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29-12-2008, 15:16
Forgive me if this is a double, I could't find it elsewhere.

Does it sound like a good idea to run a Demon Prince of Tzeentch (I.E. wizard kit) in a 2000 point game? I like the idea of being able to use the DP to cast spells as well as knock things around, and I was thinking of pairing him with a mounted hero for a little extra smackety smack. Of course, as is the problem with most of my genius ideas, the DP is expensive. I am a former Tomb Kings player, so I'm kinda used to sinking TONS of points into characters in all levels of games. What are your thoughts on this? Basic Idea for the list is:

Demon Prince
-lvl 4 wizard

-mark of someone
-demonic steed (juggernaught if mark of khorne)

15x warriors w/ 2 hand weapons, fc, banner of rage

10x warriors w/ halberds, shields, fc

10x warriors w/ halberds, shields, fc

20x marauders w/ L armor, shields, fc, mark of khorne

5x knights w/ lances, fc

10x chosen w/ gw, fc, mark of Tzeentch, blasted standard

1x spawn (for points), mark of khorne....

?? Thoughts??

29-12-2008, 15:48
The DP's only real saving grace is that he aint a Large Target.
A Tzeentch one, IMO, is the best, since he gets a 4+ ward against everything, which is always good, and being able to fly keeps him outta harm.

If you're gonna go sorcerer DP, do it full on;
- Lvl 4
- Tzeentch
- Third Eye of Tzeentch (for those really useful spells the enemy might have)
- Bloodcurdling Roar (extra ranged might)
- Diabolic Splendour (for those Terror checks)
- Conjoined Homunculus (for when you just miss Infernal Gateway)

That's how I'd run mine, if I ever use one.
My main gripe with them is their crappy (for the most part) Gifts.

Your list sounds solid, but I'd still include a unit or three of hounds, since for 30pts, they are awesome.

30-12-2008, 12:02
I'd take splendour at the very least and possibly the 'reroll dice' one, but he is expensive already, so a level 4 with MoT and splendour is already a good start.