For those of you that are new to this, I recommend starting at the beginning of the tale (see links below), for those that have been following the dwarven tale from the beginning, welcome back!

After a long break from gaming activities due to university, I walked in my local gaming store to find it in a festive mood and with plenty of warhammer players hanging out. Among the usual, familiar faces, were some that I’d never seen before, so after mingling around a bit I was introduced to what was to be my next opponent.
He’s a nice, really relaxed guy with a mentality really close to my own when it comes to wargaming, so I was sure the game would be a blast!

The downside of all this is that I wasn’t in the mood of taking pictures, as I was craving for a relaxed, fun game with the odd beer or coffee on the side. Hence, the battle report will be supported by the usual diagrams only. A pity, really, as the army he used is a pleasure to behold!

I used my standard list, as posted below:

Dwarven Defenders (2250 points)

Runelord, MR of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation, rune of Might, rune of Fire, Rune of Striking, MR of Spite
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer

10 Quarellers, Great Weapons
10 Quarellers, Great Weapons, Rangers
10 Thunderers, Shields
15 Longbeards, Shields, Full Command, Rune of Stoicism, ancestor rune
20 Warriors, Shields, Full Command

15 Ironbreakers, Full Command, Rune of Battle, Rune of Stoicism
10 Miners, Musician, Champion
Grudge Thrower, Engineer, Rune Of Accuracy, Rune of Reloading
Cannon, Engineer, Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning

Flame Cannon

My opponent used a list based on big blocks of choppy orcs, supported by warmachines and the obligatory fast cavalry:

Orc Horde (2250 points)

Black Orc Warboss, Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh!, Heavy Armour, Shield
Black Orc Bigboss, BSB, Boar, Amulet of Protectyness, Ulag’s Akkrit Axe
Black Orc Bigboss, Heavy Armour, Shagga’s Screaming Sword
Goblin Bigboss, Wolf, Light armour, shield, Martog’s Best Basha

8 Wolf Riders, Full Command, spears
8 Wolf Riders, Full Command, spears
20 Night Goblins, spears
20 Savage Orc Big’uns, Extra Choppa, Full Command

25 Black Orcs, shield, Full Command
25 Black Orcs, shield, Full Command
2 Spear Chukkas, bully
2 Spear Chukkas, bully


21-12-2008, 21:27
The terrain was set by a third party, who opted for a board with lots of rocky features and with woods and hills limiting line of sight to make things interesting.

I won the roll for choosing sides and opted for the one with the more rocky features, just from the fluff perspective: it’s the orcs that are coming from the woods and the dwarves defending their hold, not the other way around! Looking at the board, I had some really nice terrain on my right, perfect for castling and fighting one orc block at a time. In the end, however, I opted for a balanced approach, as we both wanted to have an enjoyable match.

When we finished deploying, the battlefield looked like this:


We rolled off for the first turn, and my opponent was relieved to get the first turn.

TURN 1 – Orcs and Goblins

No units suffered from animosity this turn, so the bulk of the Orc horde surged forward at full speed. The wolf riders accompanied by the bigboss marched around the forest, menacing the Rangers’ rear. The other fast cavalry decided that running straight into the dwarven shooting battery wasn’t a wise choice, and used their ability to swiftly change sides, moving behind the black orcs.
The goblin warmachines focused their fire on the flame cannon, but with a series of abysmal rolls the engine survived unscathed (4 Chukkas missed and the doom diver veered off target).

TURN 1 – Dwarves

Obviously no charges from the dwarves (“we’re naturally born sprinters! Very dangerous at short distances!”), so on to some maneuvering: The right slayer entered the forest, the central came into the open, in order to draw the orc units away from my battle line in case of a Waaagh and the last one sped towards the flanking wolf riders. The rangers turned to face the wolves and expanded their ranks, ready to meet the charge with their Great Axes. Ironbreakers, warriors and longbeards shifted a bit, while the gyrocopter flew behind the forest in order to provoke the night goblin fanatics…only there weren’t any! Still, it turned to face the goblin artillery for a second turn charge.
Shooting began with the flame cannon falling short of the black orc units due to a low artillery roll, only grazing a black orc from each regiment. The Grudge thrower scattered off target and I foolishly forgot about the Rune of Accuracy (in fact, I forgot about it all game long!), so it was up to the cannon to make things up, killing 4 black orcs from the leftmost unit. The thunderers overperformed, killing 5 savage orc big’uns and the quarrellers felled another black orc from the genera’s retinue. Both panic tests were passed.

TURN 2 – Orcs and Goblins

The savage orcs rolled a “6” for their animosity check, speeding a massive 6” towards the longbeards, whereas the wolf riders in the middle squabbled. The other wolf riders declared the anticipated charge on the rangers and the remaining moves saw both black orc units, the savages and the night goblins marching 8” towards my battleline.
Shooting this turn targeted my middle slayer, who dodged an incoming doom diver only to be impaled by a spear, and the gyrocopter which took a wound from the remaining fire.
In combat, the wolf riders totally messed up, failing to wound even once with their attacks, while the bigboss only dealt a single casualty despite martog’s best basha. The rangers replied by killing 4 wolf riders, thanks to their hatred for greenskins and their Great Axes. The resulting Break Test was failed, meaning that the wolves fled off the table with the stunties in hot pursuit.

TURN 2 – Dwarves

The gyrocopter charged the doomdiver, performing eagle-duty. The slayers moved into position, the leftmost in order to tie up the goblins and the rightmost peeking from inside the forest in order to provoke a frenzy charge from the savages. The longbeards backed away a bit, while both Ironbreakers and Warriors moved closer to their respective enemies, bracing themselves for the charge. The rangers reformed to face the chukkas and, finally, the miners were for once on time, so they deployed behind the right-hand goblin artillery battery.
The cannon opened the shooting phase with another successful shot (thanks to the rune of forging) that claimed 3 of the left black orcs, but sadly failed to hit the characters. (the look-out-sir tests were passed throughout the game) The flame cannon killed another three, then the rest of the shooting was directed against the general’s retinue, killing another 6 with impressive rolls, in spite of the grudge thrower’s inaccuracy!
The turn ended with the gyrocopter dealing the full 2 wounds against the doomdiver crew and running them down. The obligatory pursuit resulted in a charge against the remaining wolf riders.

TURN 3 – Orcs and Goblins

Clearly affected by the nature of his army, my opponent yelled WAAAGH! Both black orc units moved enough inches to be within charge range of their targets, the night goblins moved forward but the savages failed their test. Black orcs charged the Ironbreakers, the general’s retinue hit the warriors, while the savages and the night goblins charged a slayer each.
With every single orc unit in close combat, we moved on to shooting:
The bolt throwers on the left spotted the thin line of miners and proceeded to make shis-kebab out of 4 of them with a single shot! Another two were killed by the warmachines closest to them and the remaining 4 decided they’d rather be late next time, legging it off the field.
The Dragon Slayer in combat with the big’uns issued a challenge against the savage orc boss, suffering a wound before cracking the greenskin’s head open with his slayer great axe. In similar fashion, the goblins ganged up on their lone target, causing a wound but losing three to the ambidextrous slayer’s twin axes.
The gyrocopter fluffed its attacks, lost by two but stuck around for another turn.
The black orc warboss revealed his Battleaxe, decapitating four dwarves in one go, his retinue’s double choppas claiming another. The champions fought to a stalemate in a challenge. Losing the battle by four, the dwarves refused to give in, barely passing their break test.
In the remaining combat, the black orcs used their great weapons, killing a single ironbreaker, the BSB added another one casualty and the bigboss slaughtered the dwarven champion with an extra wound of overkill. In retaliation, the dwarven elite struck a couple of black orcs down. The Runelord spotted the Black Orc BSB, hit him twice and wounded him with the impressive strength of 8! My smile was wiped clear when my opponent revealed the amulet of protectyness, but returned when he managed to fail every single saving roll he took, resulting in a dead BSB! Thanks to that intervention, the ironbreakers won the combat by two and chased the black orcs, failing to catch them.

TURN 3 – Dwarves

Right, time for some charges: The longbeards charged the Savages’ flank, the Ironbreakers charged the recently broken Black Orcs (who fled again) and the thunderers wheeled and crashed into the Warbosse’s flank.
The rangers continued their long march towards the hill.
Shooting this turn had the fleeing Black Orcs as its only target, in an effort to reduce them to less than 25%, thus rendering them unable to rally.
The flame cannon shot right on target, killing three orcs and almost incinerating an ironbreaker in the process. The cannon accounted for another three dead and the grudge thrower missed its target once more (did I mention how stupid forgetting the rune of accuracy can be?). Finally, the quarrellers killed a couple more, bringing the unit to a Unit Strength of 8, two casualties short of the intended result!
In combat, the gyrocopter succeeded in killing two wolves, but still lost to musician and was ran down (seriously, who puts full command in their fast cavalry units?). The slayer fighting the night goblins killed three, dodging their counterattacks. The longbeards smashed upon the savages, killing one and losing one of their own in the counterattack. The slayer was killed as well, but the Orcs lost by a healthy margin and fled a measly 2 inches, getting slaughtered by the dwarf veterans!
Encouraged by this victory, the flanking thunderers killed two black orcs with their 7 attacks, receiving no casualties in return. The warriors, however, lost 6 of their number to the attacks of the Warboss and bodyguard, while the champions once more fought to a stalemate. (We had a small rules query here, concerning the Battleaxe: does he still gain extra attacks, even if I strip his ranks for combat resolution? That’s the way we played it, at least.)
The dwarves lost combat by a single point, which proved to be too much for the thunderers, who ran away, leaving the warriors to fend for themselves…

TURN 4 – Orcs and Goblins

The fleeing black orcs rallied and the wolf riders moved sideways to face the approaching rangers.
The right spear chukka battery directed their fire at the fleeing thunderers (who had their flank open) and skewered four of them with a single, lucky blow. The other two chukkas shot at the ironbreakers, killing a couple.
The slayer-goblin combat continued in the same spirit as before, the slayer’s weapon skill proving too much for the goblins, which lost another two of their kin.
The black orcs and warboss performed great this turn, killing six more warriors, plus the champion in the challenge. Still, the two remaining dwarves rolled the insane courage they needed to stay in combat, much to my dismay. (as I wouldn’t be able to shoot the orc unit in my turn!)

TURN 4 – Dwarves

The rangers declared a charge against the nearest spear chukka, but it proved to be just out of range, leaving them stranded out in the open. The Ironbreakers smashed into the recently rallied black orcs and the Longbeards carried on their march towards the chukkas. The thunderers rallied and angled themselves so as to be facing the Warboss’ Black Orcs. In remaining moves, the quarrellers on the hill reformed as well, lacking any targets for shooting.
Shooting was uneventful, as the cannon didn’t have any targets, the grudge thrower misfired (but could shoot normally next turn) and the flame cannon fired a shot at maximum range against the wolf riders, which grazed a couple of them but couldn’t hit.
The slayer in combat killed two more night goblins, while –predictably- the warboss finished off the warriors. In the main melee, the charging ironbreakers dealt a single casualty, as the orcs used their shields. The runelord was lured into a challenge against the black orc champion, failing to wound him. In return, two ironbreakers were killed by the bigboss and his screaming sword. The orcs lost the combat by a margin of 2, but passed their break test.

TURN 5 – Orcs and Goblins

The wolf riders squabbled this turn due to animosity.
The black orc warboss declared a charge against the flame cannon, leaving his unit free to move towards the quarrellers on the hill.
Shooting saw yet another sniper-chukka hitting the flank of the longbeards and impaling five of them!
In combat, the warboss fluffed against the flame cannon, leaving a single crew member alive (he passed his stubborn break test) and denying me yet another chance of shooting him in the face. The black orcs bigboss and his boyz killed two more ironbreakers, suffering no wounds in return. The runelord couldn’t get past his adversary’s defences, so he remained locked in the challenge. The combat ended a draw (in hindsight, the dwarves should have won by one, as we calculated the banner that the orcs had lost when they fled). The slayer killed two more goblins and life carried on…

TURN 5 –Dwarves

The rangers charged the chukka on the hill, it fled and they failed their charge. The longbeards marched yet again to the hill.
Shooting was entirely directed versus the unengaged black orc unit: The cannon killed an entire rank of five with a perfect shot, the grudge thrower landed on the minimum distance (12”), killing two more and the rest of the shooting saw four more orcs die. The panic test was passed, leaving four black orcs staring at my quarrellers.*
The warboss impaled the last crewman, silencing the flame cannon. In the prolonged goblin combat, the Dragon Slayer finally managed to deal the three wounds required to force a break test, and proceeded to pursue and slay the remaining nigh goblins.
The black orc bigboss once more used his screaming sword to good effect, killing two more ironbreakers, who killed a black orc in retaliation. The ongoing challenge was uneventful, yet the orcs lost by one, passing the required break test.

*the dwarven thing to do would be to combo-charge the black orcs with both missile units, but I wasn’t sure that they could both make it…

TURN 6 – Orcs and Goblins

The black orcs charge the quarrellers on the hill, the wolf riders fall upon the flank of the rangers and the warboss tries to pass undetected by whistling indifferently.
The final shooting phase for the orcs had the same success as the previous, with another lucky bolt piercing the flank of the longbeards for 5 more casualties. The genocide was completed by the two chukkas in front of the veterans, that killed two more, leaving the standard bearer and the unit champion!!
Scaling the hill, the black orcs killed three quarrellers with their double choppas, leaving them unable to retaliate. The dwarves lost due to the black orcs’ musician (apparently, orcish acid jazz is horrible to the ears), but they mastered their fear and held their ground. The wolves killed two rangers, forcing a break test with a -4 modifier, but the rangers passed it!

TURN 6 – Dwarves

Not much to do in my final turn: The slayer charged the rear of the wolves, the two remaining longbeards charged a chukka and the thunderers polished their handguns for the upcoming shooting phase.
The warboss was conveniently sitting out in the open for my cannon to shoot him. However, my opponent was confused by the difficult terrain the warmachine was standing in, which was blocking line of sight in reality. Being a good sport, we rolled for it and it turned out that I couldn’t shoot. (He was a good sportsman as well, letting me bring on the miners I had forgotten at the middle of my turn, etc)
So, the 6 thunderers took aim, hit 5 times (great) and then only wounded once (awful), leaving the warboss injured, but not mortally so. My stone thrower managed a direct hit on a spear chukka, wounded, but only dealt two wounds.
In the final combat phase for the game, the ironbreakers suffered two more losses, but this time the Runelord killed his foe and the resultant shift in combat resolution was enough to break the black orcs once and for all.
The charging slayer didn’t perform so well, only killing a single wolf rider. The goblins killed two rangers and forced them to flee, with no chance of rallying. The quarrellers on the hill weathered the Black Orcs’ hits and answered by killing two orcs. The remaining two passed their break test. Finally, the two remaining longbeards ran the spear chukka crew down, concluding a game that turned out tobe an absolute bloodbath!

Counting victory points, we calculated the result as a minor victory in favour of the dwarves. However, looking back, it really should have been a solid victory, as we miscalculated the table quarters. So, the victory points below reflect this correction.

Dwarves: 1980
Orcs: 1222


The orcs were completely scattered, and the proud army of Karak Dran hadn’t sustained many losses… Runelord Snorri Urmsson was pleased, as this meant that they could go on the offensive without any delay; he wanted to take whatever evil had taken shelter in the nearby grounds by surprise. “You made our ancestors proud this day, my lads! But ‘tis only the beginning… Ready yourselves, we are moving into the forest!”

Well, luck in this match wasn’t exactly even: My opponent had below average rolls all game long (the only exception being his characters’ rolls in combat and his damned spear Chukkas!), with a couple of really crappy turns in the beginning. On the other hand, my rolls for the thunderers and quarrellers were great, as were a couple of timely 6+ saves!
Truth be told, this match-up was really good for me; the hatred really helped out in small combats, giving me the edge and my blocks performed well soaking up the damage the Black Orcs can dish out.
Key moments of the game:
-The fluffed charge of the wolves against the rangers, it saved my left flank.
-The slayers performing really well, bating the savages to their doom and keeping the goblins at bay.
-The Runelord VS BSB fight, which was decided by my opponent’s awful luck.
-The Black Orc Warboss hacking through 5 Dwarf Warriors a turn. ”Dat’s how it’s done, boyz!”
-The spear chukkas, with their satellite-guided smart missiles: They killed 12 longbeards, a Dragon Slayer, 6 Miners (and panicked the rest) and 4 Thunderers. Not bad, for goblins!
-The uphill fight (get the pun? :P ) of the black orcs versus the quarrellers. Great weapons once more saved the day for the stunties!
-The unnerving accuracy of the dwarf cannon and the enervating inaccuracy of the grudge thrower (next time, I’ll read my list more carefully!)

In conclusion, a good game against an opponent that planned things right, but was betrayed by his dice!
Facts are facts, though, and the Dwarves won the day!

So, here ends another episode of the Look Snorri! series. More tales of bravery, strength and dwarven stubbornness to come soon!

I really hope you enjoyed the report, and feel free to discuss the battle, criticise or praise the effort!

Until the next time,

May your Christmas be as white as the White Dwarf’s beard!


21-12-2008, 23:08
Another great report Doc! Just what I was hoping for too- nice read -sounds like a lot of fun too- a classic match up dwarfs vs orcs. Good to see the beardie ones getting a good victory.
The dice gods seemed to having a fun time- those spear chukkas were lethal!
Hope you have a great christmas mate and looking forward to more of your posts next year!

22-12-2008, 00:14
Happy holidays to you too, Doc!
Another fine Snorri report, and that has to be the most accurate chukka shooting I've ever seen. congrats on a well deserved win

22-12-2008, 16:49
Love the Snorri reports and love your somewhat different approach to gaming. Looks like the slayers actually had a pretty good game today. I great exciting and relatively close game. Id love to know how you do your diagrams because im very interested in using something like those to do some my self.

Your reports have made me want to start writing some of my own. (first one will be up in the already started thread tomorrow)

22-12-2008, 17:24
Congrats on the win.

Nice battle. That wolf charge could have gone either way, and as you said would have made a big difference.

Glad to see the single dragon slayers are still working :)

23-12-2008, 21:21
Thanks for the replies, guys!

SevenSins, Silverstu: The chukkas were awesome! Considering their cost, I'm terrified what 8 of them could accomplish for such a little expense. If you ask me, Orc artillery is a battle winner!

Winning a game once in a while keeps me going. My list has many self-imposed restrictions and thus needs a combination of skill and luck in order to make it work. Against the newer books this is magnified, as you saw in the battle reports against Daemons and Vampire Counts. In short, if my dice begin screwing me and a couple of my stratagems fail, the game is all but lost. Still, I have more fun playing with this list than with any other dwarf army.

Malorian: Like I said above, with this army, the balance is fragile. Had the wolves broken through, only the dragon slayer could have stopped them from getting to my cannon.
While we're on this subject, I think I'm starting to get the hang of the lone slayers; they've become an integral part of my list and they always make their points back, one way or the other!

Orstein: Always glad to see new faces around here! I'm looking forward to reading your battle report! Thanks for the comment and here's the link for the battle report program:

On a general note, I had another game, against Warriors of Chaos today (Ah! the joys of holidays!) and I think it will make for an interesting report! So stay tuned!
Once again, have a great christmas and keep them comments coming!

23-12-2008, 23:43
merry christmas, it was a great report, good job with the win, can't wait to see the report versus the unholy warriors of chaos. it would be good to see what you can do to them.

Panzer MkIV
24-12-2008, 14:01
Yet another great battle report!

Keep'em coming;)

24-12-2008, 21:14
An enjoyable read as always. Sad to hear about the orcs losing, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I need to get more spear chukkas methinks; if those four were that accurate, I'm thinking I'm going to fill my special choices with them (except for a unit of black orcs).

Merry Christmas to yourself. Hopefully the real Longbeard (Santa) will bring you something nice and resolve a few grudges for you.

24-12-2008, 22:48
Great report as always.

I think your list is still pretty competative despite your self imposed restrictions. I also like to use lone Slayers, they are always a very handy option to have. Any Unbreakable option is usually always useful.

I think your Dwarfs have done pretty well considering that of the 6 games you have played Daemons twice, Counts and Dark Elves. So 4 games against the top 3 armies and coming out with equal wins losses and draws.

Greenskins vs Dwarfs always makes for a fun game and Im looking forward to see how you fared against the Warriors. My Warriors could only scrape a minor victory against Dwarfs last time I played them, I think Dwarfs are certainly one of the hardest match ups for them.

26-12-2008, 01:10
Very nice report, much enjoyed :)

28-12-2008, 00:04
Great report!

29-12-2008, 16:28
Sidorio: The report on the Warrior game is under production. Expect to see it before New Year's.

IrishDelinquent: I wouldn't put too many spearchukkas in my list if I were you, as it may be regarded as unsporting. I think 4 plus a rock lobba will give you a solid shooting phase.
On the subject of black orcs, I've been wondering if anyone here has used more than a couple of units of them. They are hard as nails, albeit overpriced compared to newer books. How about 3 or more small-ish units? (15-strong or so) The free move from Waaagh! means that they'll usually get the jump on enemy infantry and perhaps even cavalry...

Arguleon-Veq: Yes, looking back, the dwarves have fared pretty well while providing for an enjoyable game for both me and my opponents. Newer books are a notch up in terms of power, so balanced results are more than satisfying.
However, what concerns me more is not to repeat the same mistakes and to play a better game each time. Writing these reports and getting feedback on my tactics has helped a lot as a form of meta-analysis.

As for how the Warriors did against the stunties, you'll have to come back and see, won't you?;)

ArghaBlargh, selone, Panzer MkIV: thanks for the thumbs up guys!

09-01-2009, 22:04
Hello Doc! Very nice battle report! :)
You should do one against my Wood Elves ;)
Next week maybe? Send me a message when you are available!

13-01-2009, 13:33
Once again a solid read, and a good report. Pity the Greenies had to lose, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. I have read the whole Snorri series of reports, and have seen you have your share of bad rolls too, so don't let it go to your head that you crushed the great green.