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30-12-2008, 04:37
[245] Alith Anar, The Shadow King - Army General
My favorite character, I just finished reading his stories in the 5th. Edition book which reminded me why I used to love playing this army. x;

[183] Noble - Army Standard Bearer, Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Lance, Radiant Gem of Hoeth: Level 1 Wizard
[185] Mage - Level 2 Wizard, The Seerstaff of Saphery, Dispel Scroll
[197] Mage - Level 2 Wizard, Ring of Fury, Silver Wand, Elven Steed
3 Mages, decent magic offense, small but still decent magic defense. My plan? Noble & Silver Wand Mage -> Heaven for Portent of Far mainly, anything else is merely a bonus spell, the 3rd Mage, with the Seerstaff, will go depending on what army I face - High Magic and Lore of Light are always 2 good choices, same with Lore of Death.

Both Mages would stay behind with archers and move away if danger approached. The Noble will stick close and with both White Lion units.

[115] Archers x10 - Musician
[115] Archers x10 - Musician
Minimal core, I don't really like doing that but well, I need the points elsewhere ;x

[285] White Lions of Chrace x14 - Guardian, Musician, Standard Bearer: Standard of Balance
[280] White Lions of Chrace x14 - Guardian: The Amulet of Light, Musician, Standard Bearer: Lion Standard
[140] Lion Chariot of Chrace
[140] Lion Chariot of Chrace
RAWR! 100% Raw Chrace Power. Magical unit goes hunting Trees and Ghosts, or other 'mundane immune' creatures.
[085] Tiranoc Chariot
[080] Shadow Warriors x5
If it were up to me I'd just remove those 5 SW and play Alith on his own - but it might be seen really cheap to have mr. Shadow King without any other Nagarythe representatives!

Tiranoc Chariot for added punch.

[100] Repeater Bolt Thrower
[050] Great Eagle
[050] Great Eagle
The usual, though I couldn't find the points for a 2nd Bolt Thrower.. And Technically I already have two.

2250 ~ Total
---65 ~ Models
---10 ~ Deployments
----7 ~ Power Dice + 1 Bound Spell
----5 ~ Dispel Dice + 1 Dispel Scroll

Comments, thoughts, etc?