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28-12-2008, 13:43
Hello. I looked today nurgle spells section in CD book, and found this spell (=.
... All enemy models in base contact with the caster reduce their WS,S,T,I,A to 1.
How it work vs rank'n'file troops\units? I mean normally all attacks in excess of ones that are in BtB contact - come further to unit (normally all models in units have same stats). But this spell heavily weaken few ones in BtB and don't do anything to ones in back ranks. How it work?
1) I roll attacks for models in BtB, according to their stats. Then any excess wounds i roll vs other models in unit, according to their unchanged stats.
2) I just roll attacks according modified stats (ie, and all excess still apply to unit as well? (this automatically lower stats of all other models in unit too)

28-12-2008, 13:53
2 is correct.
Models behind those slain will step forwards to fill the line back in effectively, and thus become st1, in1, etc.

Although only models in base contact suffer the penalties.
So those in the rank behind who are allowed to attack will not have their stats reduced.

28-12-2008, 13:55
tnx for the answer (= it doesnt matter imho if second rank models attack on unchanged stats, as this happens rarely.
And after all i planned try DP to hunt down enemy lords on monsters..