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27-12-2008, 15:46
I'm starting a 2000 point WoC army and am being very indecisive about what to put in it. So far I have 15 Chaos Warrior models, 10 hounds, 5 Knights and 2 Spawn. This is the army list I have created thus far:

15 Chaos Warriors with halberds, shields and full command: 285
16 Marauders with light armour, shields, MoS and full command: 126
5 Marauder Horsemen with shields, MoS, musician: 86
10 Hounds: 60
15 Chosen with halberds, shields, command and the champion has Favour of the Gods: 355
5 Chaos Knights: musician and standard: 230
2 Chaos Spawn: 110

1252 in total

Beyond this, I have no idea what to include. If people could give me some advice on what to include and the existing army it would be greatly appreciated. I really have no interest in casting magic at all, it just doesn't suit my style of play. I really don't like the Hellcannon, Trolls, Ogres or Forsaken and am undecided on the Warshrine. I would like to include something big and cool looking like a Giant, Shaggoth or Deamon Prince, but apparently no-one likes any of the above for reasons unknown to me.

The main plan with army is to use the hounds to screen the warriors and chosen while the marauder horsemen screen and hopefully assist the Chaos Knights. The Spawn will be used to guard the opposite the flank from the knights.

Please use abbreviations sparingly as I don't frequent the site often and am not 100% about all of the abbreviations.

27-12-2008, 16:13
For a general i would reccomend an exalted on a juggernaut.
I'd try to give your knights mark of Nurgle and Banner of Rage.

I'd also suggest some more blocks of marauders.

And if you want to inculed something big go for a giant with mark of slannesh.
Always strike first yell and bawl ftw.

27-12-2008, 16:51
Not really keen on the Banner of Rage purely because Frenzy has worked against me too many times in the past. Mark of Nurgle on the Knights is an interesting idea.

I really like the Juggernaut with Lord model and would love an excuse to include it :)

dread lord
27-12-2008, 17:08
how about a lord on a dragon and a few more Thenzh guys on disks

you have picked a pretty slow army and the mobility form the heros will help alot.

ps. i love my giant (even if he dose nothing he keeps my othere units from beeing shoot at for a turn or two)


oh and the olrd on the juger has to be frenzyed too ;)

27-12-2008, 17:42
You should up your Marauders to 25/30 with that gear for a solid rank and file block. Otherwise, a small unit is best equipped with flails in wide to deliver maximum damage.

My suggestions would be a chariot (or 2) and you're lacking characters. Anything mounted is generaly job done for WoC.

28-12-2008, 10:07
That' just it, I don't know what characters to have in the army. One character with Frenzy I can handle and maybe 1 block unit. I was going to go for a Deamon Prince and an Exalted on Juggernaut but the more I look at the Deamon Prince the less convinced I become.

With the Marauders, I think I will actually do the small frontage with Flails purely because the Marauders were going to stay an inch or so behind the Warrior line so that they can't be charged and then help the warriors when they charge.

I decided against the Chosen after all because 355 points for a unit of Warriors with +1 WS and a potentially useless gift from the EotG table (Fear, MR 3 or +1 Ld) seems a bit much really. The 54 to build the unit as well wasn't very inviting either. Going to drop the Marauder Horsemen in favour of another hound unit.

So let's see:

Exhalted Hero: MoK, Juggernaut, Chaos Runesword, shield: 230
15 Chaos Warriors with halberds, shields and full command: 285
15 Chaos Warriors with halberds, shields and full command: 285
16 Marauders with light armour, shields, Flails, MoK and full command: 162
10 Warhounds: 60
10 Warhounds: 60
5 Chaos Knights: musician, standard and MoN: 260
2 Chaos Spawn: 110
Giant: MoS: 265

Total: 1717

Almost there!