View Full Version : Do Grave Guard need a Vampire?

Lord Cornilius
23-12-2008, 19:34
Are Grave Guard solid enough to run without a character, or do they need characters to perform. I was considering running a block of 20 by themselves with either Banner of the Barrows or Royal Hatred Standard.

23-12-2008, 22:02
they work better with a character, but they should work on they're own... though they should probably have a wight king.

23-12-2008, 22:58
They are an exellent bunker unit for a lord.

Why wouldnt you put a vampire in them?

And id argue they relly do want a character, they arnt very killy. I also highly reccomend banner of dead legion on them to buff their combat res and help auto-break units.

23-12-2008, 23:20
Like any undead unit they work better with a character however they can work perfectly well on their own. S and T4 is very respectable and with killing blow magical attacks they can kill most things (take great weapons if you really want to) in a straight fight.

They also have a couple of very good banners to choose from and most importantly of all, like all undead now, you can raise them back!

They are easily tough enough to hold out on their own against most foes until you can bring something along to rescue them.

23-12-2008, 23:37
They are devastating irregardless of a character is in their unit or not, at worst they will hold up enemy units for a few turns... like any unit in the game they will perform better with a character, but if you have more grave guard units than vampires or don't want your vampires to be in combat, it won't hurt to field them on their own.

26-12-2008, 10:50
Nope GG no need character to perform, they are strong on their own.

26-12-2008, 21:18
I normaly send them forward on their own, they are a solid unit in general, but I find using the helm of command makes them killing machines.
10 GG VS 15 Bloodletters + Hearlad of Korne

2 GG left standing. :)

27-12-2008, 03:17
you must get super lucky, verchild. the bloodletters have the charge advantage, and are more devastating than you in HtH.

is irregardless even a word?

ANYWAYS, GG are your main bunker unit for your general. wights are your 2nd best killy unit. you could run them however you want, though. if you plan on doing other things with your lord, besides be on foot, then dont do it.

i personally like a big block of GG, with hatred banner, GWs, and backed up by corpse carts to strike first. anyone wishing to come to grips with your general is going to think twice, because he is backed up by some potent fighters, with full rank bonus.

my favorite memory is when the sylvanian list was legal, and i had my unit of 23 GG+ general surrounded on all sides by green skins. black orcs on the right flank, big-uns to the front, and wolf riders to the rear and left flank. first turn i lost combat by 5. during my turn i got off a hellish vigor(old book-vanhels in HtH) and caused all but the black orcs to run away in the next HtH. (i had won by 4). in that combat, my general skewered the orc great shaman, and the game was basically mine after that. my small units of wolves chased off the orcs, while my bat swarm with 2 wounds left chased off the goblins.

ah the nostalgia.

Guy Fawkes
27-12-2008, 08:14
This depends on several things. How is the Vampire equipped? What are the Grave Guard fighting?

If the Grave Guard are fighting on the flank, it won't matter if a Vampire is there or not, for example. A magic-equipped Vampire probably adds a bit of liability to Grave Guard because without armor a Vampire is easy to wound (and Heroes are T4!). A combat-equipped Vampire will likely add to the killing power of Grave Guard however. I find that even magic-equipped Vampires, especially when given a cheap weapon like the Biting Blade (Negates 4+ AS entirely) can handle challenges against unit champions. I challenge the enemy and the Vampire is relatively safe with his decent initiative and attacks. Combat Vampires are happy simply ripping through ranks of soldiers.

A Vampire adds less to the unit when the Grave Guard are busy killing Gnoblars. Against powerfully armed soldiers, like Chaos Warriors, a Vampire absolutely needs good equipment. A T4 or T5 Vampire with minimal armor will simply add to the enemy's combat resolution and give away some victory points. A 400 point Vampire Lord outfitted with the best in bloodline powers and magic equipment will destroy almost everything.

I would say Grave Guard don't need a Vampire as much as Skeletons or Ghouls to face most opponents. However, all units generally benefit from characters, so only on a specific matchup can it be determined if Vampires are truly necessary for Grave Guard to win a combat.