View Full Version : The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game - Any News?

28-12-2008, 21:43
With the film version of The Hobbit due to be release Wednesday 22 December 2010 I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about GW's attitude to The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game.

Yes, I know the script is still being written and storylines decided upon, but I wonder if GW is definitely yes, definitely no or just considering securing the licence.

As I understand the present license for the Jackson LOTR film runs out in November 2011, just a month before the link film The Hobbit - LOTR is released. I suspect that MGM/WB are big and strong enough to pull the GW LOTR license if another company secures the rights to The Hobbit & TBA. But I also suspect that the GW/New Line partnership was/is good especially in helping to promote the film and that MGM/WB would like to see GW continue with the line.

My own feeling is that GW will try and secure the film and book rights for another 5 years at least following the release of The Hobbit.

28-12-2008, 21:53
Heard about a year ago it was definately yes, they have the licence

Even if the licence does overlap, would it be a new licence for a DelToro film?

28-12-2008, 22:19
Well, some sources claim the movie is postponed, and that even the first one will be released in the end of 2012.. so if that's the case, it all will take some longer...

29-12-2008, 00:23
Yeah i've heard the release dates are;

1st film, dec 2011
2nd film, dec 2012

They start filming in 2010 in New Zealand. They've kept the Bag End and Rivendell sets from LotR. Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis have met Del Toro, and ideally, he wants every actor (including Ian Holm, who played Bilbo) to reprise their roles. Christopher Lee said he'd like to have shown Sarumans' corruption by Sauron, but probably won't be able to fly to New Zealand at his age.

PJ has had some legal issues with NewLine. NL and MGM will apparently co-finance the film
It's going to be Del Toro, PJ, Fran and Philippa writting the scripts. From what i've heard the story must be drawn from what's mentioned in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, because they don't have the copyright to The Silmarillion or Unfinished Tales.