View Full Version : 3000pt Daemon army, is it ok?

25-12-2008, 17:45
Hi, thanks to all you guys for the feedback on my 2k list, here is what I have been mulling over for the 3k version... anygood?

Skulltaker goes with the crushers. Got nice block of infantry with the plauge bearers an horrors. Everything else kinda goes on the flanks and hopefully rips stuff up in the flanks when they get bogged down trying to kill the plauge bearers and horrors. Flamers hopefully scout ahead a bit and destroy any enemy fast cav flankers.

Put some nurglings in there for some possible march blocking/annoyance.

Skulltaker 200
Hellblade, Cloak of Skulls, Juggernaut

The Blue Scribes 81
Energy Syphon, Scrolls of Sorcery

Herald of Tzeentch Spellbinder the unseen 165
Level 2, Spell Breaker, Master of Sorcery

Herald of Nurgle Poxius the thrice shamed 240
Noxious Vapours, Palanquin, Level 1

Herald of Nurgle Rot Bringer 240
Battle Standard, Staff of Nurgle, Palanquin

16 Plague Bearers 247
Full Cmd, Standard of Sleeping Decay

16 Plague Bearers 247
Full Cmd, Standard of Sleeping Decay

22 Horrors 264

12 Bloodletters 144

6 Flamers of Tzeentch 210

6 Flamers of Tzeentch 210

3 Bloodcrushers 235
Icon of Endless War

5 Flesh Hounds 175

5 Flesh Hounds 175

5 Nurglings 175

26-12-2008, 13:16
no greater demons?I know what i hate and it is a slaneeshi greater demon ...... especially siren song or allure.....they play havoc with low leadership armies

26-12-2008, 14:14
Yea a couple of people have mentioned that actually....
Hmmm I just cant help thinking a GD is such a huge investment of points! like 500+ pts I can get 12 flamers or that big unit of crushers with skulltaker...

Are they really gonna be of more use than those 500+ pts ploughed into meat an potatoe units?