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28-11-2005, 04:38
My HE characters are usually either running scared vs. all manner of enemy leaders (not cool but such is life) or getting the smack down from said baddies. Yes I've tried every conceivable combat config vs. lots of nasty enemies (old bloods, vamps, chaos, ogres, etc...). The results are rarely good. So, I'm giving up for now. My solution is to keep my guys running but make them cheaper, more mobile, and shooty.

Here are some highly mobile and cheap ranged combos I've toyed with.

Lord on eagle w/Bow of seafarer, ring of fury
Commander on eagle w/reaver bow
Commander on eagle w/fusil of conflagration
Lord on eagle w/Bow of seafarer & shadow armor

They're nothing special, but I was wondering what others thought of this shift away from combat HE characters to shooty characters instead. Experiences/advice/tactics w/these types of characters ... ?

28-11-2005, 13:36
Commander on eagle w/reaver bow? I would say mounted on an elf steed will be better in some cases to get between regiments e.g. ratling guns, wizards. Would save a few points- depends who you play.

The fusil is cool, you could do a lord on a griffon with the fusilk too for the poor man's dragon ;)

Lord on eagle with shadow armour- this is illegal isnt it, he has to be on foot. Even if I'm wrong starting in a unit of trees is going to slow that ole eagle down.

Again depends who you are fighting. Lord on eagle with seafarer is very very good against chaos chosen knights for example. Generally though i think the reaver bow and fusil are the only ones likely to reliable get their points back. And flame templates are fun (and can also target wiwards/ratlings although unlikely to kill on 1 hit.

So in sum:

Fusil good against infantry armies (undead, empire, TK)
Reaver bow generally good
Seafarer bow good against heavy cavalry, less so against bretonnians.

28-11-2005, 14:26
yeah, the last combo is illegal--a typo on my part. The idea was that the lord would scout ahead w/the bow of the seafarer to get better shots at stuff. As for the fusil, I really like the sound of flying flame template (the super skeleton killer).

28-11-2005, 15:39
When I'm playing HE i usually take 2-3 mages. This means that I'm only allowed 1-2 fighting chars, which I have no problems finding uses for.

Firstly, you don't have to max on characters, they're more there for support. If you simply find that they don't fit in the army any good, simply buy more troops instead.

Swordmaster Honor, Armour of the Gods & Guardian Phenix generally is a good combo on a Elf Prince. He should be able to deal with enemy chars fairly well (unless they're maxed-out ones. Like Vamps/TKs/chaos lords).

Armour of the Gods + Bladeof leaping Gold is very nice if you're facing horde armies, or simply wanna boost your CR. (In a unit of 20 Spearelves with the lion standard/war banner this unit becomes very usefull!)

Flying chars are OK, but they're kinda vulnerable. Too risky for me I must admit.

Bow of the seafarer & Armour of Stars works nicely as well. Sure, no armour. But simply stay back and shoot at him. And when he tries to kill your hero you simply teleport out of there and make full use of your bow.

29-11-2005, 22:42
Well, in a tournament last saturday, I used a commander on eagle with the reaverbow, and he is so much fun to use. Fly-by shootings, then charging in, supporting some silverhelms :) Muchos fun to play with.

However watch out for things like repeater boltthrowers...

Dunno on the other characters...