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23-12-2008, 04:51
a mate of mine just started night goblins and has been getting creamed, I don't know what advice to give so asking u guys

list he used today was:

lvl2 (lots of musrooms for everyone)

4x 20 night goblins with spears
50 night goblins with bows full command
2x 20 night goblins with bows

(he had 9 fanatics spread through them)

3x 10 spiders with full comand

3 trolls

yes its attack of battle for skul pass, hes basically very reliant on magic and his fantics doing the damage, I was using darkelves, between the shades and the happys his fanatic did little, and turn 2 the unit with his level 4 had animosity and wandedered 2 close to my hydra, who charged his unit killing 10 and cataching all 50 of them... its not a good match up for him any way esp considering my lvl 4 on a maticore, and 2 units of COK's

my take is he lacks any real hitting power, funding is an issue squags,chariots and bolt throwers would be my first thought, but are fiscally problematic

first thoughs, are get a goblin warboss for LD8 a bsb with that reroll panic banner, drop the spiders down to 4 of 5 and one of 10 and get somthing hitty?

he is also thinking about getting some orcs and perhaps a wyvern

so um help? whats hitty but not lots of $$$$

23-12-2008, 08:33
maby drop down some of the main units they seem really large so if one went u lose a lot of gobbos maby 2 units of gobbos with bows instead of the one unit of 50

the warboss would be a smart idea as well but thats the best i can say if you can get a full list of what he uses i might be able to suggest more things
but some sorta combat leader (i love combat) more units less size and watch out for elves as they cause fear in gobbos

and depends if hes going for a themed army or just one for fun. if themed the wolf charitots and bolt throwers and trolls would be a good choice as thier usual crewed by gobbos. if not themed probly go for black orks a nice unit of maby 15 maby 20 and a black ork bigboss to lead them and thats one strong core i belive

23-12-2008, 09:01
I'd recommend bumping up the number of gobbo's with spears to at least 25 to 30. My friend plays night goblins (he runs a better horde than most skaven hordes) I think his model counts around 180. I tell you no matter what you have as long as he has the static 5 combat res going into combat it's a tough nut to break. (I think he runs minimum 6 wide, most of his units would be 6 x 5 deep).

If I remember correctly he has 4 spear chuckas, 4 pump wagons, 2 units of 10 squig hoppers, skarsnik, and 2 level 2 mages, along with fanatics, then the rest is spent between spear gobbo's and bow gobbo's.

Not sure if your buddy knows but if you put a unit in front of the unit with the fanatics if someone charges that unit, the fantics come out hit his own unit and stop in front, at which point your charging unit sits on them and takes 2 dice worth of attacks before they even hit combat. if you have more than one fanatic in the unit it can mess up some big uber units.

24-12-2008, 05:36
I don't know if I understood correctly what Scott said, but I think you are wrong.

If someone charges the unit of Gobbos who has Fanatics in them, at 8 inches, the gobbo player "launches" the fanatics. You resolve that immediately (including any damage done by the fanatics if any) (and panic test too if applicable). If the charging unit ends on a fanatic (if because if a fanatic pass through the unit, it goes 1 inches behind the unit), the unit will take 2D6 S5 armor piercing hits instead of 1...for ONE fanatic).

BUT, if a gobbo unit with fanatics not released yet and they charge a unit, if you release fanatic(s) but the fanatics don't go through the unit, the gobbo unit will take the damage from the fanatics..

24-12-2008, 05:44
as long as it goes for you list : If you want to play only gobbos, for the Night Goblins, you have to take spears and AT LEAST 25 models... you have to have A LOT of units of gobbos and a lot of gobbos in the unit ( and 180 models for a gobbo army is not a lot)

Skarsnisk is the best general for goblins (but Gorbad too, since he gives them 10 leadership in a 18 inches range).

Obviously, gobbos lack power so I think N.Goblins on Squigs are really great with their 2 attacks WS 4 and S 5 and if you do things right, they can "explode" just in the opponents face.

I think Chariots and artillery are a must (4 chukkas or even 8, why not...) + doom diver(s)

24-12-2008, 21:56
I'll just clarify what i meant. Say you have a unit of archers in front of a big block of 30 with skarsnik in it. When you go to charge the archers, (the front of their unit is less than 8 inches in front of the front of the unit behind them. so the unit in front (the archers) is 6 inches in front of the front of the unit behind them. When then enemy charges the archers the fanatics from the other unit come thru the unit of archers... (depending on the roll with the size of the archers it shouldn't be hard to get it to land in the unit which pushes it directly in front of the unit. Say you rolled a 4 and hit the back end of the unit. the unit would take the hits and the fanatic would be sitting out front. now for your unit to continue charging that unit you'd have to sit on it and take 2d6 hits for each fanatic that's sitting there. Hope that clarifies what I was trying to say.

24-12-2008, 22:19
Night Goblin lists generally do get creamed, but I've had some successes with them I must admit.

To start, he needs a much better list. Go Chukka heavy or Chariot heavy first of all. Get a Giant also. The character choices he is using are sound, so no problem there.

His main problem is his whole army are just goblin unit, which suck. Three big units of 25 will be enough. Take full Fnaatics and Nets in each.

After that only lots of spiders and good play will help him.

24-12-2008, 23:30
I play against Gobbo lists occasionally

He should run a Hero Night Goblin instead of 1 Sorcerer (just for the Ld)
All his Night Goblins with spears should be 30, 25 is the Min
He NEEDS to split the Night Goblins with bows (50) into 2 units, no need for a command (maybe a musician though in each unit)
I find that small units of Spider Riders perform best. A unit of 5 w/ Musician can do wonders

A unit of Black Orcs will do wonders for him (give them a shield though)
Squig Hoppers will do wonders too
Wolf Chariots are ok, not a fan though
Max on Spear Chukkas, and possibly get a Giant for combat effectiveness

25-12-2008, 00:41
My friend's ever so succesful Skarsnik horde has..

1 Giant
3 common Trolls
10 Squig Hoppers
10 Squig Hoppers
2 Chukkas

4 large blocks of Night Gobs with 1 / 2 / 2 / 1 fanatic each

3 Level 2s

Not sure if he has anything else in there.

Fast Cavalry would definitely help.