View Full Version : 2,000 pt dark elf list.

28-12-2008, 20:29
darkstar cloak 505pts

standard of hag graef 146pts

sea dragon cloak
pendant of khaeleth 140pts

20 warriors
full command 155pts

23 corsairs
full command
warbanner 280pts

10 xbowmen 100pts

rune of khaine
touch of death
cloak of twilight 165pts

5 knights
full command
standard of slaughter 210pts

coldone chariot 100pts

2 r.b.t 200pts 2003pts

28-12-2008, 23:24
very very small I don't get what you 2 masters are supposed to do, jump in the same unit of corsairs?

at 2 K I would suggest just having a lord and another hero, morathi
is awsome but she is soo many points

for 360 you could get a full kitted out lvl4 with scarfical dagger to hang out in ur unit of spears, and she would pump out almost the same amout of magical pain as morathi
will over 140 points to spare, also gives ur spears somthing to do

corsairs seem to big, 18 with sea serpant or 17 with character is fine, points from this and morathi will give u a hrydra!

I recon drop either the BSB or the master, and but the other on the back of a cold one with the hydra banner turn your cold ones into a power house and give the hag graef banner, then u should have enough points left over for a seconf chariot

28-12-2008, 23:49
This army lacks some Dark Elf elements that I really like, as well as some general ones. But then that's your prerogative, and this list could be your way to success.

1) Get the Assassin an additional hand weapon. It's excellent value for money.

2) Since you haven't stated where your characters will fight, here's what I think the two Masters are supposed to do; the BSB one gives the other ASF, and the Pendant one kills challengers. The place: the Corsairs. Thing is, this is a concentration of force easily visible. Your opponent will know where to focus his attention, and what not to do - i.e., not give them anything worthwhile to kill.

3) I would put the Assassin with the Corsairs, and join them with the Pendant Master. The BSB leads the Spears.

That's it, short of major chopping around in the list itself.
I wish you good luck unless you are playing me.

29-12-2008, 19:01
1 mage? no combat support? redo

29-12-2008, 21:02
Thanks for all the comments i realise that this is not a very good list will redo.

31-12-2008, 15:00
yeah i would save morathi for no less than 3k i havent yet played a proper game with DE but ive red the book alot and i would say use a dread lord backed by a scroll caddie and a caster sorceress, put in atleast 1 hydra, if have no friends put 2 =D

i dont like the gamers i play with much so ill be running 2, most of them are young kids and im a pure dark elf im sadistic and like watching them cry =D

and i would get some blackguard they are machines

01-01-2009, 14:59
Morathi with Dark Star Cloak!!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

okaii we have spells that give use power dice why do u need 1 more?
why not take the (55pt) staff thingy....bound 3 spell but u can get d3+1 power dice?

another combination is taking the focus familiar to make sure she stays out of line of sight so u can fly 20 and then shoot from behind cover....

Seriously u need to redo your list.....go online and check out the games-workshop 2000pt Dark Elf Army + Morathi and take it on board ive used the list with small modification and it's gud...so yeah check it out....give u plenty of pointers in how to fit the list.