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Hey there I've been working on an army for quite a while now that I felt filled a spot in the Warhammer Fantasy world yet filled. The army; the Mechanis Army, an army of Golems. The basis of this army was zero magic, high toughness, high armor and cultist who worship them.
I will have concept art with the fluff up in a while when I scan it. However I have most if not all of the rules but most of the help I need on is the hero's and lords as well as the magic items and other smaller details. Most of the core, special, and rare slots mostly done however any and all help I can get will be appreciated.
I have all sections numbered in my second and third post so that we can better discuss them. Please list the number and then detail in that number so that I may better know hat we are discussing.

The Mechanis History/Fluff

It was said at the start of human history there were tribes of humans that wandered into the Southlands and made their home. They survived and prospered living in hunter tribes. However, though it it is not clearly known, the Skinks of the Southlands begin to wage war with the human tribes trying to expel them from their land.
The tribes were driven further and further south, and many lizard and human died in their war. During the last battle the last of the tribes made a last stand in front of a colossal cave; though they fought hard they were driven into the caves by the skinks who then collapsed the entrance.
The tribes found their fate, inside the cavern that stretched on for miles with many windy tunnels, a brutal one. The tribes fighting for the scarce resources that that managed to make their way into the cave system.
Centuries passed; the tribes, human but not quite born anew as the Morlocks. It was while during a normal scavenging raid that the tribes know as Confusion for their hit and run tactics fell upon a unexplored tunnel that led into a large lost, underground ruined capital.
As they searched the ruins in awe; the awakened something that had been asleep for eons; the Mechanis, not human, made of stone and metal and possessing a dark intellect.
The Mechanis took the Confusion tribe and with their help bent all the other tribes to their will. The Morlock worshiped the Mechanis as gods; training as their warriors and smiths to make an eventual army of golems.
Slowly the Mechanis waited, as their army grew and plans came to fruition. They broke free from the caverns using large drill golems and the Mechanis poured into the new world.
The Morlock however; who had lived for centuries in the dark could not handle the sunlight on their fair white skin. They had to dress in bandages and mask to hide their skin and faces vowing vengeance on the Skinks of the Southlands.
The Mechanis brutally pushed the Skinks back gaining land for their tribes who roamed as they had centuries before as hunter-gatherers. As their land grew new inventions and machines rose. The great five citadels were created; giant castles that were able to walk the earth.
Every few times in a year a Mechanis Champion will visit one of the tribes to recruit the strongest to be trained in the Underground Capital or in one of the five citadels, any Mechanis Champion, Master, Avatar or Overlord can call on the tribes for Militia and in return will help the tribes in they're endeavors.
Every year the tribes will convene on one of the citadels or the Underground Capital for mass prayer to the Mechanis and sacrifices and even more of them will be selected to under go training.
The Mechanis hate magic as they themselves are naturally non-magical however they do see its potential and thus have their Morlock followers make magic items for themselves. The Mechanis also detest magical races especially Tomb Kings, Demons of Chaos, Vampire Counts, and most of all the Lizardmen.
The Mechanis have been known to lend mercenary armies to the Dwarfs and humans, and it is even rumored that some Bret lords hire them.

Avatar of Mechanis
The Avatar symbolizes all things Mechanis and is treated like a god by adoring Morlock followers. The Avatar usually stays to the Citadel it is assigned to and holds most if not all control over lower class golems; even overlords. In time of great war they will take the field of battle using their energy to destroy normal units.

Overlord of Mechanis
The Overlord is the military might behind the Mechanis leading the major Mechanis armies, ruthless and cunning there are many tales of Overlord who will massacre entire armies without mercy. The Overlords are the second most powerful of the Mechanis and answer only to the Avatars of Mechanis. Overlords are ussually stationed in the field near Morlock tribes so that if they need to call for Militia it is easier. If not Overlords will be at one of the Citadels or the UnderCapital training golems and guarding the castle.

Soulless One
Only the most unfortunate Morlock become a Soulless one; a morlock that is fused to golem and has thus become half-human. Though they do not lead well they inspire Morlocks as to be a Soulless One is considered the highest honor. A Soulless One takes the field of battle always attacking the greatest of the enemies in a bloodlust. Sometimes however it may stop in the battle field and try and kill itself, perhaps comprehending what it has become.

Mechanis Champion
Mechanis Champions lead small armies to battle or are left in control of a few squads by an Overlord. The Mechanis Champion only cares for winning and not for mercy and will try and win by any means necessary; sacrificing Morlocks so that Golems may flank attack and such. Mechanis Champions are also given the important duty of making sure tribes have willing volunteers to be trained at the Citadels.

Mechanis Master
A Mechanis Master crackles with its energy and is mainly used to support golem units in battle; usually they will travel with a Mechanis Champion, but not always. They also are given the duty of up keeping the Citadels and making sure all Golems made there come out correctly.

Masked Champion
A masked Champion is usually a leader of a tribe of a great warrior that is recognized by the Mechanis and is given reign over what the tribe does. Fierce and cunning Masked Champions prefer hit and run tactics relying on Golem units to support the weaker Morlock units.
Masked Champions are also closely trained so that they may use magic weapons so that the Mechanis do not have to.

Masked Militia
The Masked Militia is any average tribe member, all tribes members must be a in the Militia for a allotted amount of time, they devoutly worship the Mechanis and generally are lead by Masked Champions.

Skull Harriers
Skull Harriers are Masked Militia that have been taken by Mechanis Champions to be trained and better equipped for battle. They are also taught the basics for making golems so that they may also work in the Citadels as smiths for when they are not in battle. Skull Harriers are garrisoned in the Citadels or the Underground Capital. They will sometimes also accompany Overlords, Avatars, Mechanis Champions, or Mechanis Masters.

Masked Hound
Though not made well these golem hounds serve an important role as hunters for the Morlock and bait for the Mechanis. Made in the Citadels they are usually given as gifts to the tribes as rewards for their loyalty.

Masked Golem
This is what befalls the unlucky among the volunteers; though captured slaves are also turned into these more golem then human machines. Though they have flesh, they no longer posses will or a mind, following only direct orders of the other Mechanis.

Tykeeto Riders
During the centuries underground the Morlock found a wild bird that lived in the depths of the cavern; a large flightless bird they named the Tykeeto. Training them as sprinters, Tykeeto have extreme bursts of speed that when released to the sunlight, proved deadly to slow enemies. Tykeeto birds must also wear a mask much like the Morlock from living underground for so long.

Soul Reaper
A finely tuned Golem made for finesse and utility. Inlaid with gold and other fair quality’s they are never the less elite killers seemingly cold and dispassionate even when killing. Trained in archer Soul Reapers play a important role as one of the few golems that may shoot; as well as easily destroy enemy squads in close combat.

Executioner Golem
Some say that behind the mask of the Executioner Golem is raw Warpstone. For whatever reason though all those near them find themselves slowed in fear as the Executioner Golems slowly advance. Executioner Golems are the enforcers of the tribes killing all of those who disobey Mechanis law.

Spider Golem
Originally made in the confines of the great cavern, Spider Golems excel at climbing and making fast attacks against weaker units. Though less useful above ground, they still serve an important role as Golem cavalry, able to reach even the most unreachable enemy.

Made within the Citadels Ballista’s line the walls of the castles, when Skull Harrier Garrisons are issued forth from the Citadels they often also have crews of Ballista's in the case of heavily armored opponents.

Steam Organ of Mechanis
A newer inhuman creation that plays a deadly music killing those within range of its flouting Mechanis powers. Serving as a light shooter Steam Organs of Mechanis are integral to the Mechanis as one of the few flyers they have.

Slade Golem
Said to be as old as the oldest Mechanis, Slade Golems are not made as the even the Morlock cannot figure their fine attention of engineering. In the Underground Capital Golems work at mining around the capital to find more buried Slade Golems they may awake. Slade Golems prefer to tunnel and appear behind the enemy, striking with a massive amount of attacks to finish off the enemy.

Hellstorm Golem
The pinnacle of the current Morlock technology, equipped with the finest equipment and armor issuing fear into all that face the barrel of their Hellstorm gun.

Masked Devoted
A willing Morlock, more devoted even then those around him, willing to undergo a procedure that makes them no longer human, and yet not fully golem. Utterly devoted to the Mechanis they will do everything in their power to protect their Mechanis leaders; and striving to prove themselves in their eyes.

An ancient creature that cannot be made, but must be found around the confines of the Underground Capital. These great creatures strike fear into their enemies and their beak has been know to utterly demolish even the strongest of heroes.

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The Mechanis Army

Magic Void
The army sends waves of non magic rolling off from their Golems; enemy spellcasters find it hard to effectively cast spells.
All spells cast by the opposing player use one less power dice with a minimum of 1
1=1, 2=1, 3=2, etc.

+Special Rules+

-If Character has Spell Resistance shares it with unit if joined in one
-Gets +1 Toughness (already added into profiles)
-Golem units/chars cannot join non Golem unit/chars.
- +1 Armor (Note: This does not mean the model has a +1 save but that it gets an extra +1 to its armor; thus if no armor gets a 6+ save and so on. Added to base armor saves in profile already.)
-All units and char.'s with the Golem special ability cannot be reduced below a 6+ armor save (Note; still gets no armor save if enemy attack ignores armor save.)
-Golems never take leadership tests from fleeing non-Golem units.
-Should a Golem unit or char. take a leadership test through combat resolution they may use their leadership as normal or elect to automatically pass this test but take wounds equal to number of how much they lost the combat resolution
_Should the General of the Mechanis army die all Golem units may not use their leadership and must take wounds equal to lost combat resolution.
-Golems cannot take magic items, weapons or armor.

Mechanis Power
-The unit/units that have this may roll once on ether the defense or attack Mechanis charts during the shooting phase, defense Mechanis abilities last only tell the begining of your next turn.

Mechanis Leader
All defense Mechanis chart abilities used on this character also affect the squad its joined in. The effects are permanent until another defense Mechanis chart ability is used on the character or until the ability is then replaced.

Mechanis Mastery
Once per shooting phase this character/unit may roll once on the defense or attack Mechanis charts. If rolling on defense Mechanis chart may give ability to any unit/char. within 18 tell the end of your turn unless otherwise specified.

Mechanis Avatar
Same as Mechanis Mastery but may add 1 to results rolled on defense or attack Mechanis chart; however should a one be rolled char. must roll on Mechanis failure chart; may subtract one from result.
Range for defense Mechanis gifting on units/char.'s is 20

More than Just Fear
Units and char.'s cannot march or charge when within 12 of this unit (they may still charge this unit) Units and Char.'s from Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts, and Demons of Chaos are unaffected by this.

can move through difficult terrain as if it were passable terrain. Does not include water features.

Half Human Monstrosity
-Can't be joined by other units/char's
-5+ ward save
-Every turn must roll a d6 on a 1: movement is reduced by 2 tell the end of your turn and takes one S 4 hit using own WS. If a 6 is rolled gets +1 ATK and +1 STR tell end of your turn.
+1 Armor (added to Base armor saves in Profile already)
+1 Toughness (already added into profile)

Pure Metal
+4 to Armor; may not take any armor from Armory however.

Tykeeto Sprinter
May march normally; however when charging may only use base movement with no modifiers

Str10, Max Guess Range 48, is treated as a cannon, however no bounce and no scatter.
-1 S for each 12 inches guessed
Armor Piercing

Mechanis Mind Link
Wyrm has stupidity if not within 12 of the General.

Great Beak Strike
Instead of using its normal attacks this turn may do one single S 10 Attack in Close Combat.

Whirling Blades
For entire unit roll d6 for the number of attacks, add one from having a second HW; if a 1 is rolled, roll on Mechanis failure chart.

Hellstorm Gun
Roll 2d6 S 3 Armor Piercing shots for each model, for any double 1’s rolled by any model roll on Mechanis Failure chart. Adds +1 to Armor, and is treated as a Great Weapon in Close Combat. May not move and shoot

Defensive Flamers
When charging or charged deal 2d6 S 4 attacks for the entire squad before Close Combat

Squad does not get set up in deployment but instead on the start of the second turn you roll 4+ with a +1 to each following turn to be deployed. Starts deployment on any board edge within six, if the squad is deployed withing base contact of an enemy squad they are counted as in CC, but not counted as having charged.


Defense Mechanis Chart
1. Roll on Mechanis Failure Chart
2. +1 Initiative
3. Reroll all one's to hit and to wound
4. Armor can not be reduced below 5+
5. +1 to Armor (max 0+)
6. 4+ ward
--Ability's cannot stack; if a ability is used on a unit that already has a defense power it replaces that power. You may always chose any number lower then what you rolled.--

Attack Mechanis Chart
1. Roll on Mechanis Failure Chart
2. 2d6 str2, range 10 shooting
3. Flame template str3, -1 to Armor Save(tip must touch one base of model in squad or char.)
4. Single str8 on a declared single unit in a squad or a char. within 12 inches.
5. d6 str3 range 16 shooting
6. d6 str3 range 18, -2 to Armor saves shooting.
--all shooting uses BS of char, or squad for shooting purposes. You may always chose any number on the Attack Mechanis chart lower then what you rolled, may not roll on chart if unit/squad is in close combat--

Mechanis Failure Chart
1. Nothing Happens
2. D6 (or 1 if char.) S 2 attacks against squad/char
3. Single wound no Armor Saves
4. d6 (or 2 if char) S 3 attacks against squad/char
5. d6 S 4 hits
6. d6 S 3 hits with no AS
--For combat purposes all attacks use unit/char's WS--


--Note: The Item buckler is mentioned several times; a buckler counts as a shield but does not give a +1 to armor when in CC, Model may however use two handed weapons. A char may only have one buckler--

Non-magical Wargear

-Plutonium Armor 25 Pts
(+3 to armor, replaces armor)

-Camo Armor 20 Pts
(+Light Armor, replaces armor,-1BS to enemy shooting against this model.)

-Shifting Plates 20 Pts
(Heavy Armor, replaces armor, attacker rerolls half of all hits rounded down in cc)

-Mechanis Helm 10 Pts
(Gives Mechanis Power)


-Master Crafted Rapier 35 Pts
(Hand Weapon, +4 WS max 10)

-Master Crafted Ax 35 Pts
(HW +2 WS +1 STR)

-Glaive 15 Pts
(Two Handed W.; +1 ATK, +1STR on charge)

-Crushing Hammer 25 Pts
(Two Handed W.; +2 STR on charge Deals d3 wounds, -4 I Minimum 1.)

-Avado Void Blade 45 Pts
(HW, -3 to enemy Ward saves)

[B]Magical Wargear

-Darkness Chainmail 25 Pts
(Heavy Armor, Replaces armor, enemy attacks -1 to hit in cc)

-Armor of Ancients 55 Pts
(+3 to Armor, Replaces armor, Reduces all attacks against by 1)

-Madness Mask 45 Pts
(+1 to Armor, gains Frenzy.)

-Screaming Shield 15 Pts
(Shield, -2 I to enemy's in base to base contact.)

-Snap Buckler 15 Pts
(Buckler, At start of cc one S 4 attack)

-Horned Helm 20 Pts
(Char gains Fear)

-Mechanis Shield 10 Pts
(Shield, gets Spell Resistance 1)

-Helm of the Hunt 30 Pts
(+2 Movement, max 7)


-The Blade of Blood 25 Pts
(HW, char gains hatred.)

-Dark Ivy Whip 50 Pts
(Hw, All wounds dealt by this char that are unsaved you may assign to any character or model in the squad/unit; they make saves as normal after.)

-Mage Spear 30 Pts
(Two Handed Weapon, Reroll all ones to hit and to wound)

-Flame Dirge 20 Pts
(longbow, +1 BS, Flaming Attacks)

-Scythe of the Ancients 45 Pts
(Two Handed Weapon, beginning of CC all models in base to base contact take a I test; if failed must make an armor test or take a wound.)

-Double Edged Ax 25 Pts
(Two Handed Weapon, May reroll attacks but all rerolled attacks that miss char takes an armor/ward save or takes a wound. Note: may not reroll, rerolled attacks.)

-Electric Short Sword 30 Pts
(HW, Char has Always Strikes First until Char takes a wound)

Magic Items

-Ward of Soul 10 Pts
(5+ ward)

-Ward of Mechanis 15 Pts
(4+ ward vs magical attacks)

-Void Orb 15 Pts
(-1 to enemy ward saves)

-Chain of Devotion 10 Pts
(+1 I)

-Ward of the Ancients 20 Pts
(3+ ward, for each failed ward save +1 ward so 4+, 5+, etc.)

-Orb of Magi 15 Pts
One use.
Only used in enemy Magic phase. After the enemy attempts to cast a spell you may attempt to cast the same spell using the same amount of power dice the opponent used to try and cast the spell. The opponent may try and dispell the spell as normal.

-Dispell Scroll 25 Pts (Note: Masked Champions may take multiples)
Dispell one spell

Magic Banners
-Banner of the Raid 50 Pts
(All squad/unit attacks +1 S on charge and are flaming)

-Tykeeto Banner 25 Pts
(Roll d6 in movement phase; move extra d6 inches unless a roll of 1 in which case -2 movement tell the end of your turn.)

-Gilded Banner 20 Pts
(roll an extra d6 when fleeing; squad always auto rallies next turn)

-Mechanis Banner 35 Pts
(squad gets Spell Resistance 2 and Stubborn.)

-Effigy of Hate 45 Pts
( +1 LD, Frenzy)

-Banner of Blades 20 Pts
(Banner bearer gets one S 4 attack at the start of every CC phase)


--Characters may not have the same Mechanis parts as other characters in your army--

-Spider Legs 60 Pts
(movement increased to 7; gains Spider special rule.) Base Size: 50x50mm

-Wyrm 60 Pts
(movement increased to 6; gains Tunneler ability; Can't take spider legs) Base Size: 50x50mm

-Slow and Deadly 25 Pts
(movement reduced to 3; gains 1 wound, Killing Blow and a 5+ ward. Can't take Wyrm, or Spider Legs) Base Size: 50x50mm

-Archangel 60 Pts
(Gains Flying, Can't take spider legs, Wyrm, or Slow and Deadly.) Base Size: 50x50

-Mechanis Made 5 Pts
(one use: +1 to any one Mechanis chart roll this char. makes.)

-Acidic Armor 10 Pts
(For each wound that successfully hits; attacking unit takes str 2 hit with -1 AS)

-Roller Feet 25 Pts
(May re-roll pursuit)

-Spiked Armor 60 Pts
(d6 Str3 impact hits)

-Ancients Sword Arm 25 Pts
(One attack in shooting or CC, always auto wounds, can only be used once a turn during your turn.)

-Runes of Magi 10 Pts
(5+ ward)

-Shield Reflectors 15 Pts
(4+ ward vs all attacks in the shooting phase)

-The Black Terror 25 Pts
(Char gains fear; if char wins a challenge gains terror.)

-Trophy Rack 15 Pts
(Opponent's char's must accept challenges from this character.)

-Self Repair Machine 50 Pts
(If joined in a squad; squad gets +1 wound during your turn on a model (may not be char.'s) that is missing a wound if squad hasn't marched during your turn.)

-Earth Shaker 25 Pts
(Models in Base to base contact take T test or take an Armor save for a wound at the start of close combat.)

-Ballista Mounted 45 Pts
(during shooting phase may make one str6, range 24 shot. May not move and shoot.)

-Shield Gun 50 Pts
(Loses all but 1 A and is a HW but is treated in close combat as a Great Weapon, +1 to armor, 2d6 str3, range 24 shooting; if two ones are rolled roll on mechanis failure chart. May not move and shoot.)

-Rocket Fist 25 Pts
(One Use only: May make one range 12 small template S 7 shot; after use -1 ATK for the rest of the game.)

-Tomb of Mechanis 20 Pts
(All non-Golem units within 12 +1 LD)

-Master Crafted 15 Pts
(+1 to Char's Spell Resistance.)

-Explosive 35 Pts
When this character dies all units, including friendly units, within 4 inches take a S 6 attack

-Magi Void Helm 30 Pts
At begining of opponets magic phase you may chose to roll a d6 you gain one dispel dice for each six you roll; you must stop rolling if you roll a one.

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5. Mechanis Avatar 220 Pts
M4/ WS6 / BS3 / S3/T4/W3/I3/A3/ LD9
--Comes With Hand Weapon, Base Save 2+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Mechanis Leader, -Mechanis Avatar, -Pure Metal, Spell Resistance 3.
+ 6 Pts for extra Hand W.
+ 5 Pts for Buckler
+ 8 Pts for Longbow
May pick up to 125 Pts from the Armory or Mechanis Parts
Base Size: 25x25mm

6. Mechanis Overlord 190 Pts
M4/ WS7 / BS3 /S5/T6/W3/I4/A4/ LD10
--Comes With Hand Weapon, Base Save 2+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Mechanis Leader, -Pure Metal, -Spell Resistance 1.
+ 6 Pts for extra Hand W.
+ 6 Pts for Great W.
+ 5 Pts for Buckler
May pick up to 125 Pts from the Armory or Mechanis Parts
Base Size: 25x25mm

7. Soulless One 235Pts
M6/ WS8 / BS3 /S5 /T5/W4/I6/A4/ LD8
--Comes With Glaive, Heavy Armor, Base Save 4+--
Special Rules: -Half Human Monstrosity, -Frenzy, -Stubborn, -Spell Resistance 2
+ 6 Pts for Great W.; replaces Glaive
+ 5 Pts for Buckler
+ 8 Pts for Longbow
--May be taken as a Rare choice; if so may not pick anything from Armory or Mechanis Parts, may pick up to 125 Pts from the Armory or Mechanis Parts—
Base Size: 50x50mm


8. Mechanis Champion 70Pts
M4/ WS5 / BS3 /S4/T5/ W2/I2/A3/LD 9
--Comes With Hand Weapon, Heavy Armor, Base Save 4+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Mechanis Leader, -Spell Resistance 1.
+ 4 Pts for extra Hand W.
+ 4 Pts for Great W.
+ 4 Pts for Buckler
+ 4 Pts for Shield
May pick up to 75 Pts from the Armory or Mechanis Parts
Base Size: 25x25mm

9. Mechanis Master 80Pts
M4/ WS4 / BS3 /S3/T4/ W2/I2/A2/ LD8
--Comes With Hand Weapon, Heavy Armor, Base Save 4+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Mechanis Mastery, -Spell Resistance 2.
+ 4 Pts for extra Hand W.
+ 4 Pts for Great W.
+ 4 Pts for Buckler
+ 6 Pts for Longbow
May pick up to 75 Pts from the Armory or Mechanis Parts
Base Size: 25x25mm

10. Masked Champion 60Pts
M4/ WS6 /BS3 /S4/T4/ W2/I3/A3/ LD8
--Comes With Hand Weapon, Heavy Armor, Base Save 5+--
Special Rules: none
+ 2 Pts for extra Hand W.
+ 4 Pts for Great W.
+ 4 Pts for Buckler
+ 4 Pts for Shield
+ 20 Pts to scout with joined squad
+ 16 Pts to ride Tykeeto Bird, may not scout if chosen (Note: look at Tykeeto Rider entry to see Tykeeto Bird stats and special rules)
May pick up to 75 Pts from the Armory
Base Size: 20x20mm


11. Masked Militia 4Pts
M4/ WS3 /BS3 /S3/T3/ W1/I2/A1/ LD7
--Comes With 2 Hand Weapon, Base Save none--
Special Rules: none
+ 1 Pts per model for Great W.; replaces Hand W.'s
+ 1 Pts per model for Buckler
+ 1 Pts per model for Shield; replaces one hand W.
+ 1 Pts per model for Light Armor
+ 2 Pts per model to Skirmish
+ 6 Pts for Banner
+ 6 Pts for Musician
+ 8 Pts for Champion (+1 A)
May take up to 25pts in magic banners if there is a banner bearer.
Base Size: 20x20mm
Squad Min: 10

12. Skull Harrier 9Pts
M4/ WS4 /BS3 /S3/T3/ W1/I3/A1/ LD7
Special Rules: -Harpoon Gun: S 3, Armor Piercing, Range 18; if moved range 12.
--Comes With Hand Weapon, Heavy Armor, and Harpoon Gun, Base Save 5+--
+ 5 Pts per model for Spike Bombs (Instead of standing and shooting may instead have all charging units in the front rank take a T test; if failed that model takes a wound with no AS.)
+ 1 Pts per model for Buckler
+ 1 Pts per model for Shield
+ 6 Pts for Banner
+ 6 Pts for Musician
+ 8 Pts for Champion (+1 A)
May take up to 50pts in magic banners if there is a banner bearer.
Base Size: 20x20mm
Squad Min: 10

13. Masked Hound 6Pts
M8/ WS3 / BS2 /S2/T3/ W1/I2/A2/ LD6
--Base Save 6+--
Special Rules: -Golem
+ 2 Pts per model for +1 S in stat line.
+ 3 Pts per model for Frenzy
Base Size: 25x25mm
Squad Min: 5

14. Masked Golem 7Pts
M4/ WS3 /BS2 /S3/T4/ W1/I2/A1/LD 8
--Comes With Hand Weapon, Base Save 6+--
Special Rules: -Golem
+ 1 Pts per model for Great W
+ 1 Pts per model for Shield
+ 1 Pts per model for Light Armor
+ 1 Pts per model for Spears
Base Size: 25x25mm
Squad Min: 10

15. Tykeeto Rider 20Pts

-Rider- M4/WS4/BS3/S3/T3/W1/I3/A1/LD7

-Tykeeto Bird- M10/WS3/BS0/S3/T3/W1/I3/A1/LD5

--Comes With Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Base Save 5+--
Special Rules: Tykeeto Sprinter, Fast Cav
+ 1 Pts per model for Great W.; replaces Hand W.
+ 1 Pts per model for Buckler
+ 1 Pts per model for Shield
+ 3 Pts per model for Harpoon guns (Note: See Skull Harriers)
+ 8 Pts for Banner
+ 8 Pts for Musician
+ 10 Pts for Champion (+1 A)
May take up to 50pts in magic banners if there is a banner bearer.
Base Size: 25x50mm
Squad Min: 5


16. Soul Reaper 20Pts
M4/ WS4 /BS3 /S4/T5/ W1/I2/A1/ LD8
--Comes With Two Hand Weapon, Plutonium armor (Note: see armory) Base Save 3+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Mechanis Power
+ 1 Pts per model for Great W; replaces Hand W.'s
+ 1 Pts per model for Buckler
+ 1 Pts per model for Glaive; replaces Hand W.'s
+ 3 Pts per model for longbows
+ 10 Pts for Banner
+ 10 Pts for Musician
+ 12 Pts for Champion (+1 A)
May take up to 50 pts in magic banners if there is a banner bearer
Base Size: 25x25mm
Squad Min: 5

17. Executioner Golem 45Pts
M3/ WS4 /BS2 /S4/T5/ W3/I2/A3/ LD8
--Comes With Great Weapon, Base Save 6+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Fear, -Mechanis Power, -More then Fear
Base Size: 50x50
Squad Min: 3

18. Spider Golem 50Pts
M7/ WS4 /BS3 /S4/T5/ W2/I2/A1/ LD8
--Comes With Two Hand Weapons, Heavy Armor, Base Save 4+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Mechanis Power, -Spider
+ 1 Pts per model for Buckler
+ 1 Pts per model for GW; replaces Hand W.'s
Base Size: 50x50
Squad Min: 3

19. Ballista 60Pts
-crew- (comes with two crew) M4/WS4/BS3/S3/T3/W1/I3/A1/LD7
--Comes With Hand Weapon, Heavy A. Base Save 6+--
Special Rules: -Ballista
+ 6 Pts for extra Crew (max 4)
+ 8 Pts to upgrade one crew to a Overseer (+1 BS)
Crew Base Size: 20x20mm
Ballista Base Size: Cannon

20. Steam Organ of Mechanis 40Pts
M4/ WS4 /BS4 /S3/T4/ W2/I2/A1/ LD8
--Base Save 6+--
Special Rules: -Half Human Monstrosity, -Flying
-During shooting phase may roll on Attack Mechanis chart
-May take 3 per one Special Slot
Base Size: 50x50mm
Squad Size:1


21. Slade Golem 90Pts
M6/ WS4 /BS3 /S4/T5/ W2 /I3/Ad6/LD8
--Comes With Two Hand Weapon, Base Save 2+--
Special Rules: -Golem, Mechanis Power, -Darkness Armor (5+ward), Tunneler, Poisoned Attacks, -Whirling Blades
Base Size: 50x50mm
Squad Min: 1
Squad Max:3

22. Hellstorm Golem 85Pts
M4/ WS4 / BS4 /S4/T5/ W1/I2/A1/ LD8
--Comes With Hellstorm Gun, Defense Flamers, Base Save 1+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Mechanis Power, -Pure Metal, -Hellstorm Gun, -Defensive Flamers
Base Size: 50x50mm
Squad Min:1
Squad Max:3

23. Masked Devoted 15Pts
M4/ WS4 /BS3 /S3/T4/ W1/I3/A1/ LD8
--Comes With Glaive, Base Save 6+--
Special Rules: -Half Human Monstrosity, -Unbreakable, -Mechanis Mastery
+ 10 Pts for Champion (+1 A)
+ 8 Pts for Standard
+ 8 Pts for Musician
May take up to 50 pts in magic banners, Champion may take up to 25 pts in Mechanis Powers
Base Size: 25x25mm
Squad Min:5

16. Wyrm 240Pts
M6/ WS6 / BS0 /S5/T6/W4/I2/A5/ LD8
--Base Save 3+--
Special Rules: -Golem, -Mechanis Power, -Pure Metal, -Tunneler, -Mechanis Mind Link , -Large Target, -Great Beak Strike
Base Size: Chariot Base
Squad Size:1