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Kasrkin 666
27-12-2008, 20:08
Well I have decided to do yet another log. Many will be, "What! You've made a plog before?!" and the answer is yes. They were not popular and quickly fell into the warp =( But I am hoping that this plog will restore my pride. After much thought of whether I should do another one or not, I decided to do it.

Not too long ago was my first semester if junior college. Was tough and I procrastinated a lot! In the end I got decent grades. But enough babbiling about that. I have finally realised that I am now in the real world. Took some time to realise it, but better late than never. So I decided to do a plog so I can somewhat seperate real-life and my hobby, but also have support of people I don't know through these new times =P

But enough of the babble, lets get on wth the show!

After years of doing armies and putting them off for new ones, I have finally decided to stick with one army, the Orks! When I first started the hobby, I wasn't a fan of them, but now I love them! My army won't be as cool as some armys. but I hope you will enjoy what I have. So now, on to the pics! Finally!

As tradition, here is my workspace:
Now for some Troops:
Got about 90 Boyz and 30 Shootas (in the back)

Here's 10 of them with paint:
And here is a real crappy paintjob of how they will look:
More to come...


Kasrkin 666
27-12-2008, 20:13
Sorry if i post too much in a row...

Here are the special weapons for the squads:

And here are the others:

My AoBR Warbosses. Not much, but I am going to convert the one on the left:

And the model I am most proud of, my converted Warboss:


27-12-2008, 20:20
Some nice orks you have there, likin your ogryn/warboss there to.Keep up the good work

Kasrkin 666
27-12-2008, 20:22
Here is a Nob squad. They are slightly converted AoBR Nobz:

Some Nobz for my Boyz:

Black Orcs that are going to be converted into Nobz with 'Eavy armour. These still have a long way to go:

Don't know what to do with this model. Was going to be a Waaagh! Banner Bearer, but now I'm not sure. Suggestions?


27-12-2008, 20:24
hey, we had the same idea about extending those gun barrels. Cool stuff, looks good

Kasrkin 666
27-12-2008, 20:26
Some old school Runthearders (I think :p)

And lastly, a P.I.P Burna Boy:

Hope you enjoy. I will try and update as much as I can. Painting will be slow, for I am a very slow painter, but once I get some more Bitz, the converting can begin!

Which reminds me. I am in need of models or Bitz. If you have any, click the sig to see what i have or need. Any help will be great! Thanks!


Kasrkin 666
28-12-2008, 08:27
113 views and only 2 posts? :( I got some work done on the Burna so pics will hopefully be up tomorrow.


Col. Wales
28-12-2008, 09:01
Oi Youze git good job so far. Dont Youze loose yer hope and above all Rememba Da WAAAAAGH will gose on wever or not dose Humies Put dere glyphs 'ere

Seriously looking pretty good for a start on the orcs. (I don't envy you the scope of painting to come tho.)

Kasrkin 666
29-12-2008, 00:06
Thank you for the kind words Col. Wales:). Well I made some progress on my Warboss and Burna.
Sorry that the pics are so dark. Tell me what you think. Got some Boyz being stripped so i'll be assembling some Lootas tomorrow or the next day.


Kasrkin 666
29-12-2008, 20:19
Well I got the Burna finished. Just need to do some touch-ups and a few washes (which i'll do when I get them back from my friend).