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23-12-2008, 04:56

I'm relatively unknown on this site, I think I post more in this section than any other to ask about army lists and the such. I wanted to apologize that I use this site more of a recourse that a valuable community of friendly people. yet I hope to change that soon, because I'll be receiving a load of s and I would like to put them up here for you all to see. I will be getting 3 squads of renegade milita, a command squad from forge world. now I have some questions!
1. I was thinking of using VC ghouls as mutants to boost my ranks, what your is the thought on this?
2. also I want to include the new plastic warhounds of chaos in my army, but I have no Idea what to use them as!
3. I'll also be getting the tide of spawn, I plan on converting a few into ogryns, what if your thoughts on this idea?
4.if I have 3 ten man squads, a command squad with a chimeria, mabey the squad of ogryns, is this a playable force?
Thanks for your help and patients for reading the typings of a madman.


23-12-2008, 06:53
1. Sounds fine to me.
2. Rough riders without hunting lances.
3. Warped Ogryns sounds good.
4. Based on the current codex, your list is not a playable force. You have an HQ, but you need two of the following: Platoon Command Squad with at least two 10-man IG squads attached to it, or an Armored Fist Squad. With what you have, this would involve adding just a Platoon Command Squad to two of the 10-man IG squads, and putting one of your 10-man squads in the Chimera to make an Armoured Fist squad. There's your two Troops choices, and then you have your HQ, and that is the minimum requirement. Everything else just adds to that.

23-12-2008, 09:37
You can get a playable force out of it, but it won't necessarily be particularly competative.

Take the following doctrines: Mechanized, Grenadiers, Rough Riders, Ogryn

HQ: Comand squad in Chimera
Elites: Ogryn
Troops: 3 x Grenadiers
FA: Rough Riders

You could use the VC ghouls as conscripts (although you would need a regular IG platoon in order to get them first) - I do something similar with mutant/zombies - or you could look down the lines of using them as workers rabble from the Siege of Vraks list (altough I'm not 100% sure what else that list restricts you too).

24-12-2008, 03:30
thanks! yet now I have a foolish question, can you only use baneblades in Apocalypse games? thanks!

24-12-2008, 05:05
Generally Baneblades are intended to be used in larger games like Apocalypse scale games, but you and your opponents can of course agree to use whatever you want to in your games.