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30-12-2008, 06:46
I've sort of fallen for these little beasties and being that I have fallen into a small pile of them I'm wondering if any of you have found good tactics to use with them, of you're using them that is.
I'd seriously like to max out my squads with them at 2250 as well as 3000 points, but one thing I've learned is how fragile they can be. I've thought about flying them with two, to three heralds of Tzeentch in tow, possibly Kairos as well, all with the Shadow spell that gives them the extra move, this would be two or three possible spells making for 36 S5 hits. It looks to be a nasty bit of fun, so I'm wondering what any of you might like to add or suggest for using these guys?
I'm going mono-tzeentch just so you'll know and have a ton of minis to use, so throw some ideas at me if you have any!



Drakcore Bloodtear
30-12-2008, 21:12
I did fly across a whole gunline hitting every thing with screamers but that was luck that none died but try and fly over many small isolated units

30-12-2008, 21:22
Popping skirmishers with them seems like it'll work pretty good, especially if you can get them back into cover. Since they auto-hit, they're probably better for this than Flamers, who would suffer the -1 on top of the -2 they probably already have (for movement and over half). Zotting small units of anything would be decent, and would be notably good versus Fast Cav, as S5 should eliminate their save.

I didn't think about using Unseen Lurker... that can open up all kinds of possibilities with them.

30-12-2008, 21:57
Turn 1, fly forwards down a flank, staying behind scenery.
Turn 2, fly over as many enemies as are in reach, making sure you dont land in line of sight of the enemy.
Repeat turn 2 over each following turn.

They work very well for knocking rank bonus off enemy unit's as they are causing st5 hits, less so vs war machine crew as the hits will scatter between crew and machine though (although you can still wound the machine if you get a 6).

Small t3 5+ save or worse units are the most at risk from screamers simply as they are going to suffer huge damage from X st5 hits (X being however many screamers in the unit).

You just need to worry about archers, move and shoot plus the screamers being single wound t3 models means a lot can die really fast, and mages with magical spells that deal auto hits to them, as you can very easily lose the entire unit to a single 2d6 st4 damage spell.

30-12-2008, 23:05
The real problem with screamers is there high fragility. t3 5+ ward 1 wound. They get shot to death too easly and cost too much.

31-12-2008, 03:16
Sometimes when I face Screamers I find them to be easy victory points, but sometimes they're a major thorn in my side. Even if the Screamers take the rank bonus off my Dwarf Warriors they've done their job. They are hard to catch, but you need to be very careful. Try not to get too hasty with them, if your opponent goes first you don't necessarily have to attack him on turn 1.

31-12-2008, 11:34
My Screamers die far too fast as well... but they do look good!