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26-12-2008, 20:24
The game started as a legendary battle but the majority of players dropped out after the first two turns. I have left those units out of the report since they did not accomplish anything else than dying. The report focuses on the units that acually fought the entire game.

WE list
Lord mounted on dragon, Bow of Loren, arcane bodkins
Hero, HoD arrow
Spellsinger, lvl 2 wizard, 2 dispel scrolls
12 dryads
2x12 glade guard, full command
8 glade riders, full command

Chaos warriors (with guests)
Harry the hammer (as general)
3 x 12 chaos warriors, frenzy, magic banner in each unit (one gave 4+ ward the other two never got used)
30 chaos marauders
Chaos spawn x 2
Lvl 3 mage book of secrets (+1 magic lvl), chaos armour
Lvl 3 mage, chaos armour
Lvl 4 vampire counts mage with full gear, special character vlad

Set up
Three objectives, a group of houses in the left center of the board, a monument in the center and a hill at the right center. WE set up in the middle and chaos were split between two smaller deployment zones in the right and left corner.
Chaos set up first. Vlad and the 2 spawns set up in the left deployment zone and the remaining units in the right zone. Wizards set up as independent characters and did not join any units.

The dragon set up in the left flank followed by the Dryads in left part of the deployment zone in a small wood, treeman next to them and thereafter 12 glade guards, followed by glade riders and another 12 glade guards. The spellsinger set up behind the first 12 glade guards.

Chaos turn 1
Chaos got the first turn and moved everything forward, Each wizard tried to cast high level spells (rotten something, a spell that causes 3D6 hits at strength 2D6 and winds of undeath) two failed and WE used a scroll on the third one. A low level spell from Vlad did something not important.

WE turn 1
Dragon moves behind the glade guards, glade riders moves forward to march block and bait one unit of warriors. Everything fires at one of the other warrior units (around 40 arrows including 4 that ignores armour saves). Hail of doom results in 4 arrows but the unit is reduced to 4 models anyway.
Magic is easily dispelled and WE would not be able to get any spells through during the rest of the game either.

Chaos turn 2
Everything moves forward, one unit of warriors charges the glade riders that flees. Vlad moves forward on the left flank and the spawns moves against the dryads. Warriors and Marauders moves against the WE main line. Magic does nothing since the mages again tried to cast high levels spells and rolls poorly or are dispelled.

WE turn 2
Glade riders rally and moves forward again to bait and march block a unit of chaos warriors on the right flank and manage to kill one model by shooting. Everything else fires at the remaining chaos unit but rolls poorly and only kill two models. Treeman moves forward slightly to be able to get a flank charge later on if the spawns continue to move forward agains the dryads.

Chaos turn 3
Chaos warrior charges glade riders that flee. Spawns moves forward into charging range of the dryads, vlad continues forward on the left flank, the intact warrior unit moves forward to within charging range of the glade guard containing the hero, the warrior unit with 4 models takes position at the hill (objective 3). WE uses the last scroll and magic does nothing.

WE turn 3
Glade riders rally and moves into position to continue baiting the unit of warriors. They kill one model by shooting. Dryads charges right spawn, treeman flank charges the same spawn, dice are really messed up and the combined charge causes 1 wound. The spawn attacked dryads and killed one model. Everything shoots at the warrior unit still in the center of the board again failing the dice roll and only 2 models die despite 29 shots including those ignoring armour saves.

Chaos turn 4
Warrios charge glade riders on the right flank and the riders flee. The riders and the chaos warriors are now behind WE lines.
Warrios in the center charges glade guards with the hero, glade guards flee due to that the charge distance was too short for stand and shoot
Non engaged spawn attacks the dryads in the left flank, combat sees three dryads die and no wounds on spawns. Chaos magic has a good turn, wind of undeath succeeds and inflicts one wound on the treeman and kills the WE mage, other spells kills 9 glade guards in the unit with the hero. Guards hold their line despite losses. Things are starting to look bad for WE.

WE turn 4
All units rally, glade riders moves into position for continuing to bait the chaos warriors but fails to kill anyone. WE feels lucky that no units except for the glade riders are within charging range of the warriors. Dryads and treeman fails to do any wounds on the spawns. The lord is now tired of chaos mages and the dragon charges and kills the mage with the book of secrets.

Chaos turn 5
Everything moves forward, chaos warriors charges the glade riders behind the WE lines. Riders flee as usual. Magic failed to do anything due to poor dice rolls and attempts on high level spells.
Finally the treeman remembers how to hit things and one spawn dies. Spawn kills one dryad in return. As it turns out this was the deciding moment in the game from now on everything went the way WE wanted.

WE turn 5
Glade riders rally and moves into position to bait the warriors again. They kill one model by shooting. Dragon charges and kills the remaining chaos mage, Glade guard shooting almost wipes out the unit of warriors that is not busy chasing glade riders. Only the general is left alive. Dryads kill the remaining spawn.

Chaos turn 6
Vlad marches forward and fails to cast winds of undeath. Warriors charges the glade riders that flee. The group of houses is now empty and chaos holds the other two objectives.

WE turn 6
Dryads moves into the group of houses, dragon charges and kills the 4 remaining chaos warriors holding the hill. Glade riders rally and moves to claim the monument. Shooting reduces the chaos general to one wound

Summary: It started as a classical game with chaos moving forward to get within melee range and WE shooting them. When chaos succeeded with a few high levels spells things were looking bad for WE and then the game turned.
Frenzy is a real problem against mobile forces such as WE and one of the chaos warrior units spent the entire game chasing 8 glade riders around the board. Both sides had problems with dice rolling. WE shooting as well as the treeman could have done a lot more damage and chaos magic was also mostly unsuccessful. The chaos player could have increased his odds of succeeding with magic by using some more simple spells that would have been easier to cast but he wanted to use the big ones and payed the price first for trying to cast high level spells and then for not protecting his mages inside units.

26-12-2008, 22:05
This is hardly balanced the way it is presented. You should write it exactly how it was played no matter how insignificant units might have been.

26-12-2008, 22:47
The units not mentioned were two empire units that charged a chaos warrior unit in the front and got wiped out on turn two without causing any wounds. A unit of dwarf warriors that never moved and left at turn two (WE side) and a unit of ogres (chaos side)that also never moved and left at turn two.