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25-12-2008, 17:31
How does this really work?

Do need to roll to hit, or is this work as a "non-magical-MM"? in the shootingphase?

25-12-2008, 17:52
'If it is within 12" that unit takes 2d6 s1 hits'

Pretty much that, choose a unit if they're within 12" you roll 2d6 and they take that many automatic hits... You need to roll to wound of course.. hense the s1!

my mate killed a fleshound the other day with it :(
not as bad as my other mate, where he killed Mannfred! in his VC army lol

25-12-2008, 18:03
is it even that good? i might think about taking it with my tzeentch Sorc lord if it is worth the 20 points.

2D6 hits=good

25-12-2008, 18:18
Yea but you dont get an armour save!

You'll be killin pretty much everything dead on a 6, which you get 26d worth of hits!
sure someone can do the math? i'v had too much xmas wine.

25-12-2008, 18:21
so i can do 1 wound to a T3/4 model a turn? no thanks.
S1 cant wound T5. and you should average 7 hits a turn, and one roll of a "6" on 7 hits.

20 points is kinda cheap though.

25-12-2008, 18:42
I was just confused by the tyrping of it. Was considering to give it to my disc mage, for more killing power, and because - as you say. its cheap.

Reminds me of "Staff of ravening" 3d6 str 2 hits w/ as. I had pretty good experience with that one.

25-12-2008, 18:51
Vampire Frenzy-knights are T4 I believe; one casualty is a good return on your investment. Most, if not all, basic infantry and cavalry will perish on a '6' to wound even with S1.

25-12-2008, 19:20
Sounds potentially useful to put some hurt at Skink skirmishers - at T2 they would be wounded on 5+.

25-12-2008, 19:27
Better to hit the armoured stuff. It's a neat gift for a disc rider especially...giving you the chaos version of the elves on great eagles with bow. I think that ability will almost always pay itself off if you use it well.

25-12-2008, 20:49
so i can do 1 wound to a T3/4 model a turn? no thanks.
S1 cant wound T5. and you should average 7 hits a turn, and one roll of a "6" on 7 hits.

20 points is kinda cheap though.

yea as others have said, its a great knight killer... Plus the one time you get lucky your opponent is gonna cry, imagine getting 3 6's and his 300+ knight unit gets crippled to you shouting at him lol.

25-12-2008, 21:47
my disc rider is already 450ish points. i guess i can take off some marauders to get the points for this upgrade. and yes, i do like the staff of 2d6 hits.

i used it recently, because i played magic-heavy version of WoC and it worked stellar. the game was a draw(because of some rediculous goblin doom diver guesses), but my 450 point sorc lord went to town and killed easily 700pts worth of stuff, AND march blocked grimgor-death-unit.

26-12-2008, 14:53
Does anyone have any real experience with it, or have you just have wet dreams of 12 6's on knight units?

Im worried about the range of them, pretty short IMO. Fair range, but short. What you experiences of it?

26-12-2008, 15:03
I have used it extensively and it is always worth the points. Things I remember killing with it would be a RBT crew, 3x Wild Riders, Irongut. If coupled with a Nurgle Sorcerer using Curse of the Leaper it can be very effective.

26-12-2008, 15:08
you just have went dreams

The grammatically correct version would be "you just have _gone_ dreams". :evilgrin:

More seriously, why not just going out and trying it out yourself, to see how it works in the tabletop?

The worst that can happen is that your opponent will be able to run amok all through your uneffective army, and thus will bring horrible shame to you and your ancestors. Which is pretty and tolerable OK as long as you are not a dwarf (in which case you would better have your shaving equipment around).

26-12-2008, 20:16
I've had it used against me, it took about 4 wounds off my ogre ironguts over the game.

26-12-2008, 21:05
The grammatically correct version would be "you just have _gone_ dreams". :evilgrin:

He meant to say wet dreams.

28-12-2008, 00:43
I use it all the time. Its totally worth it for a flying or mounted character. My Daemon Prince runs up to warmachines, hits them with magic and then this and consistently destroys them, same with archers or skirmishers. Cheers.

28-12-2008, 01:18
i love the idea of it, but it competes with my desire to keep heros cheap.

edit: doesnt mean i wouldnt use this gem.

28-12-2008, 04:54
I think it's one of the better gifts in the book. That's like saying it's the prettiest **** you've ever seen though so... :rolleyes:

Personally, I feel much the same as Godgolden, and prefer to keep my already ridiculous characters under control in the point department and so rarely take gifts.

28-12-2008, 15:19
Are you guys saying about using it on warmachines actually bothering to randomise the hits, or are you just making it up as you go along? Because even if you get 12 hits, then you randomise 2/3 of the hits onto the warmachine, which can't be hurt, leaving you with 4 hits- so one dead crew member if you're lucky (after already being exceptionally lucky). If you're consistently wiping out warmachine crew with this, you're either playing it wrong, or so lucky that any tactical advice you can give is worthless to the common player ;)

I have used it a bit, it's always so exciting. "Eleven hits on your Knights, yeah, 6s to kill!!! 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5...crap" I did kill a single Crossbowman with it yesterday. I like having it.

More questions though:
1) Can it be used after failing a charge, or after marching?
2) Stand and scream?

28-12-2008, 16:52
1) Yes - nothing prevents it - unlike Shooting attacks - to be used after failing a charge or after marching.
2) No - unless FAQ'd that its possible

28-12-2008, 17:15
Good- I've been playing it right (Well, haven't used it after a failed charge, but after marching, sure). Cheers, just what I thought :)

28-12-2008, 21:27
Why is it allowed after a failed charge, but not as an S&S reaction?
It is resolved as a shooting attack that hits automatically.

How do you conclude that all other shooting restrictions are ignored?

28-12-2008, 22:23
Well... At least in the German WoC book Bloodcurdling Roar is definitely NOT a shooting attack. It's an effect that occurs in the shooting phase (which doesn't turn it into shooting ruleswise). So S&S is not possible.
But as it's no shooting attack nothing prevents you from using it after a failed charge.

28-12-2008, 23:04
In the shooting phase, pick an unengaged enemy unit within line of sight.
So if in combat and not a large target or their target isnt a large target(or on a hill) they cant use it.

If that unit is in range, the take the damage.
It's not usable as a stand and shoot although you can RAW it to do so.
It's usable after marching as it's not specifically a shooting attack, merely one that happens in the shooting phase...no doubt an FAQ will say its a shooting attack and stop it from being used in that manner.

In HIS shooting phase he gets to use it.
Stand and shoot is "effectively" HIS shooting phase as it is treated like a shooting phase.

Although I dont believe this is at all intended and would not allow it.

29-12-2008, 09:57
[QUOTE=theunwantedbeing;3164942]Stand and shoot is "effectively" HIS shooting phase as it is treated like a shooting phase.[QUOTE]

That might be strecthing it a bit - Guess none would ever interpret things this RAW.

29-12-2008, 11:40
Stand and shoot is "effectively" HIS shooting phase as it is treated like a shooting phase.

I was under the impression that the HE FAQ regarding the Reaver Bow shows this not to be the case.

29-12-2008, 14:15
Indeed, Reaver Bow: "In the shooting phase, shoots 3 S5 arrows"
FAQ: "May not be used to stand & shoot as it is not the shooting phase"

30-12-2008, 01:07
Thanks! Was always wondering this with the new Codex..

Da Black Gobbo
30-12-2008, 01:25
As is a "shooting phase effect" can i use it against that unit the bearer is fighting in CC??

30-12-2008, 01:44
Book says he may target 'unengaged enemy unit'. So no, you can't target the unit the character with the Roar is fighting.