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ML Kurze
27-11-2005, 16:01
Hey everyone,
after joining a thread about the Iron/Stone Men (again) I decided that it was time to use my mind to design a small army list modification system to represent the armies out of the days in which soulless steel fought human flesh as the Techno-Empire of the Dark Age of Technology was split assunder by the beings that had sworn to protect the citizens.
Right, well, here we go:

Iron Men
The stats used for the Iron Men are *shock*, the Necrons. However, they've been tweaked to get the following:
name pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Iron Man 15 2 4 4 4 1 2 1 9 3+

Here come the rules for this army. Unit entries will come in other posts.

Weapons: laspistol, lasgun, multi-laser, lascannon, meltagun, plasma pistol, plasma gun, plasma cannon, grenade launcher, missile launcher, hand flamer, flamer, heavy flamer, reaper autocannon, autocannon, chain weaponry.
Vehicle Pool: Robot (as sentinel), Land Raider, Predator, Whirlwind, Leman Russ, Jetbikes, Land Speeders.
Power weapons: aren't present in this army, because the Stone Men created powered weapons to combat the Iron Men (and there was no need for tough breaker weapons, since the Orks, Hrud and Eldar wear light armour as standard. And the Iron Men used hard hitting firepower to destroy those that did).

Main rules: programmed, leave no survivors, no leaders, destroy men.
Programmed: a unit from the elite and fast attack section must be either shooty or assaulty; no mix allowed (so either WS4 or BS4).
Leave no survivors: after a close combat phase no Iron men unit may pursue the enemy. They consolidate, representing them finishing off any survivors.
No leaders: because all Iron Men are connected with each other and their central direction unit, leaders aren't neccesary. And they don't need leaders to inspire them to victory.
Destroy men: because the Iron Men do not fear biological and chemical weaponry, they have no compunction to use it on their fleshy foes. To represent this, roll a die for every human unit on the battlefield. On a 5+, D6 models have to take an Initiative test or die as they are to slow in clamping their rebreathers on or their breathing gear has a leak.

ML Kurze
27-11-2005, 16:11
Stone Men
First, choose between the following armies. Navy Strike Force, Empire Mechanised Force, Empire Garrison Force. Also, the following stats are the basis for the armylist:

name pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Soldier 6 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+
Marine 10 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+

Navy Strike Force: the drop troops, the soldiers making beach heads, dropping in on threatened areas, etc. Paratroopers of the Stone Men Empire. They are also the ones to board enemy ships.

Weapons: laspistol, lasgun, lascannon, meltagun, plasma pistol, plasma gun, grenade launcher, demo charge, flamer, heavy flamer, powered weaponry (officers, veterans and sergeants).
Vehicle Pool: Sentinel, Guardian (11/10/10 sentinel), Jetbikes, Land Speeders.

Main rules: basic troops are the marines. No long-medium ranged weaponry, apart from walkers. Heavy armoured elites (0-1) are adapted terminators (the suits used for the plasma drives)
In short: fragile, expensive, drop troop force.

Empire Mechanised Force: the ground pounders, fighting the enemy through massed firepower and tons of steel. They use the soldier stats.

Weapons:laspistol, lasgun, multi-laser, lascannon, meltagun, plasma pistol, plasma gun, plasma cannon, grenade launcher, missile launcher, flamer, heavy flamer, reaper autocannon, autocannon, powered weaponry (officers and veteran units only).
Vehicle Pool: Rhino, Chimera, Predator, Leman Russ, Land Raider (0-1), Whirlwind, Earthshaker.

Main rules: basic troop choice is a platoon of 1 command squad and two troop squads, which can take heavy weapons. All units must have transport (Rhino or Chimera). Heavy support is filled with Space Marine and Imperial Guard MBT's (with BS3).
In short: very close to many Imperial Guard armies.

ML Kurze
27-11-2005, 16:12
Empire Garrison Force: the first line of defence, fighting to save home and family. Here comes another choice, reflected in the armoury and vehicle pool. You can choose rugged or sophisticated, representing their use of force or stealth. Force means that the planet is civilised and has a decent industry/STC, while the stealth guys are the more primitive people on border or backwater worlds. They use the soldier stats as a basic.

Weapons:autopistol, autogun (30" max range), stubgun with dumdum (str 2, ap 5), shotgun, heavy stubber, sniper rifle, autocannon, grenade launcher, missile launcher, flamer, heavy flamer, reaper autocannon, autocannon, mortar, demo charge, powered weaponry (officers only).
Vehicle Pool: Chimera (can only take weapons from armoury), Earthshaker, Leman Russ, Grifon Mortar, Bikes, Trikes.
Weapons:laspistol, lasgun, multi-laser, needle sniper rifle (just a name change), lascannon, meltagun, plasma pistol, plasma gun, plasma cannon, grenade launcher, missile launcher, flamer, heavy flamer, reaper autocannon, autocannon, powered weaponry (officers and veteran unit leaders only).
Vehicle Pool: Rhino, Chimera, Predator, Leman Russ, Whirlwind, Jetbikes.

Main Rules
Rugged: All units can infiltrate, while fast attack and elites can choose to deep strike (except bikes). All units come with autogun as standard, while a sniper rifle is a special weapon option for troops. Heavy support can be placed in reserve. When in cover, units receive +1 modifier and receive an extra dice when moving through it.
Sophisticated: just like IG, except for the armoury.

10-09-2006, 13:32
Hmm perhaps we can create a generic list with doctrines for the Pre Imperial societies?

Militaries of thes times would also fight differently from the Imperial Guard, with the more high tech stuff I assume they would fight more like the Tau even! :eek:

Rhinos and Land Raiders were common vehicles IIRC, perhaps elite units of troops on Jetbikes. Heck we could even through an anti-grav tank in there!

more ideas coming up! Oh and sorry if this were threadmancy!

16-11-2006, 23:29
Malika I agree 100% with your post.

There is also the hints that a tank may exist in between a Predator and a Landraider.

I also think that force fields and other more complicated technology would be commonly used. Perhaps plasma rifles were safer and performed as the main weapon for some elite or even standard units.

The STC designed equipment based on specific requirements, local resources and other factors. Hence I suspect they did have more complicated equipment but that weapons such as the Leman Russ were designed as stop gap measures during times of need and resource scarcity. In fact I do remember a line somewhere that states that many Imperial armoured vehicles are modified industrial vehicles. It makes sense that such designs would persist too as they are simple when compared to a Grav tank.

Also I thnk that there'd be greater use of AI to pilot vehicles etc. Even today they are striving to replace human pilots in combat aircraft (albeit with a remote human operator). Hence such equipment would probably be standard in the future.

I actually think that the Tau would be more suitable to the Dark Age of Technology era humans than anything Imperial.