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29-12-2008, 16:25
I have been playing dwarves for a while now and am heaving serious difficulty winning and huge hordes jsut roll right over my poor troops, please help a dwarf player in distress this is the army i have been running at the moment and yes i know i need a BSB and that is currently in the works but not sure what to swap out, any other advice?
205 pts 20 warriors with Champ banner and musician
205 pts 20 warriors with Champ banner and musician
140 pts 10 Thunderers
140 pts 10 Thunderers
110 pts Cannon with Master Rune of Immolation and Rune of Reloading
100 pts Cannon with Rune of Reloading
290 pts 20 Ironbreakers with Champ banner and musician
229 pts 19 Troll Slayers with banner and musician
125 pts Thane with Oath Stone Master Rune of Gromril rune of Resistance
145 pts Thane with Rune of Snori Spangel Heim Run of Fury Rune of Cleaving
180 pts Daemon Slayer Master Rune of Swiftness Run of Fury Rune of Cleaving
120 pts Organ Gun
Final Point Count 1999

29-12-2008, 16:53
not so much taking points values into account, but here are some pointers.
Characters: Deamon Slayer is not worth it at this point level i think, alot of points that is very easily killed.
I have never used oath stones, they might be worh it, but i have never needed one.
At 2000 points i personally run a cheap Lord on shieldbearers with ordinary great weapon and 25-50pts of runes max., one thane BSB and a runesmith.
You can tool up the BSB to be fighty, i normally take BSB with Rune of cleaving, Rune of Fury and Master Rune of Gromril for survivability. A Runesmith with great weapon and a couple of "dispel scrolls".
Your troops look fine i think, although the thunderers could do with a shield, it makes them much harder to kill by shooting and especially in CC. Also i am a very big fan of long beards, best core choice imho.
The cannons really need Rune of Forging that lets you reroll a misfire. Other than that i would only take one cannon and put in a couple of bolt throwers with engineers and if you have the points more strength (to instant kill chariots).
I guess thats about all i can add... I hope its helpful

29-12-2008, 17:16
I always take a lord at 2000 points and he always has close to his rune allowance. Sheildbearers, Ro steel, Ro stone, Ro resistance, greatweapon with MRo Kragg the Grimm and Ro Cleaving. Expensive, although still much cheaper than some lords, but well able to hold his own against virtually anything that he can reach.

A BSB needs the best protection that he can get or he will get quicjky killed as he is high on your opponents target priority list; mine has a MR gromril and a Ro resistance. This does mean that he cant have a magic banner but it also means that he is not likely to die either.

A rune smith is also advised.

I would bump up your infantry blocks slightly; 20 strong units only need to take a single casualty for them to lose a rank. My own units are 25 strong.

Slayers are not well suited to big blocks, they just dont have the survivability to be a good anvil while being too expensive to be a decent tarpit. Units of 10 are more than enough to act as speed bumps and flank guards which is what slayers excel at.

An oath stone is very situational, personally I dont like them but they may be game winning in certain cuicumstances.

Do you really need 2 cannon? I would suggest not. I would swap out the expensive one for 2 bolt throwers with engineers.

Im not overly fond of 2 units of thunderers either.

Lastly if you are going to field a slayer character make it a dragonslayer with no runes at all. 50 points for an unbreakable T5 model is an absolute bargain if you use him correctly (tarpiting S3 units).

29-12-2008, 17:53
I agree with the above advice. Especially replacing the Ironbreakers with Longbeards and removing the Slayer in favour of more models in your other units (and sheilds on the gunners) is eminently sensible. Consider either some bolt throwers or crossbows as well, to help with the shooting phase at long range, for a very moderate cost.

29-12-2008, 18:02
I personally wouldn't replace the ironbreakers with longbeards. They both have identical stats while the ironbreakers have a better AS for 1 point more. Infantry with T4 and a 2+ save are very handy to have.

29-12-2008, 22:57
Don't mistrust my short bearded friend,
you have to know your opponent when you play dwarfs, you must know what your opponents units can do. Movement is an big issue for dwarfs so my advice is that you get an gyrocopter for some much needed movement that can handle fast cav etc and march block. and for movements sake drop the oath stone fluffy fine thing but not that good. an anvil have served me well over the years with the gyrocopter and it don't have to be boring for the opponent. drop the deamon slayer he is not that great get an dragon slayer instead without anything or get an thane with rune of challenge.

change on of the thunderer units to an crossbowmen unit get some extra range is nice. drop the rune of immolation is no good really get rune of forging. you could think about getting bolt throwers with st 7 and burning one shoot at 2+ or getting an stone thrower with rune of accuracy. you could go with getting a unit of ranger with great weapons i you got an anvil or just to be bad :evilgrin:

slayers should never be more then 10 models because then they just gets killed by shooting carrying to much points, i would drop them and just have a dragon slayer to do there thing and do it better sometimes ;) i never give slayers banner or musician why should an unbreakable unite have that? they are am flank guard after all.

some rune ideas for your units then:
rune of slowness
rune of determination
rune of battle
rune of courage

If you get runes for your bsb try rune of slowness, rune of determination and rune of courage. its really hard to get that unit he he

good luck

30-12-2008, 04:45
Staying in a similar vein as your current army, but making the characters more for taking and issuing challenges. Benefit is to reduce the combat res created by enemy characters by risking your own. Very close to my standard Dwarf army with a few exceptions.

Thane, GW, Mro Adamant, 2x Ro Iron <--General
Thane, BSB, Mro Gromril, Mro Spite
Runesmith, GW, Shield, Ro Stone, 2x Ro Spellbreaking

23 Warriors, Shields, Standard <-- General and BSB Here
19 Longbeards, Standard, Ro Battle <-- Runesmith Here
10 Thunderers, Shields

20 Ironbreakers, Standard, Ro Battle, Ro Stoicism
10 Slayers
2 Bolt Throwers, Engineers
Cannon, Ro Forging

Organ Gun

Total: 2000

maze ironheart
30-12-2008, 10:20
I use to take slayers but everyone shot them due to easy points but they did road block very well.I would say drop the thunderers for quarraliers and give them shields they shoot 6 inch's more and are much cheaper.

23-02-2009, 12:17
you could remove the troll slayers and change one unit of warriors to long beards and take in a dwarf lord instead of one thane. you coul also take in two bolt throwers instead of one cannon. you could add flakkson's rune of seeking to one thrower

23-02-2009, 12:18
I personally wouldn't replace the ironbreakers with longbeards. They both have identical stats while the ironbreakers have a better AS for 1 point more. Infantry with T4 and a 2+ save are very handy to have.

you could replace them with hammerers and change a unit of warriors into longbeards

23-02-2009, 16:21
i always ran 2 runesmiths with greatweapons and shields and a few scrolls. they're only 2 attacks, but at WS5 and S6, they can add a bit of punch that a unit of troops might struggle with (knights, high toughness units like treekin, etc). plus you get an extra DD and scrolls.

always take shields with your missle troops.. if they're on a hill, you've potentially got a +1 rank, +1 higher ground, T4 with 4+ save. light cav will have a hell of a time dealing with them.

i never took more than 1 cannon.. its main job is to deal with large monsters, or chariots, but theres too many downsides to it. it can misfire, its useless against skirmishers and cavalry that only has 1 rank (unless you get a flank shot). bolt throwers work just as well, and wont misfire. and grudgethrowers are better at dealing with large blocks of infantry. and always take engineers with BTs.

slayers should be 12-15 max with no command. their only job is to be a tarpit, and they will almost never ever ever survive a full battle. save the points to make your other units more survivable.

and its a toss up between ironbreakers, longbeards and hammerers. they're all amazing in combat... if you've got the points, it might not be a bad idea to take 1-2 units of 10 longbeards with great weapons as flankers. this will quell the rare failed panic checks, and give you some WS5 S6 flankers.

head over to bugmans brewery for more specific tactics and advice

23-02-2009, 21:19
Thunderers with shields is a very good idea- turns their laughable 6+ AS to a reasonable 4+. Almost as good as warriors in CC along with the nasty shooting- a unit your opponent will hate to charge with fast stuff (because it will likely lose), hate to leave open because they'll be plinking away, and hate to charge with heavy stuff because it's a pretty cheap unit.

I would go with bolt throwers as well- with engineers they are quite effective. Give one the rune of +1S to splatter chariots and one or both runes of burning to deal with regeneration.

As cool as slayer heros are I have to second that they aren't really worth it in 2k games. In fact, unless you're near certain to be fighting something big and nasty I would never take one. Against basic infantry thanes are infinitely better- last game I player I killed a slayer hero on my charge with an orc boyz unit champion, and wasn't even that lucky.