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24-12-2008, 23:38
The daemonic host gathered in the horizon. Dark clouds followed their wake and sick screams of deranged pleasure and insane battle-lust covered
the thunder's roar. Across the field of slaughter, the high elven host stood their ground. There, the approaching thunder played on their armours.
Still, ancient Atlas, the star dragon roared, his terrible roar an answer to the preverse voices coming across the valley.
The thunder seazed. The wind died. For a moment, nor roar neither voice or scream was audible.
When Aramil spoke, his voice was cold, firm and strong.
"The enemy targets more than just our lives. Our souls, our very existence is at stake tonight. Nobody leaves the field tonight.
Nobody retreats. We have no other choise. If we leave, our families and loved ones will pay tomorrow."
The first drops of rain begun to fall. Aramil smiled. His hands trembled. He gripped his sword tighter.
"So..." said the prince. "Nobody flees tonight. It's just rain. It will pass."
The rain begun pouring. The demons advanced.

The armies:
High Elf force 2250 pts

1 Aramil Sair Sianontel (Prince) @ 626 Pts
General; Lance; Longbow
Armour of Caledor [25]
Vambraces of Defence [55]
Talisman of Loec [10]

1 Atlas (Dragon: Star) @ [370] Pts

10 Defenders of the Great Tree (Archers) @ 110 Pts

10 Unicorn's Horn (Archers) @ 110 Pts

5 Dragons of the Winter Sun (Dragon Princes) @ 245 Pts
Barding; Lance; Dragon Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
Banner of Ellyrion [15]

1 Drakemaster @ [20] Pts6 Elf Steed @ [0] Pts

5 Dragons of the Summer Night (Dragon Princes) @ 305 Pts
Barding; Lance; Dragon Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
Banner of Sorcery [50]

1 Drakemaster @ [45] Pts
Skeinsliver [25]

6 Elf Steed @ [0] Pts

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts

2 Crew @ [0] Pts
Light Armour

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower @ 100 Pts

2 Crew @ [0] Pts
Light Armour

1 Halwir Stormseer (Mage) @ 170 Pts
Magic Level 2
Jewel of the Dusk [15]
Power Stone [20]

5 Darkstalkers (Shadow Warriors) @ 80 Pts
Longbow; Light Armour

1 O-rtyki (Great Eagles) @ 50 Pts

1 Lareth Meliamni (Mage) @ 201 Pts
Magic Level 2
Silver Wand [10]
Dispel Scroll [20]
Dispel Scroll [20]

1 Elf Steed: Barded @ [0] Pts

the demons

1 Keeper of Secrets @ 670 Pts
General; Magic Level 4; Lore of Slaanesh
Daemonic Robes [25]
Etherblade [50]
Siren Song [25]

1 Herald of Khorne @ 300 Pts
Battle Standard
Great Icon of Despair [75]
Etherblade [50]

1 Juggernaut @ [0] Pts

1 Herald of Khorne @ 100 Pts

4 Flamers of Tzeench @ 140 Pts

1 Beasts of Nurgle @ 100 Pts

9 Bloodletters of Khorne @ 138 Pts

1 Bloodreaper @ [12] Pts

9 Bloodletters of Khorne @ 138 Pts

1 Bloodreaper @ [12] Pts

9 Bloodletters of Khorne @ 138 Pts

1 Bloodreaper @ [12] Pts

5 Screamers of Tzeentch @ 150 Pts

7 Chaos Furies @ 84 Pts

Casting Pool: 6

Dispel Pool: 4

Models in Army: 50

Total Army Cost: 1958

don't remember the items of the other herald :) sorry:)

The setting
We play 2250 pts each etc rules, we have one forest and one hill each and there's a swamp in the middle.
I deploy two units of archers one in forest the other on hill. To the centre of my army are the 15 spearelfs.
To their left and right 2 6s of dragon princes. behind them the dragon. Between each unit of DPs and my spears is one Ballista.
SW deploy behind his hill. Eagle left of the forest.
He deploys, 3 units of bloodletters in the middle of the field the central raw, the other two with one herald each. Screamers and furies
behind forest, flamers behind one unit of bloodletters. His lord in the middle of all opposite of my dragon.

Round 1 Demons.
All demons march, herald of juggernaut leaves unit and his lord moves a full 20 inches. screamers and furies come forth threatening my hill archers.
In magic tries to cast 3d of lore of slaneesh and some else, i use one scroll and all my dice. I pass unharmed through it. In shooting phase flamers
roast my shadow warriors.
end of 1st round of demons.

Round 1 High Elves.
I pass terror tests for spear, and two balistas. My lord and dragon declare charge on herald on Juggernaut.
In movement all armie goes back, and my wizard on barbed horse leaves the dragon prince unit. In magic phase (both my wizards have 1-6, and 1-4-6 of light)
I have one extra dice due to banner, so i try to cast 1 and 6 on both. Long story short, with dispel attempts included i manage to pass 1 wound on Keeper of Secrets
Herald on Jug is killed completely leaving my dragon stranded for something to fight.
In shooting, archers shoot bloodletter in front of dragon taking 3 down..i think one or 2 had already died by light spell.
Archers on hill prove their worth and take out all the screamers!
Ballistas shoot greater demon not doing anything as he keeps passing most of his ward saves.

Round 2 demons
2 units of bloodletters charge dragon. one makes it the other has a failed charge. Furies charge archers on hill. Greater demon charges dragon princes on the left.
IN magic face his lord tries to cast but i waste another scroll and my four dice. In shooting flamers kill my great eagle, and that's about it.
In HtH my lord kills three bloodletters and i think the dragon 2...ward saves and all. I have already used the talisman of LOec so my lord suffers one wound. His unit wiped out
after instability. His lord kills four dragon princes and the rest flee out of the field, he chases but don't catches so remains in. Archers stand and shoot and kill 3 furies. The rest killed in HtH.

Round 2 High Elves
I order Dragon Princes to charge but they lose the fear check and stay where they are, i curse profoundly. In movement Lord on Dragon flies across the board to the other unit
of bloodletters the one with the other herald. Spears stay while the wizard on foot leaves the unit and turn to face the Demon but not be faced by him. The same is true for the other wizard as well.
Archers go deeper in the forest.
In magic phase and though once more i take 1 dice from my 50pts banner, my wizards rule reducing the greater demon to 2 wounds. Balistas shoot him too but do nothing if i remember correctly. Archers on hill
shoot bloodletters 2 or 3 and i think a ballista hits them too. Maybe 4 down. Atlas incinerates them in dragon fire, killin the entire second rank.

Round 3 Demons
Bloodletters with Herald charge dragon princes and also beast of nurgle. We pass fear check and stay, flamers come forth.
In magic, his lord turns around and kills my wizard with a spell. In HtH he loses combat by one (but as I write these lines I can't really figure out how-it should be more)
and rolls a 11 for instabillity losing the entire unit and the herald and the beast suffers a wound.

Round 3 High Elves
Lord on dragon charges unit of 10 blood letters in middle of field. in magic and shooting my wizards and ballistas finish off his greater demon. beast kills one dragon prince but then is destroyed bec loses combat and fades.

Afterwards the whole army spends the next two rounds hunting and killing flamers one by one as he has an annoying capability of rolling great ward saves. He keeps pestering me though wounding my lord and dragon before the troublesome
imps die, unable of course to destroy the great beast.

Game result : Great Victory for the High Elves!
Aramil stood over the battlefield on Atlas's back. Battle coursed in a little red stream from his forehead painting his golden hair crimson. He barely could lift his sword, his ears buzzed from the magical pounding he had received until
they killed even the last abomination of chaos. "Tend to the wounded!" he heard himself shout. Halwir had been struck but he would make it. He surveyed the battlefield. A cruel smile formed in his beautiful face. "Victory!" the prince shouted,
and raising for the newborn sun to shine on them the army reterned the salute.

Well, that was about it, i hope you liked it, it's my first battle report, so please don't be too harsh, my opponent is a friend, with whom we've played a lot of battles.
Tell me what you think ok?
Thanks and merry christmass!!!

27-12-2008, 20:14
Thanks for the report and welcome to these parts of the Warseer forums.

It's nice to see the Elves win one over the dreaded Daemons! (especially from a fellow greek)

Some pointers for future reports (which I hope we'll see soon):

-Close-fought battles are better material for battle reports than utter massacres. Since writing a battle report takes time, you're better off reporting a match that'll be interesting to read.

-Pictures can augment the quality of your reports, even if they're out of focus or from your mobile. If for some reason pics are out of the question, then maps are the way to go. If you look at my recent battle report, you'll find the link for the program I use. It's easy and fast.

-I liked the inclusion of a bit of fluff in the beginning and end of the report. Hopefully, we'll be reading more of Lord Aramil!

Hope you have a nice holiday!


28-12-2008, 00:13
Thanks a lot for your comments! At last someone who found the time to read my amateur battle report! I'll try to keep your advices to mind! Thanks, and maybe we can arrange a game sometime!

29-12-2008, 17:13
always nice to see high elves win and demons lose.instead of banner of ellyrion try the lion banner.as demons and undead spam fear tests so try to use items like the gem of courage and that to minimise failures.i've lost many times when my swordmasters and white lions refuse to charge.I enjoyed the report and hope there are more to follow :)

29-12-2008, 19:55
Thank you friend! This time everyone passed their ld tests just fine...maybe it was the watchful eye of my lord on them ;) And yes you're right on this battle the ellyrion banner wasn't so needed, yet i try to make all-around lists...most of the times....
Thank you for your comments except more and better battle reports as this was just my first one!

29-12-2008, 20:03
Any report that has the deamons being smashed is a good one ;)

It can be REALLY frustrating when your opponent keeps making their ward saves, but it'll be great next time when he fails them all (man, that would be an even bigger slaughter...).

Keep up the reports and don't worry if people don't respond, not many people have much time during the holidays.

30-12-2008, 08:14
Hehe, demons and bad guys are one of my fav enemies...Thnks for all your answers, i downloaded the battle report builder so the next will be much better..I have a problem with pics however since my opponent gets angry whenever i take pics during a fight in which he loses :D;)
Anyway next will be better!!