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27-12-2008, 20:23
I was thinking about tactics, and this question came to my mind:
can a unit voluntarily flee at the beginning of a combat phase to escape a painful slaughter at the ennemy's hands (assuming they don't get caught fleeing!) ? This move would be very useful to draw an ennemy unit in a trap between flanking units.
Of course, some units wouldn't be able to ose it due to rules like stubborn, unbreakable, immune to psychology, hate, and frenzy, but that means an extra card to the average joe soldier's deck of tactical options facing stronger ennemies.

So, do the rules specifically forbid this, or can it be used?

27-12-2008, 20:34
Usually when you get charged you can decide if the unit S&S, holds or runs.

They have to lose CR and the leadership test to run from combat. I've thought about it as well, and you can't flee voluntarily.

Lord Malorne
27-12-2008, 20:36
You flee in the movement phase, no second chances in fantasy.

27-12-2008, 20:39
Voluntarily fleeing would be too powerful.
Plus too easy to bait things like frenzied/hatred troops that are forced to persue a fleeing enemy.

It gives cavalry a bigger edge over infantry as well. Seeing as they flee further than infantry do.

27-12-2008, 21:02
Yes, but in a combat situation, you can imagine a unit taking a beating on the charge, they pass Ld test an dstay in combat. Cahmpion knows its goig to get messy, orders the retreat; no further losses if they succeed!

Yeah, I guess it'd be overpowered. Guess we're gonna have to rely on luck more than on tactics. (Comon guys, fail the test! Fail ! FAIL!)

27-12-2008, 21:49
There might have been option for voluntary withdrawal from combat back in the 3rd edition, but not since then.

27-12-2008, 22:16
I think there might be one in Ancient Battles. Realistically, you did have situations where troops fled voluntarily, especially skirmishers.

28-12-2008, 01:58
The only chance you get is during the enemy's movement phase, when you declare your charge reaction.

If you choose to Stand and Shoot or Hold, then there's no going back.