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27-12-2008, 06:19
Hi all, im fairly new to fantasy and have been thinking of many new lists to get me into the game and I think ive found one that looks sound, so im after feedback on how it would fair in say competitive play, its got a Chrace theme cause i love the Lion chariots and the rules/story behind the White Lions so here is the list:

Lords & Heroes: 503pts
Lv 4 Archmage - 350pts
Ring of Fury, Silver Wand, 2x Dispell Scrolls.

Battle Standard Bearer - 153pts
Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Gem of Courage.

Core: 362pts
12 Sea Guard - 181pts
Full Command, Shields.

12 Sea Guard - 181pts
Full Command, Shields.

Special: 835pts
14 White Lions - 290pts
Full Command, Banner of Sorcery.

14 White Lions - 265pts
Full Command, Lion Standard.

Lion Chariot - 140pts
Lion Chariot - 140pts

Rare: 300pts
Bolt Thrower - 100pts
Bolt Thrower - 100pts

Great Eagle - 50pts
Great Eagle - 50pts

2000pts exactly.

I think it looks fairly solid, but thats only off the few practice games ive had with friends using substitute models, so im wondering if this list is worthwhile or junk, i also wouldnt mind using it in Casual games too, so im wondering is it competitive, but not packed out with cheese, i dont know all the top tier armies just yet so any advice is greatly appreciated ;)

31-12-2008, 01:13
No comments... :eyebrows:

31-12-2008, 01:33
looks fine, not a huge white lion fan myself but can see it workin

John Wayne II
31-12-2008, 01:53
Why have you included Sea Guard? I hate Seaguard. You pay four points over Spearmen (if you count the shield upgrade, and you have to give them shields really) for a freaking bow. It's not even a Longbow, it's just a bow. Four extra points per model for a bow. Think about it.

Otherwise, it's a solid looking list. Although in my humble opinion Chariots are an all-or-nothing affair due to that stupid "auto desotry when hit by a S7+ wound" rule, which means that you one chariot will be easy victory points for any opponent with decent artillery or anything killy like Dragon Ogres or scary character choices.

31-12-2008, 05:25
Overall not bad. My Suggestions:

* Replace seaguard with spearmen
* Take extra points, add more white lions
* Take out one eagle, add more spearmen/lions

The idea is that you want at least 16+ spearmen and 18-21 white lions. Against any kind of ranged attacks, your smaller blocks will fall like wheat before a scythe.

Everything else looks good. I would expand upon what you have written to be 2250.

31-12-2008, 08:25
Disagreed on the LSG, I like the list but I'll give you my thoughts.

Line by line critique:

Archmage is fine and powerful. 5 Spells and a bound spell with two scrolls, truly cool. Especially with the Banner of Sorcery.

BSB... hmmm Gem of Courage? It's a good idea but I'd rather give him a Ward Save, the 2+ AS is good but I just feel safer with a 5+ Ward from the Guardian Phoenix.

The LSG are FINE units. However I'd do this: drop all command options, drop them to 10, keep the Shields. That should free up 102 points all told, 92 if you want to swap the Gem of Courage for the Guardian Phoenix.

92 is enough for a unit of Ellyrian Reavers. You have your two Great Eagles, two Chariots but nothing with fast ground movement or of course the same capabilities as Fast Cav. Alternative: Shadow Warriors (no command) gives you more shooting and some flexibility.

I think the list is fine as it is but a unit of Fast Cav and trimming the overstuffed LSG could make it solid. The alternative to a Reaver unit is to add more WLs. Do not get rid of a Great Eagle.

That said: LSG in 10s are best used as flank guards or min choices for Star Dragon lists. Swapping one 181-point LSG unit our for 20 Spearmen is a fairly decent bargain--a place to put the BSB too, sandwiched by two Stubborn WLs. You can then use the freed points from dropping the remaining LSG to 10 w/ Shields to add more WLs. And maybe give the Spear unit full command and a banner too.

05-01-2009, 16:23
I would replace the archmage for teclis 15 points less, 6 spells to choose, the magic uselly works more since any double except 1 and 1 the spell cannot be dispeled, and you have an extra 1d3 in both fases, and ignore the efect of first miscast.

Just an ideia.

Another ideia i can gave to you is, use BSB, a stuborn troop with bsb very hard to break

06-01-2009, 05:22
Teclis is 475.

Archmage here is 350.