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22-12-2008, 22:59
Hey everybody, thanks in advance for taking a look at this list.

I'm planning on taking a Chaos army to a tourney in February, and just trying to figure out the army list so I know what to build/paint as I work towards the event. I've always wanted to do a Tzeentch/Slaanesh hybrid list, and it's finally a realistic option in the new book.

I'm not trying to make an over the top, disgusting army that will lose me a ton of soft scores, but I want something that fits my theme and allows me to use the models I really want to paint for the army. Minor tweaks and advice are very welcome, but I'm not too keen on radically changing up the army list, like dropping the Chosen. Thanks again for lending me the benefit of your experience.

Level 4 Sorceror Lord, 359 pts
MOT, Steed, Collar of Khorne, Sword of Might
5x Knights, 250 pts
MOT, Musician and Standard

Level 2 Sorceror, 200 pts
MON, Palanquin, Glaive of Putrefaction
14x Chosen, 420 pts
MOT, Halberd and Shield, Full Command, Book of Secrets, Banner of Wrath

Level 2 Sorceror, 190 pts
MOS, Puppet, Enchanted Shield
19x Marauders, 144 pts
MOS, LA + SH, Full Command

5x Marauder Horsemen, 96 pts
MOS, LA, Flail, Musician

5x Marauder Horsemen, 96 pts
MOS, LA, Throwing Axes, Musician

5x Chaos Hounds, 30 pts

Hellcannon, 205 pts

1990 pts
11PD + 1 bound spell at level 4, 6DD, 58 models

23-12-2008, 02:41
You may want to check out the battle reports section on the WOC magic heavy army. It did very well against a variety of opponents. The general was very skilled, but it seemed like the list worked well also. Personally, I think chosen are worth it for the models alone and I also have some in my list.

Other than that, maybe try and find a way to add the blasted standard to your knights, especially since they are marked Tzeencth. It will certainly add to their survivability against all the shooting that will be coming their way. Maybe drop the mark and command on the marauder foot unit. However you do it, I certainly recommend it.

23-12-2008, 22:42
Thanks, I'll definitely look into the batrep logs later tonight.

23-12-2008, 22:59
uh it seems that your army list is missing many of the things mentioned. i dont see any entry of chosen or knights in your post, but i will give you this advice: DROP THE HELLCANNON!! for these reasons:
1.Hellcannons are expensive for a bloody warmachine

2.Hellcannons are very hard to control

3.When the Chaos Dwarf crew gets annihelated by a volley of missiles, there goes 205 pts down the drain(probabalay more, cuz it will eat the rest of your army from the rear)
the chance that the rampaging hellcannon ever reache any enemy troops is rare.

for those reasons i recommend using an unmarked giant instead of the hellcannon

24-12-2008, 00:33
I'd say that's a good list. The Hellcannon is a great beasty, I love the thing, but it might cause problems with your casters if it misfires and miscasts them all (Infernal Puppet helps a lot here).

I might swap out the Banner of Wrath for the Nurgley banner and drop a couple Chosen to fit in more hounds, but that's about it.

24-12-2008, 02:20
Hellcannons aren't that hard to control. A leadership test on Ld9 to behave normally is pretty easy to live with. And they are much more than a simple Warmachine, how many war machines are S5 T6 Unbreakable combat monsters with a 12" charge range?

I don't think the Hellcannon is the massive liability it used to be. Cheaper, only uses 1 rare slot, and it doesn't ever charge friendly units. The Rampage rules move it towards enemy models, and it only counts as charging if this move brings it into contact with the enemy. Misfire 1 is pretty bad news for anyone nearby, but the rest I don't really worry about very much. Realistically it shouldn't be misfiring every game, so I'll maybe roll on that chart every second game.

I think I will look into some different wargear combos for the Chosen/Palanquin unit. Glaive is nice if in prolonged challenges and whatnot, but there's probably some better way to use the points.