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22-12-2008, 09:50

I'm slowly building a demon army, this is a quick list I come up with, but it seems rather.... undecided/planless... The only thing I'm dead set on i the GUO he is in no matter what (equipment can be discussed though)

Modelling wise I'm aming for a carnival/circus theme, the GUO beeing a sort of ring master.

Not very experienced with demons so any and all constructive advice/critisicms are welcome

Great Unclean One 655
Lvl 4, Trappings, Slime trail, Pestilent Mucus

Herald of Nurgle 250
Lvl 1, Palanquin, Slime trail, BSB

Herald of tzeentch 165
Master of sorcery, Spell breaker

The blue scribes 81

16 plague bearers full command, seeping decay 247

22 Horrors full command, banner of change 319

6 Furies 72

Beast of nurgle 100

3 Flamers 105

So total of 1994 (not my favourite year either..)

22-12-2008, 12:29
Seems to have some of the same stuff i have gone fore (list on the forum few down from this).

I'm guessing the GUO and herald both go in the front of the plague bearers? what kinda frontage are you going for? I'd prob go:

Then you at least get some attacks from the plague bearers so drop the musician. That would be a rather hard all be it expensive unit, I'm not a highly experienced fantasy player, just getting into daemons my self. If the GUO isnt in the unit I can see he might get singled out in combat and will loose to ranks etc and his 10 wounds wont mean diddly. Perhaps have the herald on foot and give him the staff of nurgle (love that item!!).

Herald with MoS and blue scribes is a dirty combo i'm gonna try out soon too!

I'm not sure the beast of nurgle is all that great and the flamers are a lil vulnerable in such a small unit, i'd maybe boost them to 5-6 and drop the beast.

Also your army is illegal as it stands since you need 3 core in 2000pts and you do have 3 but furies do not count. Perhaps split the horros into two units?

I'd also defo consider toning down the GUO, the pts he is soaking up is really making the rest of the army suffer I think.

22-12-2008, 14:31
The GUO can't join units, he's a monster :p

It looks like a good set up, I'd consider dropping something to try and get the Changeling in that Horror unit to protect your Herald. If not, Winged Horror will keep him safe as he can just hop out of the unit if things get hairy. I'd also get icon of sorcery instead to boost your magic.

The biggest problem I see is a real lack of hitting power. You have 2 tough blocks of SCR, but nothing really useful to hit the flanks. Some Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Fiends, or Flesh Hounds would help a lot. Stick them on your anvil on PBs and bring down the hammer to break even the scariest units.

22-12-2008, 15:09
I would drop the blue scribes, you don't have enough magic to take advantage of the extra power dice, plus its a generally under pointed named character. Instead drop 3 horrors and buy yourself a second herald of Tz.

Drakcore Bloodtear
22-12-2008, 15:23
I think that you sould keep him as he can be crazy with magic (depending who's your opponent)

22-12-2008, 19:22
The bluescribes really pay of against VC single dice spam with their energy syphon, but I really just added them for a cheap random factor.

Totally missed the illegality though (doh). New list coming up.... And I agree on needing some punch...

Great Unclean One 655
Lvl 4, Trappings, Slime trail, Pestilent Mucus

Herald of Nurgle 250
Lvl 1, Palanquin, Slime trail, BSB

Herald of tzeentch 165
Master of sorcery, Spell breaker

16 plague bearers, Full command, seeping decay 247

22 Horrors, icon of sorcery 279

10 Bloodletters, with bloodreaper 132

10 Bloodletters, with bloodreaper 132

4 Flamers 140

Total 2000

Dropped some of the funny stuff for hopefuly more punch, bloodletters and another flamer. Not sure how long bloodletters survive as flankers though with nothing to screen them... Main blocks in the middle with GUO, flamers and bloodletters on the flanks. One herald in each block to give their locus-aid. Could give the tzeentch herald wings instead of spellbreaker. Better?

23-12-2008, 06:00
I'd try and squeeze in a unit of Furies, they would offer you some good screens and added mobility.

26-12-2008, 20:22
Lacking some punch and getting close to the "standard" none-slaaneshi list here I decided to skip the Tzeentch parts all together and try for some more punchy units.
Was thinking of a tough center with PB's and characters and flanking with the rest, screening with furies.
To get of any magic, assassinating enemy spellcasters will be paramount (and not so easily pulled off....) advice? comments?

Great Unclean One 655
Lvl 4, Trappings, Slime trail, Pestilent Mucus

Herald of Nurgle 250
Lvl 1, Palanquin, Slime trail, BSB

18 plague bearers, Full command, seeping decay 271

10 Bloodletters, with bloodreaper 132

10 Bloodletters, with bloodreaper 132

2x5 Furies 120

2 Beasts of nurgle 200

3 Bloodcrushers, bloodreaper 230

Total 1990

26-12-2008, 20:58
give the guo a balesword and noxic vapours

30-12-2008, 04:22
I like your list; I have just a couple of things for you to mull over.

- I love the GUO. I find most people fear this GD almost as much as a BT if they have faced a few. Only the extremely High Elvey units will dive headlong into this guy, and Pestilent Mucus has won a lot of games for me (goodbye Mr. high level Vampire Lord! Bleeeargh!). One swap out would perhaps be Stream of Corruption. He's fast enough to get onto some flanks, spew twice (if you get the spell) and then charge in next turn, if you like. Against non-shooty armies, this is a great tactic, and the GUO is almost more powerful out of combat with this combo. ALWAYS take trappings, as you did.

While the Blue Scribes may be frowned upon in competitions, I love taking them in fun games (which they should all be fun games, IMO). Yes, as written above they are the bane of VC players. I've gotten 5 extra power dice at times, and casting that critical Miasma with 3 or 4 dice near the end of the game can be a tide-turner. Also, they can be a great distraction/march blocker. Some people hate those extra power dice so much they turn a lot of attention to them.. If they die...you lose 81 points. Oh no.

I put a lot of stock in Khorne Dogs and Screamers.

Lastly, I really prefer using 2 small units of Pink Horrors. One level 2 gets you 2 PD and one DD, 2 small units nets you 2 PD and 2 DD, each with 5 wounds. Flickering Fire is awesome and although very Chaotic, can wreck any unit with some luck.

Ok, that's all for your to mull over. I'm no expert but these are simply some plug-and-play suggestions that have worked for me. Happy Killing!