View Full Version : Nurgle WoC need help making an army

The Bucket
22-12-2008, 00:47
Im planning on slowly building a new WoC Nurgle army, and i was wondering what you guys would use. Right now i only have one modle that im planning on using as a Nurgle sorc, i want my army to be mainly infantry based with medium to heavy magic, and be able to handle armys from shooty wood elves, hording gobbos, to heavy magic vamps. Since those are the armies i tend to face most, what would you guys suggest getting for 1k points?

Thanks Steve

22-12-2008, 03:18
wulfrik and a big block of marauders are good at any point level. so are chaos hounds. one box of chaos hounds gives you two units of 5 chaos hounds which is 60 pts, and they are worth every point. they arent good fighters at all, but they are wonderful screeners. plus they can draw out goblin fanatics, or move on top of fanatics and "end their move" on them to kill the fanatic. they are great at sitting back and charging flanks as well. but yeah, dont expect them to kill a single thing.

if you plan on going nurgle-magic heavy then i would suggest that ALL of your characters be mages of some kind. the sniping ability of the #1 nurgle spell is really amazing.

The Bucket
22-12-2008, 03:32
Alright how should i tool out my mages n how meny should i get for 1k points right now? I was thinking banner of wrath would help my magic phase but is it really worth it for 45 points ? and is the rod with a bound lvl 3 spell any good it could help but it seems abit over priced.

22-12-2008, 03:48
is it worth 45 points? maybe not directly, but it does take at least a dispel dice from the opponent(he tries to dispel it). i always take it. the rod is dumb.

i ALWAYS take the infernal puppet(it works when you miscast as well. just yesterday i rolled a 10 for miscasting, and the puppet changed it up to a 12) and the power familiar. nothing else is really worth it. some people like the black tongue, but i dont. when in doubt you can always take power stones.

i roll with a sorcerer lord of tzeentch on disc, lvl 4, eye of tzeentch, and daemonsword. he runs around shooting things, until he can get into combat with something squishy and he squishes it. but my other mages are lvl 2 nurgle ones that just cast the first spell over and over each phase. i RARELY try to cast a different spell with the nurgle guys. i have killed many BSBs, and it is awesome.