View Full Version : 2250 HE competetive list

25-12-2008, 04:54
475 Teclis
185 Mage, level 2, ring of fury, silver wand
206 Noble, bsb, battle banner, dragon armor, shield, great weapon

248 (22) spearmen, CSM, war banner
205 (20) Spearmen, CSM

240 (5) Dragon Princes, CSM, skiensliver, banner of ellyrion
245 (11) Swordmasters, CSM, banner of sorcery
075 (5) White Lions
170 (2) Tiranoc Chariots

200 (2) Repeater Bolt Thrower

Total: 2249

Models: 78
PD: 10-14
DD: 6-8
Deployment: 8

Record: W-2, D-0, L-0

It may be limited in shooting, but the chariots can assist the spearmen and other units. magic will be strong and the ward saves (lvl1 spell) will help protect me most of the time. i realize im missing either fast cavalry or scouts or eagles for maneuvering tactics, but i have done well with this list so far. let me know what you think.

Desert Rain
25-12-2008, 10:38
I guess that CSM means champion, standard bearer and musician right?

If that's the case do you really need it on the SM? I think that unit is a bit to fragile to carry such an important item.

And do just 5 WL do any good?

26-12-2008, 13:19
i think two units of seven might be better with the WL and SM.hide the WL in a wood for flank charges