View Full Version : 1.5k Tournament VC Army Help

22-12-2008, 22:58
Hello all,

Has anyone on here got any experience of VC on a tournament setting?

If so what mix of characters had the best impact?

Im currently looking to enter a tournament and i want to include 2x vamps... one a caster and raiser the other a warmachine hunter, scout and terror causer
with a necro on a corpse cart... will this be enough or should i drop a vamp and include 2x necros?


VC Doke
23-12-2008, 19:18
3 Characters works good. You'll want to put a scroll on the necro and keep plenty of magic defense for your scout vampire. He can get behind shooters, but nothing will ruin his day faster than a 5+ fireball.

Don't expect to get much done having only 1 general vampire and two necros. Even if everyone had a bound spell, you're magic phase will be weak with only 4 levels of magic.

My 1500 pt armies always have at least two characters that can fight. Remember you'll have at least 2 core units on foot that can't get the job done on their own. You'll need good tactics as well as a balanced list.

Good luck!