View Full Version : Bretonnian 2000 army

28-04-2005, 19:05
I'm going to use this in a small tournament against HE, D, DE, E and TK.

Any comments?

Bretonnian Lord: -Barded Bretonnian Warhorse, Questing Vow, Sword of the Quest 199 pts

Paladin BSB: -Barded Bretonnian Warhorse, Knights Vow, Virtue of Knightly Temper 114 pts

Damsel: - Level 2, Bretonnian Warhorse, Silver Mirror 155 pts

Damsel: - Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll 155 pts


Knights of the Realm: -8,Full Command, War Banner 241 pts

Peasant Bowmen: -15, Full Command, Skirmishers, Braziers 130 pts

Knight Errant: -8, Full Command, Errantry Banner 206 pts


Pegasus Knights: 3, Full Command 195 pts

Questing Knights: 6, Full Command, Valorous Standard 245 pts


Field Trebuchet Yeoman Craftsman 100 pts

Grail Knights 6, Full Command 258 pts

All: 1992 pts