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27-12-2008, 12:26
Hello, I'm posting this list and hope for some feedback! Tried to make a balanced but competitive list! Thanks!

Lilith (330pts)
[Supreme Sorceress; General; Lvl 4; Ring of Darkness; Tome of Furion; Null Talisman]

She goes with the black guard. The ring of Darkness makes sure they reach the enemy lines in good number. 5 Spells to deal death and a Null Talisman for magical protection against the Guard.

Flavia (197pts)
[Sorceress; Lvl 2; Darkstar Cloak; Dispel Scroll; Dark Steed]

Caddy with a sinister twist, to pump some more magic.

Core Troops:
The Phantom (171pts)
[Assassin; Additional Hand Weapon; Rune of Khaine; Touch of Death; Cloak of Twilight]

Character Killer, also good for RnF killing, hidden in the unit of Warriors. Uses the Cloak to ShadowSteed the Lord out of combat once they reach the enemy lines.

Wall of Spears (155pts)
[20 Warriors; Shields; Full Command]

The Dark Riders (92pts)
[5 Dark Riders; Musician]

The Dark Riders (117pts)
[5 Dark Riders; Rep. Xbows; Musician]

Harpies (55pts)
[5 Harpies]

Harpies (55pts)
[5 Harpies]

The Black Guard (265pts)
[15 Black Guard; Full Command; Standard of Hag Graef]

The Iron Warriors (202pts)
[6 CoKs; Full Command]

Cold One Chariot (100pts)

The Shades (136pts)
[8 Shades; Rep. Xbow; Additional HW]

Manreapers (200pts)
[2 RBTís]

Kythixx the Ancient (175pts)
[War Hydra]

Total: 2250pts | 80 models | Power/Dispel die: 9/5

27-12-2008, 12:43
level 4 in the black guard does not seem like such a good idea to me, I can see what ur trying to do with protecting the unit, but you would be better off droping the assiasin and getting a master bsb in the unit to do the same job

level 4 in spears with dagger is popular for a reason