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22-12-2008, 22:42
Hi I've just gotten my pawns on the dark treacherous tome that is the WoC army book :D. It didn't take long until I was lost on the dark path of chaos. As a aspiring champion of chaos I look to you fellow Chaos lords, how to best crush the world of weak manlings? This is the troop collection I was thinking of, but they can swiftly be replaced if you would advice me so. Oh, and don't forget BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! :evilgrin:


Exalted hero, -235pts
Daemonic mount, axe of khorne, favour of the gods, shield, soporific musk

Sorcerer, -155pts
MoN, 2*scrolls


17 warriors of chaos, -389pts 6*3 (sorcerer)
MoN, shields, halberds, full command, rapturous standard

15 warriors of chaos, -295pts 5*3
full command, shields, warbanner

20 marauders, 140pts 5*4
full command, shields

20 marauders, 140pts 5*4
full command, flails

5 warhounds -30pts

5 warhounds -30pts

5 warhounds -30pts


5 knights of chaos, -305pts
MoK, lances, full command

5 Knights of chaos, -250pts (Exalted hero)
ensorcelled weapons, full command


23-12-2008, 10:49
anyone? Is it just to perfect to comment? :P

23-12-2008, 14:52
It's good, the only thing I'd do is drop the Warriors down to units of 12. They are too expensive to look for rank bonuses, so getting rid of 8 should free up a ton of points. With the leftover I'd give your Marauders shields, light armor, full commad, and the Mark of Slaanesh. Cheap SCR that's immune to Fear/Terror/Panic is too good to ignore. If you can't decide on a Mark for your units, Slaanesh is always a good one. Only having Ld8 can cause you problems with psychology, and nobody likes watching their 300 points unit turn tail and run :p If you wanted to go faster, you could drop 1 unit of Marauders for some Marauder Horsemen. I like flails and MoS, but MoK is a lovely alternative.

I also like a big more magic, but that's just ==Me== :p

23-12-2008, 21:48
I've donne some serious changes, do you think this is better?

Lords & Heroes

Exalted hero, -180pts ~this character is specialised at killing enemy characters, with his 5 str 6 KB attacks not much can survive him.
MoK, axe of khorne, favour of the gods, shield

Sorcerer, MoN, lvl 2 -140pts

Sorcerer, MoT, lvl 2, -140pts

Sorcerer, MoS, lvl 2 -125pts~some sorcerers give me 8PD and a nice spread of different lores


11 chaos warriors, -247pts ~bodyguard for the hero
MoK, AHW, shields, full command

18 chaos warriors, -366pts~this is kind of a über resilient unit, only an extreme concentration of fire will take it down
MoN, haleberds, shields, full command

20 marauders, -180pts ~there to add extra bodies and static combat res
LA, shields, full command, MoS

12 marauders, -98pts~these can be dangerous and they are cheap enough to be expendable
flails, full command, MoK

5 warhounds, -30pts

5 warhounds -30pts~cheap and fast, what is there not to like :p

5 marauder horsemen, -86pts
MoS, light armor, flails, musican

5 marauder horsemen -86pts ~helps the knights out, and fast cavalry is always good, the flails give them some punch as a supporting unit.
MoS, light armor, flails, musican


5 Knights of chaos -250pts ~These are a great hammer unit, as long as they don't get shot to pieces.
full command

TOTAL: 1998pts

23-12-2008, 22:06
Very nice. I would look into putting your characters in barded steeds for the extra mobility and save. To afford it you could get rid of the command group for your flail marauders (they're there just to kill people, musician at most) and 3 Halberd warriors (you won't need the ranks as much and you've still got plenty of bodies for the enemy to wade through) or the unit champions in your Warrior units. The Knight champion could also be sacrificed to get a few more points if you need them.