View Full Version : Help me build an army with given models

23-12-2008, 14:59
I have the models stated below, and I am playing at a tournament soon. I've painted them all in the same theme and I like how they look. Can you help me build a competitive 2250 pts army with given warriors:


- Vampire with sword, mounted on something which can act as a Zombie Dragon or Abyssal Terror (Fell Beast conversion)
- Vampire on foot with two swords
- Winged Vampire on foot
- Necromancer on foot
- Mounted BSB which could be both Vampire or Wight King (themed Bretonnian BSB)


- 27 Skeletons, full command
- 40 Zombies, some models may act as standard bearers
- 10 Dire Wolves
- Corpse Cart


- 10 Grave Guard, standard
- 10 Fell Bats
- 2 Spirit Hosts
- 9 Black Knights, full command (though these can act as Blood Knights, as I use themed Bretonnian Knights)


- 1 Black Coach
- 1 Varghulf
- 2 Cairn Wraiths + 1 Banshee
- 9 Blood Knights, full command (look above at Black Knights entry)