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01-01-2009, 20:31
Okay! Old to warhammer, but new to dwarfs here, trying to make a fun to play list, not much shooting and no gunpowder theme. Instead, these dwarfs prefer to fight one on one! Strollaz for getting up close and personal.

Here Goes:

Runelord (286pts)
[Great Weapon; Master rune of Gromril; Rune of Resistance; Rune of Preservation; Master Rune of Balance; Rune of Spellbreaking]

Pump up that magic resistance, nearly unkillable, saves up lots of points in the end just by surviving

Thane (151pts)
[ABSB; Great Weapon; Strollaz's Rune]

strollaz carrier. 'nuff said.

Dragon Slayer (75pts)
[Master Rune of Swiftness]

Dragon Slayer (75pts)
[Rune of Fury]

Slayers hunt monsters and pesky skirmisher units n stuff.


20 Warriors; Shields; Full Command (205pts)

20 Warriors; Shields; Great Weapons; Full Command (245pts)

20 Longbeards; Full Command (265pts)

10 Quarrellers; Musician (115pts)

Bolt Thrower; Engineer with Brace of Pistols; Rune of Burning (70pts)

For those pesky regenerating thingys.

Bolt Thrower; Engineer with Brace of Pistols (65pts)

Grudge Thrower; Engineer with Brace of Pistols; Rune of Accuracy (125pts)

20 Hammerers; Full Command; Rune of Courage (320pts)

10 Miners; Musician (115pts)


Gyrocopter (140pts)

Total 2250 to the point.

Danger Rat
01-01-2009, 23:03
Dont think the BSB can have the great weapon, Id drop one of the slayers and the great weapons on the warriors and buy a runesmith with some more anti-magic runes and he also adds 1 dispel dice to your dispel pool.

02-01-2009, 03:26
If you are taking a runelord take an anvil, otherwise take a lord instead. The anvil is very handy for 'Dwarf hordes'; although yours isn't really a horde, more a balanced list.

I would only take 1 dragon slayer with no runes at all. This makes him cheaper and he still has the use of the very handy slayer axes rule. Plus the runes that you have chosen don't add much. The slayer with the rune of fury already has +1A from the slayer axes rule for instance.

My preference is Lord, BSB, runesmith, dragon slayer

Your infantry blocks are too small, as it is they only need to take 1 causality to lose 1 CR. Id bump them up to 25 personally. Additionally great weapons aren't very useful in main infantry blocks, sheilds are much better. I'd probably drop the quarrellers to fund the larger units.

Not a bad start to a Dwarf list, it should do well.

02-01-2009, 05:38
Thanks for the feedback!

I considered your advice and made some serious tweaks: Here goes:

---Also, one question: Haven't got any minis yet, just fooling around with the armybook, can longbeards be made from the warriors box or does one have to take the metal ones? thanks!---

Tweaked list:

Dwarf Lord (261pts)
[Great Weapon; Master rune of Gromril; Rune of Resistance; Rune of Preservation; MR of Kragg the Grim; Rune of Snorri Spangenhelm]

Thane (145pts)
[ABSB; Rune of Strollaz]

Runesmith (145pts)
[MR of Balance; Rune of Spellbraking]

Dragon Slayer (50pts)


24 Warriors; Shields, FC (237pts) ---> ABSB in here

24 Longbeards; Shields, FC (289pts) ----> Runesmith in here

25 Longbeards; Shields, FC (300pts)


Bolt Thrower; Rune of Burning; Engineer; Brace of Pistols (70pts)

Bolt Thrower; Engineer; Brace of Pistols (65pts)

19 Hammerers; Shields; FC; Rune of Sanctuary x2 (307pts) ---> Lord in here

1 Grudge Thrower; Rune of Accuracy; Engineer; Brace of Pistols (125pts)


Gyrocopter (140pts)


02-01-2009, 10:53
Much better, its a soild list now which will give you a good base to get t know how the Dwarves work.

For your lord rather than the MRo gromril and a Ro preservation get some shieldbearers and a Ro stone. This is 10 points cheaper for virtually the same effect (you are still 'vulnerable' to poison) and you get 2 additional WS5 S4 attacks thrown in.

02-01-2009, 14:56
---Also, one question: Haven't got any minis yet, just fooling around with the armybook, can longbeards be made from the warriors box or does one have to take the metal ones? thanks!---

Well, I suppose that if you did something w/the plastic warriors to make it apparent that they were longbeards most opponents wouldn't mind but personally I prefer the metal ones. If you're worried about cost try checking Bugman's Brewery or the trading section for them.

02-01-2009, 17:06
The faceplates in the warrior box are supposed to be used to represent longbeards. The studio's own longbeards are made this way. The metal longbeards come with great weapons so they aren't great.

02-01-2009, 17:38
Dwarf Army Book shows Longbeards as the warriors with Face plates and gray beards.

02-01-2009, 17:54
against fear causing armies, you can potentially have some issues. Also, Longbeards can have magic standards, so if you can find the points then throw those in! I prefer Runes of Battle or Stoicism (especially against fear causing armies). Also, Rof Courage is nice, if you're facing lots of DoC, VC, or WoC. IMO, drop the brace of pistols on all the warmachines, and add a rune to the other bolt thrower to make it magical. (IIRC, the dwarf book says that warmachines with runes make magical attacks, but I could be wrong about that)

I also second Ozoriks suggestion about shieldbearers. Not only that, but they add 2 more WS5 S4 attacks to the lord, good for challenges, great against rank and file! Personally, I never take a dwarf army without the MRof Valaya on my standard. the +2 to dispell is absolutely killer in a list that only has 1 RS.

02-01-2009, 22:53
The BSB can have a great weapon if he doesn't have other magic items aside from the banner.

03-01-2009, 01:40
The BSB "cannot choose any extra weapons, nor can he use a shield" (p.51 of the Dwarfs army book); so he is essentially limited only to runic equipment OR a runic banner, and an Oath stone.

03-01-2009, 02:02
I'd take a lord on SB with gretweapon and rune of stone, and a rune of warding or two, sheep lord, but still very resistant and 4 st 6 attacks + the 2 st 4 attacks, and the mr always help...

06-01-2009, 04:13
Im quite sure the bsb cant have a great weapon, if he can Ive been missing out lol.