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The Royals
22-12-2008, 01:39
Hello all.
I am new to the hobby (relatively) and after months of painting and set backs, I have created my first real army list.
Critique and suggestions are welcome but many of the choices are included because i already own and have painted them

Orcs and goblins 1500 list


Black orc big boss- heavy armour, Martogs best basha, enchanted shield, talisman of protection= 134

Orc shaman- lvl 2, staff of baduumm= 130

Night goblin shaman- dispel scroll x2= 100


Orc boyz- 25, full command, 2 choppas= 204

Orc boyz- 19, shields, full command= 144

Night goblins- 25, spears, full command, fanatic= 145

Spider riders- 5= 65

Night goblins- 20, bows, full command, fanatic= 105


2 spear chuckas= 75

Black orcs- 14, shields, full command , morks spirit totem= 284

Orc boar chariot= 80


Troll= 40

22-12-2008, 09:49
To start off with:

If I am correct, you are trying to get a bit of magic influence on your side of the battle (since your're fileding 2 shamans @ 1500 pts). Not my cup of tea, but if you want to do so, I suggest you upgrade your N-gobbo shaman to level 2 as well to get some more powerdice.

Personally I would prefer running 2 black orc big bosses, 1 tooled up for combat, 1 with BSB and mork's spirit totem, which should give you some nice magical defence. Then 1 n-goblin shaman with 2* dispell scroll or staff of sneaky stealin. I keep this magical defence all the way up to 2500 points.

With Mork's spirit totem, 1 shaman and staff of sneaky stealing I get a whopping 7 dispell dice for a mere 150 points (50 for shaman, 50 for staff and 50 for spirit totem). This then leaves me a load full of points to get more green on the field.

As a second suggestion I would heavily recommend passing on the black orcs they are more then a quarter of your points! Intsead give the spirit totem to a b-orc bsb and put him in a unit of 25 boyz to get the maximum of 3 dispell dice out of it. Black rocs are good, but WAY too expensive for what they do, due to their "armed to da teef" special rule. Such a waste of the great models :(.

22-12-2008, 12:48
This looks like a very good list for a first attempy and one that I can see being very enjoyable to play with/against.
A few sugestions that I personally think will improve it:
- As stonetroll said the black orcs are taking alot of your points up but it would seem you like them so I would cut them down to 10 models no command and use them as flankers for your main units.
-With the points saved (148) I would make the 2nd shaman level 2, increase the size of the second orc unit and add another unit of 6 spider riders. Ive found spider riders to be one of the most useful units in the whole book, flank charges into units, warmachine hunting and even able to take on small units.
I don't think you would even need the spirit totem; replacing the staff baduum with staff of sneaky stealing would give you 5 dispel dice 2 scrolls and removing a pd from the opponent.
Other than that looks like a strong list and allows you to compete in every phase of the game.
Hope ive helped always good to see more orc players.