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26-11-2005, 23:36
Hey all,

On the 40k general the IG: artillery thread has popped up, and there sprung the idea of a IG heavy mortar squad into beeing.

The thread is found here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17289)

Anyways, I thought I would take those rules here, to see if anyone (with a IG army, which I lack at the moment (one day....) wants to do something with this.

Anyways, here are the rules I came up with so far, I left out the whole guardsmen stats etc, I couldnt be bothered with what everyone already knows :)

HS choice: Heavy Mortar squad 0-1 200 pts

May only be used if the Heavy weapon platoons doctrine is chosen, and the total amount of armour in the amry (front+side+rear) doesnt exeed... (something like 86 (1 LR and a chimera like vehicle). If a Heavy Mortar squad is selected any other form of field artillery is forbidden. These include the Griffon, Basilisk, Bombard & Manticore (this to limit it to infantry army's, the type that would actually use such weapons, but still allow for some armour...

The Heavy Mortar squad consists of 1 junior officer. The junior officer may only select non officer weapons. A honorifica is also out of the question. (pounding away isnt that honourful, therefore, cool stuff just doesnt get there. The position of leading the heavy mortar squad is usually entrusted upon a hardened veteran type of person) and 9 heavy mortar operators (basic stats).

Heavy mortar: see griffon mortar rules.


Immobile; Due to the heavy weight of the mortars and their ammo, moving them after placement isnt feasible, they are not allowed to move after they have been placed on the battlefield.

In cover. Heavy mortar squads are always placed inside a bunker made of sandbags, or another locally availiable form of bunker. The Heavy mortar squad always benifits from a 5+ coversave from 3 directions.

Something like that would be pretty cool, load of special rules, but that is kind of needed, to compensate for the barrage 3 pieplates...

If someone wants to give this a shot, go ahead, and have fun :)

27-11-2005, 00:38
hm. i played it just now. kinda quirkey with the aurmor thing. id limit it to just 2 tanks, no certain value. i found that if it was a higher (say 250)pts, its fit better. the 9 crwmen was a redeeming factor, seeing as to how it was a fire cushion just like a vindy would be.

27-11-2005, 01:18
Why not use the Artillery Rules in the BGB? That makes the Heavy Mortars AV10/10/10 immobile "vehicles" and hits are randomised between them and the squad attending them.

A battery would definately have to be a 0-1 choice, but I don't think any other special limiting rules are really necessary. A three Pie Plate barrage is probably not as scary as it sounds as if the first template lands squarely then it's quite unlikely the other two will hit anything of note unless your opponent is foolish enough to bunch up multiple units.

Besides the Stats of the Heavy Mortar are hardly overpowering.

Incidentally, here (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/Getz/gunsketch.jpg) is the concept Art I put up in the original thread for my IG Field Guns, the one at the top is for a heavy mortar. I'm planning on putting three together over time for ***** and giggles, even if I can't use them...

27-11-2005, 18:50
Further to my last post, I VDR'd a 10/10/10 immobile open topped Griffon Mortar and it came out at 70 points.

Therefore three of them would cost 210 and an infantry squad to man them would be 60 points... (three men per gun and a battery sergeant)

However, the Gun crew would have no weapons and Guns in unit using the Artillery rules are much more vulnerable than proper vehicles, so I'd suggest that 250 points would be an appropriate cost for a battery of three. 200 if you're opponent is feeling generous, as the lower cost better repesents the fact that the unit is very vulnerable to fast assault units, deep strikers and infiltrators, etc...

If the Battery were equipped with Battle Cannons (field guns instead of howitzers) then the VDR rules would indicate that the squad should cost 10 points more per gun.

27-11-2005, 22:11
ah, the weirdness of the VDR rules :)

Well, the 3 pieplate barrage is kind of scary considering that it covers 15". Which can potentially devastate loads of things...

Also, Im not sure on the 10/10/10 thing... It still means armour, IIRC 9/9/9 is what a basic car would be... Therefor I took the whole "build a sandbag bunker" thing... Then again, the 10/10/10 thing could resemble the bunker as well...:confused:


28-11-2005, 00:18
I worked out the cost that way as Guns in Artillery units are treated as vehicles with an AV of 10 all round.

Of course, they're destroyed by any glancing or penetrating hit and suffer all manner of drawbacks for being artillery so by rights they should be cheaper, but it's a starting point.

Commissar Vaughn
06-12-2005, 16:58
i dont think such elaborate rules are neccessary. having artillery as vehicles accompanied by infantry seems a very complex way of doing at (especially as three shots would make the unit useless.) thats too vulnerable.
my suggestion: treat em like ordinary eldar or guard heavy weapons but with more crew, and less manouverability.

Heavy support choice: 1-3 models in a squad.
each artillery piece consists of one gun ( heavy mortar or battle cannon) and 3 crew with one sergeant (so a minimum of 4 men in the squad) the sarge has access to normal equipment for his rank, and the guardsmen have laspistols. all artillery peices must be the same.
the guns may fire as normal but only use the small blast template, but tother stats stay the same.
heavy mortar: heavy 1, S6 ap4, guess48", blast/ barrage
battle cannon: heavy 1, 72"range, S8, Ap3, blast/barrage

The unit may not move and shoot, and due to the limbering up process and the weight of their equipment, always count as moving through difficult terrain.

field artillery is often hauled to the battlefield by a tank or apc, or even by horse! any suitable vehicle(chimera, russ, trojan, even jeeps/humvees etc) may spend a turn coupling to a single peice of artillery. this takes a turn and the artillery may not move or shoot, the designated hauler must be in contact with the artillery and may only fire non ordnance weapons. once the coupling up process is complete the artillery may be towed at a normal vehicles speed (ie up to 12", no speedy salamanders with artillery!).

uncoupling and redeploying also takes a full turn and follws the same rules above.
All the weapons in a squad must be towed at the same time or none at all.
this gives you an excuse to build landys or similiar to tow your artillery.

as for the points values i'd say 60 for a mortar and crew, and 75 for a battlecannon, commlink 5 extra etc etc etc

anyone care to expand for horse artillery?

Commissar Vaughn
06-12-2005, 18:40
ok i just noticed the appalling spelling, sorry guys!
i would also say that arty can begin the game being towed..hmm a scenario involving having to push forward and take a position suitable for artillery to be deployed on to support the advance perhaps...

ooh how about as upgrades for the squad, you can take 1-3 jeeps/landrovers av10-10-10, fast, (but not when towing!) and armed with heavy stubbers for about 45pts each?
or a team of horses and limbers for about 20 pts per gun? can tow the guns at 6" plus fleet of foot in the shooting phase!

ah damn it youve set me off now! and i thought i had enough to do with all those scratchbuilt tanks (pics soon i hope) and the model railway, gods, im ever gonna get to see my girlfriend again!.......