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The hair
28-12-2008, 23:12
Hi I'm completely new to Chaos, used to run Empire and Wood Elves so fancied something completely different. I just want a small 1,000 point force at the minute, so I can get my head around the different playing style such a small and elite army would require, and wondered if anyone could give me some assistance on where I'm going wrong.

4 x 5 hounds -
there to screen, flank weaker units for combined charges where possible, and position behind enemy lines to take out any fleeing units that run into them.

2 x 5 marauser horsemen w/. flails -
there mainly to march block and flank charge

5 knights w/ full command -
the hammer of the army, pretty much

Chariot -
same role as knights

11 warriors with exalted champion, running 2 ranks of 6


I need a second hero and was wondering on the wisdom of placing him in a chariot, so as to have one fast moving hero to hammer units and another to bolster the warriors?

Any input is more than appreciated!

(Forgot to mention, my main opponent is a mass-goblin player so this list is based on killing power and brute force rather than numbers, as there's no point trying to compete when points would be better spent actually taking out units)

29-12-2008, 01:30
A few tips.

Give you knight's MON and Banner of Rage.
Maybe a big block of Marauders, Perhaps great Weapons and MOK?
Chariots are a good idea aginst goblins.
For your second characters i would go for a sorcerer and use him aggresively
he will still be able to take any goblin characters in combat.