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29-12-2008, 10:01
Hi folks!

As the regular readers of the Who Loves Orks thread will know I've been working on some rules for an Ork racing game. As I am now 99% happy with what I've got it's time to spread the word. :)

Going fast is one of the things Orks really love and spontaneous races between idle orks are a common occurrence. All it needs is a single "My trukk iz da fastest!" statement to make every ork within earshot head for his vehicle and prove the braggart wrong.

The rules are intended to provide a fast and furious game. If you have done it right, by the end of the game the table should be littered with oil slicks, unexploded landmines and battered vehicles trailing oily smoke.

I hope that you all enjoy the game!

Mods - I wasn't sure this was the right place for this. If I'm wrong please move it. :o


29-12-2008, 10:31
Waaagh!, hur hur. good wun Flatline. Dis iz real grate, can't wait to have a go at playin it.

29-12-2008, 10:37
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Laser guided fanatic
29-12-2008, 16:06
I played this at GW can't remember why though lol.

29-12-2008, 19:39
Wow Flatline, that is awesome!

I love the rules and ingenuity of this game. It makes me want to convert up some Ork vehicles to race.

Great job!

Son of Makuta
06-01-2009, 11:37
I had a read of this and laughed most of the way through. Kudos!

More detailed opinion:

To get the negative bit out the way first, the rules do need a lot more clarity in their layout and writing. Fewer tables would help (you have a 3-page summary comprised mostly of tables; that's a bad sign). An easier read would make the rules simpler to pick up and easier to remember/refer to/get right during a game. Writing clear, concise rules is something that comes with practice, so stick at it. (I'm happy to have a go at editing it for you if you like, although I'm sure you can do it yourself.)

Positive bits include the classification of in-game objects as Squishy and 'Ard (that made me laugh every time it was mentioned), and the brilliant movement/acceleration mechanic. That, sir, is genius. I like the way the speed ties into everything else as well, like collisions and damage. Oh, and the stats - Shootin', Fightin' and Drivin'. :D

I have a couple of suggestions for you to play around with, aimed mostly at speeding the game up by cutting out table references. Firstly, damage and collisions. As well as a (different) Armour stat, give the vehicle a Damage value (essentially hit points). Damage would likely be 8 or so for bikes and 20-25 for battlewagons, with the other vehicles falling in between. Armour would typically be 1 to 3 (1 for bikes, 3 for battlewagons).

When a vehicle collides with something, roll a number of D6 equal to the number it rolled for Speed. For each 3+ it takes one damage point, 2+ if it hits something 'Ard, modified by the vehicle's Armour. So a bike that runs into squishy scenery after rolling 5D6 for speed rolls five dice, and takes a point of damage for each 4+. If it hits another vehicle, the other vehicle also rolls the same number of dice, again modified by its Armour. If the vehicles are moving towards or away from each other you can modify the number of dice depending on how fast the other vehicle is moving.

Once all of a vehicle's Damage is gone, it starts taking chassis damage - for each point of damage, roll on some serious damage chart like the one you already have. Crew die, bits of vehicle fall off, etc. Shooting, similarly, could have a dice roll instead of a Strength stat (which can be something like 1+ or 0+ for really powerful weapons), modified by the Armour as normal. A ranged weapon rolls two damage dice per hit caused.

What else was I going to suggest... Oh yeah, turning. Turning doesn't need a table: just say that the distance you have to move before each turn is 1" per Speed dice rolled (plus/minus a modifier if you like, I'd suggest +1"). Using the number of dice rolled instead of the actual speed does mean you could end up moving very slowly and not turning much, or moving very quickly but not take that much collision damage - however this is Orks we're talking about, who cares about dead-on realism! :D

20-01-2009, 10:52
Son of Makuta - Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it. Did you have a trial game?

I know that there are a lot of tables but most of them are pretty straight forwards. The turning distance goes up 1 per 5", shootin' and drivin' gets harder for every 10". I put in tables for people who can't be bothered working stuff out (or who've had a few beers and aren't think too clearly).

When we've play tested this it seems to have gone pretty smoothly. There is a real balance between going fast enough to manoeuvre and slow enough to shoot and make the drivin' rolls.

I decoupled the dice roll from turning, etc as that made it a bit too easy to predict what was going to happen. With stuff based on the actual speed rolled things get a little more unpredictable. We've had several players crash because they rolled higher than they thought they were going to. Which I think goes well with the lead-footed nature of ork drivers and the ramshackle nature of their rides.

I made the damage work off strength simply because it's a familiar mechanic for all us 40k players. I also like the fact that you can break stuff with your first shot. Giving vehicles damage points first would mean that you get a sort of ablative wounds before anything interesting happens. Trust me, it's really funny when another player is heading straight at a wall and you shoot up his steering. :D

I'm happy for you to make suggestions on the presentation. Badly written rules are a bugbear of mine so please tell me where I need to improve.