View Full Version : MrGiggles Paints a Dreadnought

29-12-2008, 19:21
So, I decided to start my Ork Dread today. I'm still debating the loadout, but it's looking thus far like 3 Dreadnought CCW's, a Skorcha and a Kustom Force Field (for the occasional Apocalypse game and because I want to model it). At any rate, here it is spread out on my desk. Most of it's been based with Mechrite Red Foundation, then some Reaper Adamantium Black.

30-12-2008, 16:17
So, I've got the legs more or less finished and pinned. I used the same procedure I did on my Killa-Kan, but we'll see how well it holds, the Deff Dread is rather heavier.I've a little detailing left to do and maybe a wash to take the shine of the black down some.