View Full Version : Bretonnian list challenge [themed]

29-12-2008, 12:01
Hi folks!

I've come up with a list idea, but lacking experience with *or* against Bretonnians (I've faced them twice ever), I really could do with some help rounding this off.

The general idea is an army returning from a crusade to Albion, with the knighthood humbled in the marshes and moors of those misty isles. Amid all the misery, the men have found one glimmer of hope, though - a hermit, clearly with the light of the Divine in his eyes. The nobility may whine about faithlessness towards the Lady, but with the Knights recently sunk to their eyeballs in a bog...

So, here's what I want in the army, at 2,000-2,250 points.

1. Lightbringer. Maybe as a general, but that's optional. Will likely anchor the peasants with his leadership and contribute to a solid magic phase.

2. Only two sizeable units of knights - one of Knights of the Realm and one of Knights Errant. I'm thinking of 8 plus character each (possibly a damsel in the KotR and a paladin or lord in the KE). If there's a lot of surplus points, I might add one or two small 6-man lances, but I want to avoid the more luxurious Grail and Questing knights. After all, they just got back home from a pummeling.

3. Grail Relique. I want the "home" table quarters anchored securely, and they can easily hold until a unit of knights can come crashing into a flank.

4. Definitely archers, probably one unit of skirmishers and one regular unit. I really don't see much of a use for the normal men-at-arms though, even with Ld 9 to keep them in check. Is that a pessimistic view?

5. I'd love some fast cavalry (basically farmers filling in for the lost "flower of society"), but are they actually capable of baiting at their lousy Leadership? They'll likely be out of reach of the general, after all. Pegasus Knights are probably much better at it, but I struggle to see them fit with the theme, truth be told.

6. A Trebuchet, obviously.

Now, the big questions are the characters. It makes sense to add at least one damsel, maybe with the mirror, but should I consider adding a Lord-level caster, or is that over the top and am I better off with a cheap fighting lord to deal with monsters? Also, is it viable to keep the BSB among the peasants?

Any and all help is appreciated - as you can see, it's still a quite sketchy list. But, since I really lack experience with Bretonnians, I'd rather keep it really open while I look for some experienced voices to clue me in.