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28-12-2008, 09:08
hey guys, i've been doing alright with this list, but i figure there's always room for improvement by heeding the words of the wise. it's a pretty straightforward strategy, i use the skeletons and zombie blocks to hold things up as long as i can, have the uber killy characters wreck some face wherever they're most useful, and toss the blood knights and varghulf into any exposed flanks. fighty vampires seem to be a rarity these days, and i've been wanting to bring back the bood dragon bloodline for a while. the only magic i really use is for healin units/increasing them to fatty sizes, and VHing. let me know if you guys have some cool ideas.


vampire lord w/ avatar of death(great weapon), infinite hatred, beguile, walking death, the flayed hauberk, crown of the damned, talisman of lycni
390 points

this guy goes in the grave guard unit, challenges the biggest scariest thing the enemy has, and wins. it's not a matter of will he, it's a matter of how many turns. rapes some face.

vampire w/ avatar of death(great weapon) infinite hatred, walach's bloody hauberk
190 points
goes in a skeleton unit, pure fightyness

vampire w/ lord of the dead, dark acolyte, cadaverous cuirass, sword of battle
160 points
goes in other skeleton unit. main support vamp. makes skeleton units fatter. can hold his own against most heroes, although not as mean as the other vamps

wight king w/ bsb, skeletal barded steed, lance, shield, drakenhof banner
257 points
goes in blood knights, gives them regen. enough said.


skeletons x14 w/ champ, standard
128 points

skeletons x14 w/ full command
132 pts

zombies x20 w/ standard
88 points

dire wolves x5
40 points
screen them blood knights.

dire wolves x5
40 points
screen that there v-ghulf.


grave guard x14 w/champ, standard, great weapons, banner of the barrows
252 points


blood knights x5 w/champ, standard, royal standard of strigos, balefire spike
365 points

175 points

Deus Mechanicus
28-12-2008, 14:43
haha i like this list.