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21-12-2008, 21:46
I picked up the Warriors of Chaos book the other day, and i'm inspired. I'm brainstorming up an all mounted army and i'm wondering if it would work. I'm not looking for super effective powergaming bull, but i really dont want to have "another" fantasy army that gets 2 wins, 21 losses, then the shelf.

I'm thinking the army will be comprised of the following.

- Large blocks of Marauder Horsemen, LA + Shield, possibly nurgle. (psedo staying power)
- Small units of Marauder Horsemen, either Javelins/throwing axes, LA or Shield (harrassing)
- Small units of Marauder Horsemen, LA, flails, khorne (flank charge)
- Small units of Hounds
- 1/2 units of Knights, (not sure about marks)
- 1/2 chariots
- maybe a warshrine

What do you think? Any advice on unit selection and equipment would be great. And what do you think about the heroes?

21-12-2008, 23:54
Hi Jakman, glad to see the true powers are flowing through your veins!

anyway, mounted armies tend to do very well with WOC, mainly because Chaos are expensive anyway so, its better to have fast, maneuverable and hard hitting stuff because warriors on foot are heavily outnumbered by most.

going by your list i would consider

18 Marauders of Khorne with Wulfrik

2 x 5 Marauder Horsemen
2 x 5 Warhounds

6 Knights with an Exalted
2 x Chariot of Chaos

4 Dragon Ogres with Champ

Couple of Scroll Caddy's

any good?

Deacon Bane
22-12-2008, 00:13
Remember, LA and shields, take away the Horsemen's best attribute, Fast Cav. Also go with Throwing axes and flails. One of my WE opponents was rudely introduced to the axes, after many games of him riding circles around me pluking arrows. Add the mark of Slaanesh and throwing axes= WE running awy not laughing any more. The Warshrine will be too slow for your other units. Think about Dr.Ogres and Weemo is right about Wulfrik, I put him with 15 GW wielding Khorne Marauders. Nice surprise for cannons and what not.

22-12-2008, 03:08
the thing about warshrines is they give you that bonus during your 1st turn when the units you want to have the bonus are within range.

after that, the warshrine can travel to the other units for the said bonus roll.

also, why the odd number of 18 + character? why not 19 + character to have 4 full ranks?

wulfric with GW khornate marauders is very devastating, not necessary for warmachine hunting (well, ideally they are good for that) but for breaking weaker units in the opponent's army.

sigvald is pretty fast with a regiment of warriors. march 8 every turn and ignore difficult terrain. the only problem with that unit is it is pretty expensive at 300 points average.

but it hits very hard.

bork da basher
22-12-2008, 07:32
it works really well. im 5-0-0 with my army which basically consists of 3 sorcerers of tzeentch on discs (lvls 4,2,2) 20 hounds, 15 horsemen and 20 knights all in units of 5.

its pretty linear mini wise but it looks great all together, you could add dragon ogres, chariots etc but i didnt much like the models available so didnt bother.

you generally enter combat on turn two, almost always get the charge off, the enemy dares not range ahead because he'll be surrounds and picked off with any support. fear causing knights of chaos, flanked by horsemen and screened by hounds, your speed and dogshield keep the worst enemy fire from you and my sorcerers tend to dispel most hostile magic and then wham!! in you go and there isnt a whole lot that can stand to a chaos knights unit in their front with a horsemen unit with flails in their flank, thats 15 S5 attacks and then the horses and without rank bonus there gonna loose in a big way.

its pretty straight forward and even rather good in scenarios because of the survivability of your knights and the speed of your army in general, snatching last minute table quarters is pretty easy.

im having a great time with the army and have several lists led by differant sets of charecters that utterly change how the army is played so it doesnt have to get stale.