View Full Version : Fire attempt at a 2000 point VC army

30-12-2008, 19:13
Hey there everyone. As the title says, this is my first go at putting together a Vampire army, and as such, I'm sure there will be lots of changes to be made to it. However, as a starting point, I quite like it. It's an army themed around a more bestial Vampire Lord, caontaining mainly Ghouls and other such things...with no Skeletons at all. The only "bones" in the list are a small unit of Black Knights that I'm saying were interred in some swampy barrow, only to be discovered by said beatly Vampire and raised as his personal shock troops and enforcers. Anyway, here's the list, and please let me know what you think.

Vampire Lord-
Level 3
The Flayed Hauberk
Skull Staff
Master of the Black Arts
Summon Ghouls

Extra Spell
The Book of Arkhan
Corpse Cart

Extra Spell
Black Periapt

Sword of Might
Armour of Night
Flying Horror
Summon Creatures of the Night

20 Crypt Ghouls-
Crypt Ghast

15 Crypt Ghouls-
Crypt Ghast

15 Crypt Ghouls

20 Zombies-
Standard Bearer

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

4 Fell Bats

5 Black Knights-
Hell Knight
Standard Bearer
Banner of the Barrows



31-12-2008, 07:31
dump a necro for another vampire lose 15 ghouls and some wolves/bats get some skellies the armour is better than T4

31-12-2008, 16:38
Think you kinda missed the point of his theme. It's a ghoul army with no skeletons. If anything...get more zombies and a corpse cart. :D

31-12-2008, 21:08
first things first. skeletons arent as good as ghouls. do the math. secondly, ghouls march before the game begins. checkmate.

ANYWHOO i would drop the zombies to flesh out more of your ghoul units. i like bringing blocks of 20 starting, and then adding at least 5 more before combat is joined.

i personally dont like my necros on a corpse cart. also i dont like balefire. :P
wouldnt your theme be better with no necros at all? like just ghouls and vampire things? that would let you have vargulfs and bats and ghouls, and vampire casters. they wont be too great in HtH, but the magic potential is amazing.

on to your lord. i would get rid of the skull staff. i think it isnt worth anything. also i would put the 4+ stupid ward on your guy. you ALWAYS haveta have some sort of ward save on him. plus you hardly ever fail Ld10

why is your second vampire have the flying thing? is he gonna hunt down warmachine crews or something?

@ dark14 you have always won with your daemons? doubtful, unless you play against people who dont know how to play against them. even though the bloodthirster is king, i can usually get a draw against daemons with HE or VC. on a side note, my TK beat the wholly hell outta daemons on sunday. "My Will Be Done!"