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30-12-2008, 17:45
We had several new guys show up at our club last night and had several great games. I got to run my deamon army against an enemy deamon army for the first time!

2000 pts daemons vs daemons

His list

20 plague bearers, full command, banner of +1 CR for every poison kill.
10 horrors
10 horrors

5 Flesh Hounds
6 screamers

3 Juggernaughts with champ
6 flamers

Herald of Nurgle, BSB, banner of sundering.
Palanquin, slime trail, enemy always strikes last, level 1 wiz

Herald of Tz, wings, flames of Tz
Skull Taker on Jugger

My List
29 Horrors with icon of Sorc
29 Horrors with icon of Sorc
10 Horrors

5 Flesh Hounds
6 Flesh Hounds

2 Fiends
2 Fiends

Hearld of Tz with Power vortex
Herald of Tz (General)
Herald of Khorne, w armor, flaming sword, jugger, BSB, Banner of Chaos victory.

The only important terrain feature is a 20” river running from my opponents long table edge running strait into the middle right side of the table, basically cutting the right third of his deployment zone off from the rest.

He set up his nurgle block center with his screamers left and the rest of his army on the right side (on the other side of the river from his nurgle block)

I set up all my horror blocks center table (opposite his nurgle block), My fiends and hounds on my right (opposite his flamers, horrors and juggers)

I win first turn and take it.

Turn 1
I run both units of fiends right up into the face of his flamers, hoping to survive long enough for a charge next turn.

My hounds hang back to counter charge if he advances with his hounds or juggers.

I advance my horror blocks and and my herald towards his nurgle block.

Magic sees me kill 2 bearers and a bolt of change kills 5 horrors.

His turn 1.

He advances his nurgle block. He moves skull taker into position to flank my fiends.

His hounds and juggers move up.

His 6 sceamers move up to threaten my horror blocks.

His magic sees him get his nurgle spell off which reduces all base to base enemies to stats of 1 for WS, STR, T etc…

His shooting kills 1 fiend and reduces another to 1 wound.

Turn 2.
3 fiends charge his flamers, they are too close for him to stand and shoot.
My herald of Khorne moves to threaten flank and march block his nurgle block.

My horrors all turn to face the screamers and unload, 14 power dice later and only 3 screamers are killed.

Fiends wif against his flamers and the flamers kill the wounded fiend. The other fiend unit fails leadership and only 1 fiend remains engaged with his flamers.

His turn 2.

Skull taker charges the lone fiend.

3 screamers fly over all 3 of my horror blocks killing a total of 5 horrors and failing to reduce any block by a wizard level.

He flies his herald of TZ out to shoot at my 5 block of hounds.

Nurgle block advances.

Hounds and juggers advance slowly, wary to keep out of charge range of my hounds.

He again gets his herald of nurgle spell off.

His herald of Tz causes one wound to my hounds with shooting.

Skull taker kills my lone fiend.

Turn 3
One of my large horror blocks charges his nurgle block
My herald of Khorne charges the same block on the flank.

My other two blocks turn to magic the screamers and the herald of tz

Hounds move back slightly

Magic sees all screamers killed but the herald of Tz remains unharmed.

My herald challenges and the Nurgle herald takes the bait. In the challenge my herald is ws, str, t etc 1, but still has a 0+ save with a 5+ ward. The Nurgle herald fails to wound him. Horrors and nurgles do one wound each but I have numbers and a banner of chaos victory which gives me a win by 2. Nurgle loses 2 to instability.

His turn 3

His unit of 5 hounds charges my unit of 6 hounds. (turns out to be just inside charge range.)

Skull taker joins jugger unit.

Herald of Tz Decides its not a good idea to sit in front of my horrors getting shot and decides to fly off and rejoin his remaining 10 unit of horrors.

Flamers move up and shoot at my 5 dog unit.

Magic is shut down.

Flamers fail to wound my dogs.

His flesh hound unit only causes 1 wound to my dogs and I cause 5 wounds back! His hound unit vanishes in instability, fantastic luck for me.
My Khorne herald killing blows his Nurgle herald. Horrors and Nurgles kill 1 each. His nurlge champ wounds my Tz General. I win combat by 3 and a 5 more nurgle go away in instability.

Turn 4

I throw both units of hounds against his juggers and skull taker.

I maneuver my blocks to try and get LOS on his flamers.

Magic kills 1 flamer and wounds 1.

My 11 hounds with 10 in base to base 20 attacks kill only 1 jugger… Jugger+skull taker counter attacks cause 5 wounds. My 6 hound unit is reduced to 3, my 5 hound unit is reduced to 2.

Nurgle block is eaten by my herald and horrors. Loses combat by 5, many nurgle vanish.

His turn 4
No charges. His flamers shoot my big unengaged horror block and kill 4 or 5, reducing that block to a level 2 wizard.

His juggers finish off my hounds

Herald and horrors finish his his nurlge block.

Turn 5
I turn my horror blocks towards his flamers and wipe them out in the magic phase.

His turn 5
He fails a charge with his Juggers+skull taker against a large horror block.

Due to an error in turn count we believe this to be turn 6 and call the game.

Victory for the Daemons! (me).

30-12-2008, 18:10
nice report :)

30-12-2008, 18:16
quite killing spree for both sides then, funny to see a mirror match.

30-12-2008, 19:29
Awww... it looked like there was going to be a final fight between skulltaker and her juggers against your herald and hounds. Oh well...

Nice report :)