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26-12-2008, 12:02
Hi. What do you think about a lord on a dragon? I have used one only twice (2k and 2250 pts), each time against my orc player friend. I found him kill a gigant in one turn and beat a warboss on a wyvern, despite being taken from behind ;) I had given him:

- red fury (wounds inflickted generate additional attacks)
- infinite hatred (re-roll all misses), dragon can also re-roll hits
- walking death (+1 CR)
- 2+ AS
- 4+ WS with stupidity
- cursed book (one use only, opponent's ws reduced to 1 for one turn)
- sword of might

4+ WS is a tempting option, although I must admit that rolling stupidity test each turn almost gave me a heart attack, even with ld 10, I had not passed the test twice I think, but fortunately without severe consequences ;)
As I recall I replaced 4+ WS with a 3+ on all shooting WS in the second battle. What is your experiance with a zombie dragon mounted vampire lord? Is he worth the points?

Guy Fawkes
27-12-2008, 08:43
I don't find the Lord on a Zombie Dragon ever worth the points.

It's 700+ points I believe, so you have to do an awful lot of killing to earn those points back, but the bigger problem is that it is 700+ points in a Vampire Counts army, which already has problems with lots of really expensive characters. The army needs characters to march, cast spells, and give a chance of winning a combat to the core infantry units. Putting your lord and general (at 2k) on a Dragon has several nasty drawbacks.

First, you are almost guaranteed to leave the 12 inch march-range of the army general. This will slow down your army (unless you buy a plethora of Vampires, all of which are expensive). Second, your lord will be the target of the century. If the Lord dies, you are almost certainly going to lose the game, since he is worth so many points (he will cause your army to crumble and is your army general as well as a really expensive character). Finally, he sucks so many points from the rest of your army you are really building an army around him. Even as a super-character, he might not win combats (he will generally be facing 3 ranks, outnumber, and standard, so he has to cause 6 wounds, which can be very hard, even for a souped up character) and if he loses he will crumble. An unlucky cannonball can unmount him (the Dragon has terrible armor) and then he is as good as dead. Tarpits can lock him up for the whole game. Plus, your magic and combat potential with the rest of your army is crippled. Good luck seizing objectives with so little meat to your army. Good luck surviving withering hails of firepower without raising. Good luck getting charges without Van Hel's. And if you do still buy max characters, good luck getting anything else into your army.

Your Lord is uber-killy, that is certain. But how much tactical flexibility does he add to your army? He might completely decimate 2 or 3 units during the game, but the rest of your army will suffer. He might be unbeatable in combat, but is still easy to at least bring down to half-strength with shooting. He can be avoiding by tightly packing units together and will certainly be stuck in combat the whole game fighting cheap units with a "banner of stubbornness" or whatever if you aren't extremely careful with him. Plus, he completely changes the nature of your army. Have fun with him, if you like him (I still use an Abyssal Terror Lord for fun games), but he is far from a competitive choice.

27-12-2008, 09:51
They can be very good. Once in combat, the dragon is just as good and often even better than other dragons (excepting the Star), because -1 to hit makes up for lack of toughness. Have you tried it with Blood Drinker? The dragon is incredibly easy to hurt with ranged attacks, so it can be nice to charge a suitably puny unit and heal it with the sword.

I used to use one a lot, but have taken a break from it ever since my brothers Tzeentch Daemons killed it in the first turn of the battle with their first spell in the Lore. "D6+1 Strength? Pah! You'll never get high enough to do much damage. Oh."

Suffice to say, 7 Strength 7 hits can kill a zombie dragon quite quickly.