View Full Version : Vampire Counts or Bretonnian?

changer of fate
29-12-2008, 12:34
I was thinking of starting a new army, but i couldn't decide between VC or Bretonnians. The army is only going to be 2000pts.

SO, any opinions?

29-12-2008, 16:01
well um i play VC so im kind of predjiduced in their favor, but bretonians are cool too, the main difference is in the amount of magic you use and how much you like elite units, VC tend to end up using their troops like cheap dirt whereas Bretonians need to be careful where they throw their men and cant afford to loose a units of knights in a battle

29-12-2008, 18:04
it really depends on how much you like painting and the models, me personally I love the models in both armies but I know I will never paint an entire undead army, hell I dunno if I would make them all.

I am thinking about starting brets, I love the models, the background and the whole idea of the army, and I can imagine painting the whole lot

overall the armies play very differently, brets rely heavily on heavy cav whereas the undead rely on magic

im not saying you have to play them that way but that is how they are designed, undead are itp and unbreakable, but if the gen dies, the army dies

brets are brutal on the charge, but struggle when charged and struggle if a charge fails

it really depends on how you want to play, what armies do you have at the moment?

changer of fate
30-12-2008, 08:53
thanks for all the advices, and after read it a couple of times i started to learn against the vampires a bit.

But as Hulkster said that painting a whole army of zombies is a pain in the neck:cries: and for me a 14 years old, buying all that is a bigger pain in the neck:cries:.

on the other hand bretonnia seems to be cheap to buy and not much pressure in painting.

BTW, which one of the two stand a better chance at beating lizzerman, High elfs and dark elfs???


30-12-2008, 09:25
I don't know the new VC army very well, but I know the bret:)
With a bret army you can always win! The hard part is making it "hard" to win.
At the first game with bret I had like 6 or 7 units of 9 knigths and not a single men-at-arms or bowmen unit. I have even seen bret armies with 8 or 9 units of knigths.
This army type have a easy time winning most games, and there is not one army in the game there doesn't have a hard time beating you cheese brets (with 16" charges range, lance formation and a wardsave to top things off).
Only one problem with doing all knigth armies, they aren't that fun to play with or against, your better off taking some soft choices in you bret army.

30-12-2008, 09:49
Bret army is a solid choice esp for a younger player as they are much easier to master.

Undead are very much more tactic approach and rules.

If you do go for them i can offer a selection of models at a reduced rate inc some knights and pegasus knights

changer of fate
30-12-2008, 15:04
untimention, i think i m interested in your deal, do you live in australia?

Anyways, I think i will definatly choose bret then (especially when every childern in Auz gets $1000 from the government this year:))

30-12-2008, 16:07
http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=176543 see link around the Bret's i have for sale